Potato Hash | Basics with Babish

Avaldati 27 aug 2020
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This week on Basics, we take a look at two easy one-pot potato hash recipes: a classic and a sweet potato. Also this week I made a simple sage gin & tonic, which pairs nicely with all of the flavors going on in the potato hash.
Recipe: basicswithbabish.co/basicsepisodes/potato-hash
Music by Chillhop: chillhop.com/listen
Blue Wednesday - "'Birthday Girl", "Murmuration (feat. Shopan)"
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  • Revision: sweet potatoes ≠ yams

    • @John Sierra you’re right

    • See also: kūmara

    • When I made this, I accidentally used two Carolina reapers instead of pablanos and it was inedible

    • was that ever in question?

    • @John Sierra Yolk*

  • Whats with the bacon thing? Why did he fold the middle?

  • Yep. Definitely making that for breakfast this weekend.

  • Hash is weed in swidish...

  • Ive just began to cook Potato hash. First time as a Filipino doing that.

  • Every time I eat lunch at work I say “let sprinkle this with kosher salt and freshly ground pepper “

  • Hash is a Saturday/Sunday morning special in our house. But if you ask me, a good hash is good for any occasion, at any time.

  • "Don't be wasteful" Covers everything with plastic wrap

  • I wonder if we can get to 9 million sub before the end 2020

    • doubt it he barely has above 8m and the year is about to end soon

  • You gotta throw some ketchup on that bad boy.

  • My son loves your video and just showed me this one.. I make my has the same way with the sweet potatoes the only thing I do different is add kale.

  • My potatoes didn't crisp they just sort of... mushed. Did I overcook them?

  • Never thought I'd hear babish saying "we can cook our hash in" in a video tho it's not the context I imagined he'd would say it in

  • When you listen to so much Chillhop music that you recognize the songs in the video lol

  • "And this, my friends, is sage advice." You just rolled a Nat20 on that reference, my man. Subscribed for the amazing recipes, the awesome humour and that NICE D&D reference.

  • This along with the Botanist drink makes this a first class breakfast.

  • Just reuse a plastic straw instead of a metal one.

  • You forgot Sliced, pickled beetroot to the potato hash.

  • What is that beautiful knife Babish is using?

  • Just made this for breakfast. Absolutely lovely, added corned beef to mine. Definitely gonna make it more often

  • Andrew. As soon as you admitted that you forgot to get poblanos, the video was ruined. The dish was incomplete without them. Please don't cook if you don't have the ingredients. Your yam or sweet potato or whatever (i don't care which) hash was really sad to look at. All i could think about was the beautiful delicious dark green flavor bombs missing

  • The hash I know is southern hash. It’s a minced meat and potatoes mix

  • Watching how badly he stirred that gin hurt my heart.

  • Coronavirus turned everybody into an alcoholic... I thought it was just me

  • "Pat it down, and let it Brown"... I'm stealing that.

  • I'm going to cook this during class. It's simple so it's good for my beginner level cooking level. Thanks, Babish! :)

  • Who..what ...where did you get that funky Asian cleaver/chef knife?

  • no one gonna mention the wooden spoon with his likeness on it?

  • In Icelandic, 'æla' (pronounced exactly like that island's name) means 'vomit'.

  • Weed rat stew from Shrek

  • This is the only place where things I would never eat or things I know I don’t like, I would eat because it just looks so perfect and I trust babish knows exactly what he’s doing

  • Bacon and corned beef. I cook the corn beef with the bacon in leftover bacon fat.

  • Tell your sponsors this totally reminded me I was out of gin

  • Doesn’t anyone else just not give a fuck about the stupid Gin? 🙄

  • Can’t wait to make this for my girl 🥰

  • 45 min is a long time to cook eggs

  • yummy

  • A can’t escape the botanist

  • I throw up every time I eat runny eggs

  • Why is your chorizo so... brown? It looks more like a kielbasa than a chorizo

  • just made this today and it was delicious! Thanks Babish!

  • the first hash looks a lot like the danish dish biksemad, or the swedish dish pytt i panda. check it out, its amazing!

  • Hey so i dont have any left over baked taters

  • ‘Tis not hash without corned beef

  • Ummmm....how does one "forge" herbs by hand?

    • @Wade White Nah. In Scotland they don't grow plants. They melt seeds down and then hammer them into herbs. They are just hard as fuck that way.

    • @Melvin Merkelhopper Oh, they meant "forage"!

    • Its the Highland way!

