Binging with Babish: Banoffee Pie from Love, Actually

Avaldati 24 dets 2019
Happy holidays everyone - thank you for making 2019 the best year of my life.
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Love, Actually: the film that emotionally weaponizes Christmas, relationships, love, loss, and Hugh Grant's goofball charm. Also the film that taught early 00's Americans about a great many British mainstays, including (but not limited to) banoffee pie: a sweet, sticky, toffee-and-banana-laden confection easily thrown together with some pantry staples. So how about we make one entirely from scratch - and as a special treat, let's do it wrong!
Music: "Summer Spliffs" by Broke for Free
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  • Haha okay in retrospect, I realize that looked like I was gunning up to propose - and while she didn’t know what the cards were going to say, I’ve already promised her I won’t propose on camera :)

    • @Rafael Enil Thanks I didn't want to wait 3 hours

    • Forget it dude. You already did. LOL Congratulations to you both.

    • Babish Culinary Universe what the heck why not bro I wanna see that stuff

    • gratz man!

    • will you tell us when you do?

  • You didn't ate that delicious banofeepie and disrespected the dish in 2019 and see how 2020 has turned out... its all your fault...

  • awwwwwwww😂😂❤️

  • Aaaand 2020 turned out great.

  • Little did he know what 2020 had in store for them

  • Greetings from the dumpster fire that is October 2020. Thanks for the sweet reminder of simpler times.

  • Mm love me some Bann-oafie pie.

  • One is allergic to bananas and the other one doesn't like bananas... This is so sad

  • Bro we all need to see more of jess!

  • Oh the simpler times...

  • Oh the ending made me cry. They have no idea what 2020 means

  • Hi. Classic Scots recipe uses malt biscuits. Definitely better than digestives.

  • Are yall still together?

  • I British and I thought banoffee pie was an American thing. Lol

  • 6:57 this did not age well

  • This guy sucks, he didn't even make the bananas

  • *sighs* We were all bright eyed and bushy tailed back then before the Corona.

  • Or... foreplay. 😍🤤

  • Guys Guys Guys like I love to remind Gordon Ramsay and maybe someday he will listen (not bloody likely) The word Dulce is not pronounced Dool-Che like if it were Italian it is pronounced Dool-say which you know means sweet I know you don't speak Spanish so it's cool now you can ask Alvin Cailan since Filipino's know some Spanish and tell you how it's pronounced.

  • Food foreplay? Welcome back to foreplay with Babish

  • That's a tart. Blek too sweet.

  • Guys Doce de leite, means milk candy, so you guys can say it in English, by the way, it's not Dolce de Leiité, it's DO CE, De LE E TE

  • That is not how I make it

  • "See you in 2020" Classoc joke, Babish.

  • And 2020 turn to shit

  • Ooo I absolutely love digestive biscuits

  • Aw, that was sweet. Way too sweet with the second coating of runny dulce de leche, but the end was sweet anyway.

  • Re-watching this in 2020 and seeing the cards just makes me sad. Good episode though. Really do like it!

  • "Digestive Biscuit" Lol the UK is disgusting

  • Little did he know that nobody would be seeing anybody in 2020

  • This was adorable

  • We were so young back then. So innocent to the ways of horrid things.

  • Holy heck how did I not see this before?

  • I think it’s time to get Babish on Bake Off.

  • Man, remember being optimistic about 2020?

  • This is actually the first time i've heard Digestive biscuits, in english... That's not at all how i've pronounced them in my country all my life!! Oh gods, mind legit blown..

  • I can't be the only one who got a BWB ad before this video

  • This year, please taste your dish! Look how 2020 ended by not doing it!

  • This recipe is nice and tasty 👍very well prepared👍👍and great presentation

  • You do know it's pronounced grey-ham don't you... Graaaham?!?!😤

    • And what the hell is baan afee pie?

  • My heart broke for you when I realized you’re making something you can’t even eat.

  • Was any one else scared for him at 3:40.

