Kimchi (ft. Roy Choi) | Basics with Babish

Avaldati 13 aug 2020
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  • Roy has been working to feed those in need, give jobs to his team, and keep people safe during quarantine - please donate to Kogi here: - $2,000 of the profits from today’s episode will be donated to Roy’s food truck movement!

    • I love Cooking Too

    • You should make the burger from trailer park boys that Lahey gives to Randy that he hunted for himself, I think it's made from rabbits meat

    • Please make a sandwich from Teamfortres 2

    • Yo Babish! i love your asian food videos. i was wondering if you will ever cover a recipe from "Shokugeki no souma" aka food wars which is legit an anime about food that gives people litteral orgasms and a lot of food in it is very unconventional and id love to see your take on these Asian foods! (the foods get more and more crazy as you go through the seasons)

    • Do the pizza delivery from spongebob

  • Iam kinda object to the to the vinegar and garlic, the garlic inhibbits the bacteria and vinegar should be superflous because lactic acid. Also tasting the acidicy is kinda how you know the fermetation works.

  • 15 cloves of garlic!!!

  • Love Roy!

  • Can you make kimchi with any Type of cabage? Thank you

  • i want his skincare routine

  • 서양식 김장

  • So how did this turn out? I wanna see a follow up

  • I’ve never seen someone make such a small serving of kimchi in my life it’s so cute sksnfdk

  • Can anyone direct me to the white drink seen at 0:17 please?

  • 15 cloves of garlic yeah baby That's Korean dish

  • Is kimchi supposed to taset good?

  • So how'd it come out?

  • Wheres the chopped radish 😂😂😂

  • Weed rat stew from Shrek

  • I expect I would shred the cabbage and toss to coat it... I also don't cook and have never tried this stuff. Maybe I would like leafs.

  • 👎👎👎

  • Bravo Roy Choi keep up the great work.

  • It dose not make a difference if you put it layer layer just mix it and it is the same get trolled

  • It cracked me up when you said that everyone should be making kimchi during this time of quarantine. That's all that i've been making especially with the fall harvest upon us.

  • 와우 잘 만드시네요 great!

  • As a cook myself two things. Firstly, gloves dude! Don’t touch your eyes or privates. Secondly, those were scallions not chives but that’s me nitpicking. All that being said, love this video.

  • I wonder if Roy ever watched this movie called “Chef”.

  • 6:28 da juice mmm mm

  • Disappointing...

  • Thanks Roy, awesome stuff!

  • I thought it said 1.5k views I was like WTF

  • *Please do Bill Gannon's BBQ sauce from "Dragnet."*

  • Broodwich

  • U should make homemade cereal

  • I have a thing about fish flavor, what brand do you recommend for fish sauce? Any kind I live next door to an Asian market

  • 뭔가 맛없어 보인다

  • Me: hmm I’ve never had kimchi I wonder if I’d like it Andrew: fifteen cloves of garlic Me: I love it

  • I heard that the really old fashioned Kimchi has fish guts and pine nuts added in to enhance flavour.

  • Where is the episode where you use this Kimchi to make something?

  • i want to try making it but i'm scared by the thought that the jar might explode... how often should i "burp" it? and only when it's at room temperature or do i also need to do that when it's in the fridge? I know i could use a plastic container but i want to avoid putting something acidic in plastic...

  • Im upset that you didnt show us what has happend in those 3 weeks

  • Thank you binging with babish for reviewing Kimchii from korea🇰🇷

  • The old initiation 🤣🤣. But I like the cucumbers 🥒 the best. Chef RoyC. 💪🏾💪🏾

  • I'm currently eating my kimchi that I made after watching this. Holy fuck is it spicy for a pasty white guy like me. Delicious though

  • Thank you for the video.

  • Show starts at 3:14

  • Maangchi Kimchi is really epic 😇🤓

  • Falafel Kimchi would be proud

  • C'mon Babish I know you're not drinking Clase Azul lol that stuff is nasty. If you're looking for something that's incredibly smooth and delicious for that price range you should get some Porfidio extra anejo if you can find it

  • Cool

  • definitely non-traditional, so it's not kimchi.

  • Can you please make Bahn Mi 🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽

  • 김치

  • How do you know when to burp it?

  • I made this exact recipe and I do not know how you fit all that cabbage in that jar

  • Please make Maw Maws magic brown from Raising hope

  • Props to him for not using any gloves

  • I absolutely LOVED loveloveloveLOVED how Roy was able to directed/help you with making (and a filming tip). It's really nice to see someone take advice humbly and still be great at the same time.

  • how is the kimchi?