  • Also known as pytt i panna in sweden... and I'm eating it right now

  • Last night my 13 year old watched this episode with me and whipped out an amazing version for dinner since we had the ingredients on hand. She's normally more of a baker, but you inspired her to cook!

  • They do a thing in Sweden called Pittypana which is like this chopped finer with a fried egg on top and is the hang over food of the gods

    • Actually checked Google translate and pyttipanna is basically the same. I did not think that pyttipanna was actually a thing outside of Sweden

  • metal straws suck geriatric hobo balls though

  • I just seen your ad on youtube right before this video 😂

  • I couldn’t listen to the first part without laughing. My name is sage😂

  • Hash, perfect. Sage gin, no thanks.

  • @2:11 he makes like the biggest verbal mistakes I’ve ever heard from him👀

  • 1:35 *potatoes alone do not hash make*

  • Please for the love of God release your own line of restaurants or ready meals because my god they are amazing. Also I second The Botanist Gin, it is lovely.

  • Why do you pinch the bacon like that?

  • wouldnt putting the lid on the pan ruin the crispy outsides of the potatoes?

  • Yeaah, jin& tonic are good, but have you tried... potato vodka?

  • I got banishes hidden valley ad for this video lmao

  • I don’t really like potatoes unless they are chips or fries or something but you... you make everything and anything look good

  • You got me to try the botanist Well I still don't like gin but hey it good to try

  • Awesome. Also I'm completely here for more sweet potato stuff, or SP paired with apples, or pumpkin stuff too. Im feeling the fall vibes and I loved this

  • How much did they pay you lol

  • Ok ok ok, ummmm I've never seen bacon cooked that way?!?! That's genius, love that Babs Basic Bacon Hack ❤🥓❤🥓❤🥓🥂🍸🍻

  • Big difference between me and Babish: I would have eaten it straight out of the skillet. he is also able to cook food for human consumption

  • I got that exact ad that this video is sponsored by, voiced by babish himself-

  • That first hash.... I’ve made that exact meal hundreds of times... classic! I’m gonna try the other one soon! Thanks!!

  • Pyttipannu with extra steps perkele.

  • It is crazy that I have been in the food industry for 20 years and this is the first time I have seen the bacon pinch. I am blown away.

  • Quarantine has me growing my own weed and vegetables plus i learned how to cook for my self after 25 years of fast food...awesome kitchen too

  • whats with the vodka with breakfest are you an alcoholic

  • i wanted to say thank you for the gin AD i can cook and have it delivered 4 blocks away

  • if i dont have leftover baked potatoes, how should i cook the raw spuds?

  • I love this show, learning more of these things to cook is great. But man that song we listen to while we learn. That is a jam.

  • Thank you for showing this that I will never use because I will know that I will mess up everything

  • Definitely going to make this weekend.

  • I got the ranch ad with binging with babish

  • I love when Andrew puts me in his videos :)

  • Even linner?

  • Love that knife

  • When Gordon Ramsey dies: binging with babish: taking your place!!

  • “Do you have any leftover baked potatoes? Of course you do you love baked potatoes.” Unfortunately Babish my love for baked potatoes is exactly why I have none. 😭

  • We love breakfast for dinner. It’s 2020, liquor sales have increased😂😂 why yes of course, pour me one with this wonderful tater recipe👍😉

  • I just made this for dinner and had a sage gin and tonic while cooking/eating it. It ruled.

  • the way you said chorizo lol

  • I can't believe ppl like runny eggs.

  • What onion is best?

  • if you cut an Onion like that again sir, so help me god I will take all of your knifes away !

  • can i have you lol

  • Was that a smart garden?🤔

  • I got the botanist add on last video that you made cuz I'm well binging your videos

  • How fitting that I got Babish's Ranch ad at the beginning.

  • What knife is that!? It looks awesome and I've been looking for a new one.

  • Probably in the minority but, runny egg yokes - ewwww! Look if I'm going to ingest an aborted chicken fetus I want to make sure it's dead ;-)

  • This was tasty thank you. Although I think the Cambozola I added improved it.


  • I want that knife!

  • So I guess we all ignore the fact, that he told us, to cover a finished meal with 4 runny eggs under medium heat for 45 MINUTES?! No offense, but my plan was to use the pan again in the future - AND I actually planned to eat this meal... So I recommend everyone to make 5 Minutes out of this 45 Minutes, who is also cooking or was planning on cooking it.

  • I want that knife

  • Pro tip: If cooking REAL Polish Keilbasa,the drippings make for a fantastic fat-filled base for frying potatoes and onions or cabbage and onions