Binging with Babish: Gotcha Pork Roast from Food Wars (Shokugeki no Soma)

Avaldati 1 apr 2021
This week on Anime with Alvin, a true challenge awaits: a mashed-potato-loaf that can pass for a delicious pork roast? That can blow your clothes off? If anyone can do it, it's Alvin - the guy that hosts this show and always has.
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  • Thanks for coming by Alvin, even at 3AM! Go check out Alvin’s amazing channel:

  • For some reason, Dub anime hits my soul

  • I really hope he followed the recipe that was provided by the manga

  • Make more from food wars

  • I love the humour in this channel. :)

  • Hahahaha where's the moan

  • Ein Kommentar

  • Why dubbed

  • This looks amazing. Too bad I'm allergic to mushrooms 😪😓

  • Dubs are traumatizing

  • i had no idea the dub was that bad lol...great vid thou. made this myself back when the episode originally aired and its great

  • I’m surprised no one has commented yelling at you for using the dub of food wars instead of the sub.

  • PLS


  • I want tl try this, like Potato is a part of my DNA, My Body is a Potato, I AM A POTATOOOO

  • Petition to have Alvin host every anime episode

  • When he strikes a pose and says yuhh tahhh 😭😭

  • You got to do more from this anime vro‼️‼️

  • Fucken awesome love this anime

  • Before clicking on the video I was excited and wondering why this didn't come up on my page a month ago. At the beginning of the video I was like "that's not Babish" A minute into the video I decided I was in love with Alvin😂

  • Me: Yooo finally some Food wars adaptations Also me hearing dub Yukihira: *AAAAAAAAA*

  • Is he alvin zhou

  • If I work for several hours to make you a delicious pseudo pork roast for breakfast, I want to hear you say "thank you", not "who are you?" or "how did you get into my house?".

  • I can’t be the only one who got hungry and decided to watch this instead of getting food.

  • "Bob is a nice potato" -But my name's Billy... IT DOESN'T MATTER WHAT YOUR NAME IS!!!!!!!

  • I feel like this is what Bob Ross would sound like if he were a chef

  • Very entertaining!!! Love food wars too.

  • I wondered why his voice was weird sounding then I looked at the description

  • Love u babish


  • How is soma allowed to get LITERALLY ALCOHOL when he's underage

  • Dub? Nah nah unsubscribe

  • This is the collab i always wanted to see

  • Is that Alvin Zhou from bon appetite?

  • Who be this guy. He stealing da channel

  • If unless it’s heavenly you didn’t make it right

  • All I heard from that english dub was a whole lot of Lelouch from Code Geass and now Im disturbed xD

  • I have a stuffed animal named Bub! 😅😍

  • Some weebs getting a sauce here

  • Alvin! Surprised to see him here!!

  • Umm is the guy from the channel tasty.

  • he seems nice I hope babish has him do more anime cooking videos. I hope Babish also does some anime cooking videos.

  • You forgot the honey

  • Yay Alvin!!!

  • I like alvin

  • i thought thats babish


  • Alvin :O

  • I like the Scooby-doo scene in the end.

  • There is no such thing as too much bacon

  • Ah yes, a nice anime crossover. One of the best that i've seen too!

  • I knew this dude sounded familiar! It's Alvin from food wars!!

  • Make egg benedict from shogeki no souma

  • Wait how did he became asian now

  • Hey wait... ALVIN FROM TASTY!!?!? ALVIN ZHOU!?!?!? aight imma go down memory lane Going through my channels that i watched in my old abandoned 6 year old account Edit: Sorry guys about the reaction it's been about 3 years since i watched tasty


  • i like how alvin just keeps cheering bob.

  • you should make pudding from assassination classroom

  • Since when are there more people then just babish

  • “no resistance with a stab, just like me” ya wanna talk, buddy?

  • I cracked up laughing at the Benny Hill bit you two did at the end.

  • Anime, where anything can be so dang dramatic and badass.

  • This has gotta be April fools, HOW DID HE FIND ALVIN

  • soma used bacon because evil villains trying to get him to sell his restaurant destroyed all his meat!

  • Finally doing Shoukugeki!! ❤️

  • I could have sworn someone else hosted this show wasn't his name ummm what was the name again?

  • Isn’t that Alvin from tasty

  • Hehe first so thought it was Joshua Weissman. But it's actually Alvin 🤣 . Also I could have just read the comments

  • Technoblade origins

  • Ewwww is that dubbed? Lol

  • Impossible he made it! -That one dude

  • Geez so many bacons

  • "i do not know how to measure potatoes" Then ask a american.

  • *Babish doesn't have foodgasm* I M P O S S I B L E

  • Man this is soothing


  • "How dare you stand where he stod!"

  • That was Alvin It sounded very weirde

  • I need you to make every food wars dish. I hope you understand how important this is

  • Do Soma's Chaliapin Steak next

  • What's with Alvin and naming his food

  • Me still waiting for Naruto's ramen and Erza's cake 🙃

  • No way the seccond i seen that in food wars i instantly thought u should do this and here it is

  • Ngl the English Dub is cringe Dramatic/Epic animes should never be english dub.

  • Hey i made that three months ago!!! It was made wrong tho :/ i was very dissapointed

  • The lil chase scene at the end was funny lol


  • Tbh, I was like. 'Who tf is this? This isn't babish.' Looks at desc ..Alvin? *continues to watch in gratitude.* Y e s...


  • Food wars... I'm surprised your clothes didn't explode ;w;

  • 0:38 Gosh, no. Peel the potatoes first, you doughnut...


  • If only there was a series that he challenges himself onto making every food in shokugeki no soma.. if there is i definitely will NOT miss one episode just like the actual anime series..

  • But why is it dubbed?


  • Cotcha

  • Question = what kind of beef i use if i dont want to use pork? (Help)

  • The commentary is 😚👌

  • You have no idea how much I love you right now.

  • But can you do the golden eggs Benedict