Binging with Babish: Paunch Burger from Parks & Rec

Avaldati 11 aug 2020
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  • I forgot the bacon!! This burger may as well be an acai bowl

  • It's just not a Babish video until he mentions J. Kenji López-Alt

  • 5:53 Sissy!

  • Wtf is cakeflour??

  • You lost me at "healthier"

  • Babish: "This thing clocks in around 2,400 calories." High Metabolism: "Who? I don't know her."

  • almost as bad as a bubble bass burger

  • Instructions unclear, I’m now drinking onion water...

  • Smh. If you wanted to try to be healthier, you could've just drank diet coke

  • Thicc Beeph.

  • Want

  • “The whole point of this country is if you want to eat garbage, balloon up to 600 lbs and die of a heart attack at 43, YOU CAN! You are free to do so. To me that’s beautiful.” -Ron Swanson

  • 7:30 Did you just spit it out?! Jk.

  • Honestly, remove the onion rings and add about half the burger patties' volume in sour or moderately spicy dill pickles, then pile half as many pickles more onto the chili fries, and you've got an ideal two days' worth of food for me. And of course, don't forget the bacon.

  • That looks lovely, but I'd have to eat it with like three other friends.

  • Can you open a restaurant with a bunch of movie creations?

  • I don't care if I am a nerd ( I actually am a nobody not a nerd)

  • i can't believe he didn't grow his own onions

  • i wish babish was my dad

  • Looks like something Nikocado Avocado would eat on a daily basis

  • You know its good when the onions on there own look good

  • Saying non GMOs is so stupid. We've genetically modified crops for hundreds of years, we wouldn't have many of the fruits and vegetables we do if we hadn't.

  • This ad in the beginning truly describes my lifestyle lol

  • Man every time im stoned i wanna eat this

  • Looks delicious, some people can eat the whole of that, it would take me a week.

  • Who needs Gordon Ramsey when you have this guy.

  • uptown funk

  • Babish has beautiful hands


  • I cried with laughter when Ann took Ron in for his physical and she demanded that Ron do a re-test because her notes said Ron was in the pinnacle of health despite his standard diet subsisting entirely of mass amounts of fatty animal protein and copious amounts of dark flavored alcohol. >This doesn't make any sense your report says your Cholesterol is perfect >What is Cholesterol?

  • Hamburgers of Kaz Miller

  • I heard that you can replace beer with club soda when making a frying batter.

  • Hehehe 2K calories nicee

  • time to add a jar of onion water to my fridge right next to the jar labeled "pasta water" and "chickpea can water"

  • Why aren’t you fat?

  • I can picture Paunch Burger being on Regular Show instead

  • I can't say Paunch without FALCON PAWNCHHHH

  • I hope this is the first step toward a Babish x J Kenji Lopez Alt collab

  • Parks and Rec was just a big satire on the American stereotype wasn’t it?

  • This sounds so unhealthy and i wanna eat it so bad, but I’d probably be so sick

  • Its 2400 calories. I know what im about, son.

  • That's a great advert

  • How much food have you wasted ?

  • cheese sauce for the burger?

  • I’m watching this video to make myself better after eating almost an entire batch of cookies today

  • Nobody is gonna talk about 4:15 with the “S”

  • onion water my favorite drink

  • Andrew, you neglected to show us how to make the fries

  • Can you do bobs bugher

  • Wait when did u change the name of the channel????

  • Yes yes the finest show for all the parents to learn how to make great food for our kids

  • is it just me or does that burger looking kinda T H I C C

  • Wish the Paunch Burger was from Regular Show

  • I got a binging with babish members mark ad

  • Anyone else get a Babish ad on the a babish video

  • A Nutritionist health tip: when consuming turmeric add pepper to help activate the anti-inflammatory properties.

  • WHAT no bacon

  • I feel like i gained weight watching this

  • It's not an official Paunch Burger if it doesn't come with a 512Oz "child size" soda. Lol.

  • "Members save an average of $32 on every order." The change in recording tells me someone was told to add that after the video was nearly finished. Not that it's a bad thing, quirks like that are just fun to spot.

  • You can never get that kind of ads in malaysia

  • "This thing clocks in at around 2400 calories" That thing is not dinner for breakfast that is dinner *and* breakfast

  • I have the exact same glass bowl

  • 3:20 BUFFALO!

  • I um....oh lord I can just feel my heart rip apart from just watching.


  • Babbish: I have been, and always shall be, your friend Onion Rings on Burgers: I know.

  • He didn’t have the shake

  • This makes my mouth water

  • my ears hurt from watching this...

  • Man he didn’t pounce on that giant yolk bite

  • happy

  • never watch babish videos and make the food step by step it will be your undoing watch the full video first then make it step by step

  • I'd have to reduce it to a single patty, add the bacon, leave out the ketchup. Probably add BBQ sauce and mayo, cuz, well that's what I like. :)

  • “Put it in your body, or you’re a nerd.” I don’t like the sound of that.

  • agt

  • Beef bandage sounds much better than the sanitary product I normally refer to it as ...

  • You americans. What the hell is "evaporated milk"?

    • Turns out its condensed milk... Well that's thousands of calories right there.

  • I made this with plant based meat and real meat and both of them taste good with his recipe

  • Lousiana hot sauce is what my blood is made of lol. Much love from Shreveport.


  • My mouth has become watery😂

  • this would be FIRE af when you're high. basically covers all the cravings. at once. in one meal. i love this.

  • Ok now make the Chemical Burger Master Miller’s masterpiece

    • Babish really should make Kaz's Burgers.

  • This episode is brought to you by J. kenji-Lopez Alt.

  • Going thru all babish videos. I missed this one. I must watch!

  • If you don’t fall asleep after eating all of this, you’re inhuman.

  • This should have been sponsored by Tums.

  • Burger

  • I love this episode of parks and rec

  • “A pathetic leaf of lettuce” 😭😭😭😭

  • How many calories? SHUT UP! *America in a nutshell*

  • That was actually a "Beef Diaper"... Why no Cumin in the Chili btw?

  • make food from the cartoon "chowder"!

  • I would make sweet love to that burger... possibly even buy it a ring and bring it home to mom

  • For a dynamic flavor, use that onion water to boil pasta for your spaghetti or mac n'cheese. It adds an umami flavor that is exciting and fresh!

  • If you call it a "beef bandage" again, I'm gonna turn vegan. Forced veganism is a fate worse than death, Babish... much worse than death.

  • YEAH BABY!!!! just what I need at 3 am for breakfast a 2 liter of MT DEW. Then I can work 14 hrs. And eat another for supper with a 1/2 gal. Whole Milk.

  • Put it in your body, or you're a nerd.

  • You’ve made Kevin’s chili and Michael’s pretzel. Would you explore Jan’s osso bucco? Angela’s magic cookie bars? Or Jim’s ham and cheese sandwich? I’m curious to see your twist on these :)