  • thank you for this babish, i was put this off, since i usually hate kimchi but i knew if i made my version of it love it... made my own version with ghost peppers and a tad more sugar to be a little sweeter

  • Maybe make a video with some kimchi based recipes?

  • When he take the paste with hus bare hand my heart skip a beat

  • Who else remember kimchi from “Fred the movie”

  • I fucking love the spicy soda like sizzle kimchi has

  • i wanna see some Sauerkraut lol im polish love it with certain meals. but love kimchi so im gonna try and make some of my own

  • theres so much sexual tension in the room

  • Has it not been two weeks yet or did it not turn out? Hoped we’d see the end result too

  • He’s funny......😘

  • Scallions, not chives

  • Kimchi is so good especially with some rice and seaweed

  • What even is kimchi do you eat it straight?

    • Simple answer is that kimchi is a Korean fermented cabbage basically eaten with every meal. It can be eaten plain or with rice, in fried rice, in stew, etc. It’s a staple Korean dish that is beloved. I don’t know if I would call what babby made kimchi just because he’s missing a lot of key ingredients, but it’s a very VERY good introduction to fermented cabbage

  • can't wait to see the result

  • So, uhh. How did it turn out?

  • Kimchi is the bomb, you should try kimchi noodle delicious

  • you had me at "15 cloves of garlic"

  • Everytime I’ve made kimchi it turns out just tasting “hot” with no actual flavor,, but i made this recipe and it was SO GOOD IT ACTUALLY HAS FLAVOR UGH MY DAD THANKS YOU

    • You should try more research ☺️ proper kimchi has loads more ingredients which will give it tons of flavor

  • Nice

  • I love kimchi. If I could eat it everyday with a healthy bunch of noodles for the rest of my life I would! I have always wanted to try making it myself, and yes like Andrew, I am just as intimidated by how to make it. Thank you for this recipe!!!

  • I guess when you have nearly 8 million subs actual celebs will appear on your channel. Get Ramsay next. And not Gordon. I'm talking the Egyptian Pharaoh.

  • 한국인들 모여라

  • i was today years old when i realized the Nappa from dbz is named after nappa cabbage

  • Andrew and Chef John crossover please!!!

    • Lucas De Alba Ortega Alright Then, That Sounds Like a Bright Idea?😀👍🍽

    • faisal faisal Yes!!

    • Chef John From Food Wishes?🤔💭🤤😋🍽

  • I think the cabbage needs to be salted more, or for longer. Looks too firm.

    • Yeah, we usually leave ours for at least an hour, and use tons of salt. Then rinse and drain before you stuff that sauce in there.

  • Do you still twitch stream?

  • go lechon man make the skin crispy make the flesh juicy and delicious go kill a live pig drain the blood properly heat properly to destroy the hairs get 2x what ingredients needed to put in its stomach and start grilling in OPEN AIR!!

  • Can you please do a basics episode for Prime Rib?

  • Can't believe this dude hasn't done a cheesecake episode yet. What an absolute DEGENERATE

  • This "tedious part of the proces" is why I chop the cabbage up in chunks, also fits much easier into my sauerkraut jar AND I don't have to cut it up afterwards if I wanna use it. Just mix it all up in a big tub. The big plus of having a traditional fermentation jar is that you don't need to check it every day, no risk of explosions or leaking juices

  • Me when Italians go nuts over carbonara 'tutorial' video : Relax it's just a food Me on foreign kimchi videos : WHAT THE FUCK ARE THEY DOING

  • Maangchi's kimchi is the best.

  • i desperately needed this episode. I just got into kimchi because of its health benefits and it actually tastes really fucking good

  • Dang, Baby brought out the big guns on this one. Love me some Roy Choi.

  • Ooh galaxy buds

  • 김치레시피를 여기에서 보네 ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

  • Roy is a God send in the Kitchen with marinade

  • The average life span of Korean women is predicted to be over 90 years old by 2030 simply due to Kimchi. Let's eat Kimchi!

  • 양념버무릴때 손으로 벅벅 문질러주고싶은 충동

  • I'm just so curious what ep 100 of Basics will be....

  • What can I substitute for the fish sauce? Trying to keep it vegan if possible.

    • off the shelf my best guess would be coconut aminos. if you want to make something yourself you are shooting for a salty funky umami bomb. so i'd look at cooking some dried shitakes with soy sauce and water, maybe miso paste for that fermenty funk, maybe some sort of seaweed or kombu for that fishy kick.

  • More like *i still cant make this with babish*

  • Please post a video with kimchi recipes now. 😊

  • Kimchi♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️

  • Should try Bombay frankies

  • Said with love: you gotta mix the vocals up higher over that background music. It was so hard to hear what you and he were saying!