Biscuits & Gravy | Basics with Babish

Avaldati 25 veebr 2021
It is nearly impossible to turn down biscuits and gravy. Unless you are vegetarian, vegan, celiac, lactose intolerant, kosher, or have even a modicum of appreciation for or understanding of your basic human health. But they're really, REALLY good! Today we're looking at two versions: one super-simple, ready in under 30 min, and the other a bit more complicated, but worth the effort!
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  • i don't even like biscuits and gravy and this looked pretty better-than-any-biscuits-and-gravy-i've-seen

  • Sausage

  • My pawpaw is rolling in his grave trying to figure out how to come back to show you how it's done

  • bimbing mig bambii

  • *angry southerner noises*

  • Darker roux makes a more flavorful gravy

  • sausage

  • No up selling here with these biscuits. Truly best biscuits ever. Didn’t try the gravy. Def worth the extra work from the old fashioned method 😋🤤

  • In the state of Minnesota, there is a place that makes sausages and Brats out of literally anything. It's called Grundhofer's... home of the Gummy Bear Brat.

  • British ppl go brrr

  • Ordinary sausage

  • kingassripper would like that Sausage gravy ouhgffff

  • biscuits and gravy = pillsbury honey biscuits and 2 cans libby's country gravy

    • or the Kingassripper special: two large pepperoni pizzas and two cans of sausage gravy

  • If your looking for when binging with banish burns ordinary sausage, here’s a time stamp: 3:01

  • Just like your hair doesn’t exists.

  • Actually there really is a channel about a guy with a mustache and a Peter Griffin-esque voice that can make sausage out of anything and everything. It's named ordinary sausage.

  • I feel like this whole video was made solely to make fun of ordinary sausage

  • Ah, biscuits and gravy. Or, as we'd call them 'round these parts: scones with bechamel sauce and broken-down sausage. A true classic.

  • These look delicious. I love how many recipes go back to ATK.

  • Living in the South, learned biscuit making from my mother in law - who grew up in a sharecropper family, poor as dirt, but they made biscuits every single day of her childhood and she kept right on doing that until she passed away. Literally nothing in this is anything like her biscuits, haha That isn't to say it's bad. Just not "real country" Southern. But then you didn't claim that either. Having said that, both of these methods are ones that my husband would divorce me for using. Interesting video though!

  • Aye I also watched this kenji lopez-alt video.

  • Those biscuits look terrible. Even McDonald's biscuits look better.

  • Thats not a biscuit

  • I remember when I was very little, my mom got me to eat this by telling me this is what my great grandfather ate during WW2, I have a feeling that mine was a wii bit better though

  • You came here for the 3:00 mark

  • I love the way you hold the fork. Why not hold the knife that way too?

  • Why not make “Biscuits and Gravy from Monster High” for “Binging with Babish”?

  • I thought it said Brisket and Gravy

  • Not gonna lie: Whataburger's look better.

  • Why kosher salt? And on pork???

  • every southern grandma would like to speak to you about these ''best'' biscuits. lol

  • do british websites use biscuits? i laughed way too much on this joke 😂😂😂

  • Yeeessss! He got his attention!

  • The thin hollandaise in the intro gets to me everytime

  • As someone raised in TN, you made an excellent sausage gravy, but WTH are those things you call biscuits?

  • Delicious 😋

  • Sausage

  • 5:16

  • It's clear you're not from the south. And if you are...who hurt you? 😂

  • Bacon grease for the grave. you did it wrong

  • SOS for the win

  • There's something I find existentially horrifying about making gravy with milk

  • As a British person, the phrase 'biscuits and gravy' conjures up images of Digestives in Bisto.


  • Heh. Up to speck.

  • Are you meals like this everyday?

  • 08:47 The Breakfast Sloppy Joe.

  • If you've never had biscuits and gravy you're missing out on a slice of inner peace.

  • What about chocolate gravy🤔

  • Everyone: THEY SHOULD FIGHT me who's fan of both: a collab would be cool

  • First recipe I was disappointed with. Those biscuits looks like pucks and hard tack. Overworked em both times.


  • Mr. Sausage knows, Babish

  • Did babish just make Popeyes biscuits?