  • 4play

  • its 2020 pls go back

  • You should do coconut cream pie from iCarly.

  • Dulce de leche is either brown or browner


  • So recently I made a cheesecake using your home made gram cracker and whilst making i thought to my self "it would be silly to make it like u showed, then let cool, THEN blend up with some butter and REBAKE." Oh how slick I felt I was being by just baking it in a spring form, then adding me filling and baking some more. AND THEN I see this and now I have many culinary questions as to why you don't just do that vs make, bake, make again, bake again?

  • Broo it feels so good to have a fellow banana-allergy person

  • legit thought u were going to propose

  • False die hard is the beat Christmas movie

  • You made me feel so warm and fuzzy inside with this video...just like the condensed milk in the bath *sigh*

  • Every time Babish mispronounces dulce de leche, an Argentinian angel dies.

  • You should try one of the dishes from “You” Season 2 on Netflix. The girl is a cook

  • Dool-say not dull-chay

  • This was a great recipe. Quick amateur tip: if you take your condensed milk too far, like I did, (it becomes like jell-o instead of a thick sauce) just blitz it in a food processor with 3-5 tbsp of milk and voila it will become saucy again :)

  • “unless the thought of boiling hot caramel exploding in your face fills you with holiday joy” Yes it would! Happy (early) 2020 holidays!

  • Oh, that so sweet......nearly teared up.

  • "Then the next thing we have to contend with is the crust, the most popular form of which is.... *foreplay*"

  • Got some brownie points with the girlfriend with this video.

  • a speculoos crust would have been better than graham crackers

  • So... How's 2020 feeling right now everybody? Who wants to go back to 2019 with me?

  • Love actually is the biggest peace of shit after the death note movie

  • I knew i should not have pressed on this video, now I’m hungry for pie :-/

  • Little did he know

  • You got Herbert the pervert for a voice over at the end?

  • Wholesome

  • i dont like how he says banoffee pie lmao

  • "See you in 2020!!!!", he says with a cheerful spirit.... Well crap...

  • 2020 sucks because babish and his girl refused a pie.


  • it's not pronounced "doolchay" it's "dool-say" come on gringo.

  • 'Would've broken my heart if you said yes' Me who likes banoffee pie: :(

  • So... why is it called banoffee? I thought it was supposed to have coffee in it

  • holy crab DULCE DE LECHEEEEE

  • Fab!! 💖😂🥰

  • 7:00 Yes, definitely, the world will definitely not seem like to end by then.

  • Dulce de Leche is for the uncultured. We chileans call it Manjar, becaus it fcking is.

  • It’s even better with chocolate digestives in the base 😀

  • I kept waiting to see if it was a proposal XD

  • “See you in 2020” hahaha yeah right. More like zoom call you

  • I thought he was about to purpose 😳

  • 2 things, one Babish you lucky man you, and 2 Well 2020 didnt quite gow the way you thought ey

  • As a Brit, real digestive biscuits would never contain butter 👎🏼 although these would probably taste better 👍🏼

  • Is it safe to boil unopened cans that long? Would they not burst?!

  • This is a relic from a simpler time

  • Munchies!!!!!!!!

  • “Or foreplay”

  • Hey there, Andrew. I'm from the future, and as I reached the 7:00 mark, just wanted to say... STAY IN 2019 WHILE YOU CAN! Savor it, never come here to 2020! You've been warned!

  • Mad respect for you cooking with something you're allergic to, man. I could never do that

  • Ironic how 2020 ended up not very good

  • awesome recipe, tased great!

  • Gonna make this today I’ll let y’all know how it goes!

  • Banuffy the vampire layer?

  • I'd love to be his neighbors. I bet they get lots of food for him. Imagine the BBQs he would host!

  • Your voice is beautiful to listen to.

  • To me, you're perfect.

  • The way he says banoffie hurts

  • ok i bet he regrets that see you in 2020

  • oh wow that cooling transition was *CLEAN*