Binging with Babish: Four Horsemeals of the Eggporkalypse from Parks & Rec

Avaldati 18 aug 2020
This week, we say a bittersweet goodbye to the old BwB studio with a Swanson's swan song, and probably the longest episode name to date: The Four Horsemeals of the Eggporkalypse from Parks & Rec. A fitting goodbye, a breakfast that could comfortably feed a family of four (along with some aunts and uncles), prepared on the very same flat-top that seared the sixteen-some-odd patties flipped in the kitchen's inaugural episode.
Music: "XXV" by Broke for Free
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  • Finished filming the Meat Tornado last week - I can say, with confidence, it could potentially kill a guy

    • Did eat the other meals?

    • .

    • Binging with Babish hey what the heck are “hand-forged botanicals” in your Botanist liquor ad? What makes them hand-forged?

    • Ye

  • Why did I wait for the end of the video to start cutting my onions! 😭😅 It was the onion

  • Amazing videos!! A little sad about the gravy process ;P

  • Ok that was the funniest weirdest ad ever, I just got a cooking with babish ad while watching this

  • Chicken fried steak for breakfast is in my opinion the ultimate indulgence.

  • I love Babish’s “Mm!”

  • Love you babish 🙂❤

  • How much do I have to pay for Babish to make this for me? I will eat all of it, (As long as the bacon is floppy.) And then he can drop me at the hospital.

  • *soaks in water to remove some of potatoe starch* *adds potatoe starch*

  • Dude... you have impeccable taste in liquor.

  • Hey, is that Cynar in the back, among the other bottles?

  • I want to order this for the family at jj’s diner

  • I want it

  • this what white people in movies eat for breakfast everyday

  • “One of the cheapest and toughest cuts around: top sirloin” Excuse me hwat I literally grew up considering that “expensive fancy steak” wtfwtfwtfwtf

  • How to murder me 101

  • 3:41 i have use that thing before and omg the trypophobia trigger is real

  • Gegans watching this be like: *angry karen noises*

  • Where to get that flatbed cooktop at 6:37?

  • There’s a town in Oklahoma called Pawnee 😳

  • I would eat in your restaurant everyday if you have one.

  • Man has an almost unhealthy love of the word "crisp."

  • I don’t understand how people can dislike this video

  • Such an amazing channel. Been a fan for a few months and you've given me SO many ideas!! I wish you nothing but the best in the new space.

  • MuSNt ForGEt ThE SaUsAgE GRaVy

  • Use only this background music

  • I got a "mixing with babish" ad on a binging with babish video... Amazing

  • 4:51 *megalovania intensifies*

  • Andrew: being sentimental and sad the Music: *bAdAbaDAdAdAa*

  • Babish: Your gonna have a bad time. Sans: First of All thats my line and second of all Do you wanna have a bad time? 💀

  • no one: sans undertale: 4:51

  • How much do you want for you to cook me that breakfast


  • You gave me a miniature heart attack. What the fuck andrew

  • No thank you for so so much

  • I love his little whisk tattoo on his arm

  • 0:11 dont do that.. dont scare me like that jesus.

  • Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse. Thank me later.

  • Babish deserves his own tv show or netflix seasons

    • @PyroClaymore You do have a vary good point the corporate bureaucracy would kill the idea but more people need to see him

    • Please no... Netflix will ruin him.

  • I was watching this and got a binging with babish add

  • unpopular opinion, breakfast sausage is the best fucking thing ever

  • I'd say someone is living THE life if they have this guy as a personal cook....

  • Time to get diabetes

  • Then give eveything too us

  • I did not expect to cry watching this 😭

  • P.S.A-that's top round

  • Oh I thought this was just what americans eat for breakfast.

  • You know one of these days I'm gonna look up this J Kenji Lopez person but for know I'm gonna continue binging, binging with babish

  • I was majorly stressing when I didn't see the sausage gravy on the chicken fried steak at first.

  • Your food, your speech and your sheer happiness of how delicious the chicken fried steak was melted my heart. You deserve it all!

  • Woah woah woah. Why the hell is the chicken fried steak not in sausage gravy?

  • Thank you for sharing all your great recipes. My husband loves me more since I made the Croque Monsieur. It was awesome.

  • gimme... *heavy drooling*

  • I really need some breakfast food like this, it all looks so damn good.