  • Fight him badging with bimbish

  • Anyone know the name of the first song? Not the intro, but the one in the background when he starts with the biscuits?

  • It’s time vanish

  • D-did babbish make an ordinary sausage reference?

  • Southerner here! Your biscuits looked so strange to me, but nice! My mother and I make biscuits with only all purpose flour, buttermilk, and crisco. They're very fluffy and kind of crumbly, we just eyeball the measurements so I'm sorry for not being able to tell you how much of each thing

  • Scottish sausage maker, EEclone: Scott Rea. Really.

  • Totally impressed! Do you have your own restaurant?

  • Can I use almond milk? Thank you

  • I have those same towels from Amazon.

  • From the photo, those are not traditional American biscuits. No buttermilk or butter in them. Not round. Ugh.

  • You’re from West Virginia and you don’t like biscuits and gravy, you’re not a true West Virginian

  • Hey its bimbish

  • No “Lets Sausage”, No Mark Ruffulo Score. This mans sausage skills are weak.

  • You'd think that after like fifteen years of EEclone, Brits would've figured out what B 'n G is.

  • Can u please do SOS

  • The thing I like about Babish's recipe is that he always tell you that you can add more spices or an ingredient you like depending on your references.

  • the mr sausage callout is at abt 3:00 for anyone looking

  • Okay badging with bimbish

  • we need a new show called "Biscuits with Babish"

  • Made this one today thanks Babish

  • This guy doesn't know what he has gotten himself into

  • Bongging bish shish dosent know stuff about sausage

  • I’m sorry, but those are not biscuits, they are round and square dense, if flaky, hockey pucks. The biscuits need to be at least 3 inches tall, pillowy, not flaky, and almost sweet. No baking soda and add some shortening! You need two. The bottom halves receive the gravy and the top halves are gifted with butter and jam. But, respect to you on the homemade sausage.

  • Doubled the recipe. Made a fire breakfast. Clean plate clubs all around

  • The halting kick seemingly mine because anthony unintentionally pull into a various factory. wide, future futuristic ptarmigan

  • ive never heard of this before is this a normal thing y'all eat in america?

    • @Craig Robertson that sounds... kinda racist

    • In Real America it is. Not too common in multi-cultural hellholes like the west coast.

  • An yes he has finally mentioned father sausge

  • This is what I'd wake up to if I wasn't worried about my health....

  • I'm an Englishman. I spent two weeks in Texas in 2005 staying at my Uncle's house near Dallas. We had a road trip down to San Antonio. I barely remember the Alamo but I've never forgotten the hotel breakfast of biscuits and gravy. They were delicious!

  • Saw the clip from ordinary sausage and had to come to see for myself. Amazing

  • Eater's boys in 'Prime Time' has the sausage and the mustache.

  • BHO.....

  • Umm ya might want to check out scott rea channel.. may not make sausage out of everything but does a whole lot of nose to tail stuff.. also uses a whole lot of game, organs and old school things too..

  • I cant. I have to say something. Only southern style biscuits are worthy of sausage gravy. Those biscuits are on the pathetic side, sir. lol

  • your sausage is a disgrace to our lord

  • It's minced meat no? And then you made kotletai no? Confused Eastern European noises

  • 0:15 music?

  • So, would anyone please be kind enough to point me in the direction of whoever Babish was referencing with that dig about making sausage out of anything and everything?

    • Ordinary Sausage I believe

  • When he said the stuff about ordinary sausage i heard a faint "leeeeeetttttsss ssaasage" in the background

  • 3:01 we need to find this man

    • Look up Ordinary Sausage

  • Those "biscuits" look like scones

  • This channel is the only reason I was able to pronounce homogeneous in science classes

  • Come on bimbish you have to do a video with the man whose channel does not exist

  • "Ya know I wish there was a EEclone channel with a guy that makes sausage out of anything and everything maybe with a mustache and a voice like Peter Griffin but sadly no such EEclone channel exists" wehehehellll I guess you've never heard of rule number 34?! Give it a few more months if not weeks my friend!

  • When you and Mr Sausage finally throw down I hope Mythical Chef Josh hosts you, followed by a special Will It Sausage episode of GMM

  • how could you do Mr. Sausage like that