  • Cheers to Andrew, he’s the one who got this 14 year old into black coffee

  • onwards to a new adventerous part of your life my dude, all the good luck wishes to you

  • I wanna see babish make something like this for Matt Stonie. Dopest collab of 2020

  • "and your human intelligence" me: whats that

  • In Argentina we call that chicken fried steak "milanesa", but it's made with bread crumbs instead of flour.

  • 9:35 Yes Andrew, that is better. OCD satisfied.

  • Why did he move?

  • Strawberry cake for gourmet guy from paper Mario

  • You have almost 8 million subscribers....well done!! I have followed you for about 6 months or so, watching off and on between other EEcloners depending on my mood at present. You are one of my favorite cooks to watch, the main reason is the fictional (ish) foods you recreate from TV shows, movies, and the like. Keep it up my man.

  • "If you crack the shell you're going to have a bad time" a la south park. NICE

  • This video gave me a Ratatouille flashback to watching the Turkey Burger video for the first time.

  • How many times has he moved ?

  • Ok why you gotta do me like that i haven't been keeping up with some episodes so i decided to watch you literally scared me

  • My trick for making McDonald style Hashbrowns: dice 2 frozen TBSp of Butter and blend with potatoes, this gets the umomi and loose texture you get from McDs but still have a crunchy crust

  • Babish has his own add on his own vid

  • Baby you can’t keep popping up in prevideo ads✨

  • really interesting how year after year we generate deeper bonds with screens... cheers!

  • Wait this is the last episode? No more updates in the future?. Now that's sad for me and feel happy for him at the same time. Well thank you for your great contents.

  • make food from the cartoon "chowder"!

  • The first video I found of yours was the Monster Cake from Breath Of The Wild. Been watching ever since. Keep up the good work, Andy!

  • You should do a collaboration with Matt Stonie!!!!

  • Wow a Babish is onto the third kitchen 👍. I can’t believe he was in the second kitchen for two years

  • Do Stallone cuts, you coward

  • What's funny is that when I went to NYC back in February (before the pandemic reached stateside) I went on a bus tour and the tour guide mentioned that Soho was known for art. And it's ironic that you used to live in Soho, Babish. Because your videos, dare I say, are art.

  • So...there's no horse in any of these "horse meals"?

  • Weed rat stew from Shrek

  • Why you making me hungry 😋

  • Dang who's chopping onions in here 😢

  • Damn i have watched babish since before he moved into this kitchen its sad

  • This has inspired me to go on a murderous rampage, so violent and grotesque that they bring back the death sentence, simply so I can request this as my last meal

  • Andy, I was about ready to slap you before you added the cream to that gravy. You don't serve chicken fried steak with brown gravy. That's a real southern Baptist sin on par with adultery here in Texas.

  • why can I smell this episode

  • I know im late but I just love you Andrew! You have me feeling all the feels with this! Perfect episode to watch on my birthday ! Breakfast is my favorite food!

  • Before the tenderizer, there was only stiff, tough meat. But then the knives pounded the meat, rendering it broken. Then it was fried. They became brown, crispy, perfect. Born anew in the heat of blessed oil.

  • when you just want him to enjoy his food that he made and he hits you with the feels... I know I’m late to the party, but I’m happy for you :)

  • Nobody Babish: makes a hash brown recipe that takes an entire day to make

  • Why do New Yorkers get so emotional whenever they move to another apartment in the same town? "Muh memories in this tiny space!" Pffft. Okay, Ross Geller

    • He said it himself, it was his home for longer than a lot of places and he did a whole lot of living there

  • Awesome channel - I only just discovered it (due to Ron Swanson being my model citizen) - and this is clearly a time of change. I love the balance of detail and presentation, there is incredible skill here, that is downplayed. It makes amazing cooking efforts seem achievable - also I am cooking these recipes and they work 100%. Now subscribed.

  • YOU ARE THE BEST!!!!!!!!!You’re gonna do even GREATER things in the new kitchen!!!!!!!!😃😃😃😃😃😃

  • You’ve taught me more than my father man! I promise I’m gonna meet you one day! Thank you babish, I’m glad u made it this far

  • Like ghost rider say hungry 💀

  • i don't think a horse would eat any of these meals ):

  • Man to be white and born with opportunities.

  • Movining kitchens again huh cool.


  • No, thank you babish