Binging with Babish: Fire Flakes from Avatar The Last Airbender

Avaldati 4 aug 2020
Sokka's appetite betrays him during his visit to the fire nation when a tempting-looking snack, dubbed 'flaming fire flakes', turn out to be spicy. Whaddaya know. This week, we're manifesting the firebenders' chips of choice using an innovative recipe from ChefSteps, a little creativity, and some tingly-spicy Sichuan peppercorns!
ChefSteps recipe:
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  • Starting a Parks & Rec Trilogy next week, counting down to the new kitchen reveal! First up: The Paunch Burger


  • Can I say I'm just a bit jealous of your dehydrator?

  • I have learned to enjoy Takis, but I don't like all the preservatives and such. I actually really rather want to make these. (I'm not typically a fan of spicy foods, or, at least, I didn't used to be.)

  • "up the spice content" That's called normal..atleast for me.

  • That looks cool,might start watching avatar.

  • Making some cannabis wax Babish? Haha

  • His reaction to the flakes turning out well was actually really wholesome.

  • The most s in a video

  • Can you dehydrated the mixture in the oven if you don’t have a dehydrator?

  • Lmao that just looks like regular corn flakes

  • You have your own commercial/ad 😁😁😁 yay!!!! Good for you man I'm happy to see you growing. I'm so proud for you!

  • I want this music as much as I want those fire flakes. Am I gonna go buy a dehydrator just so I can make them... No... I'll just watch this video again and dream.

  • Even in the USA, everyone knows Takis is better.

  • In south India this is called vadavam/vathal/vadam (and some other names)...its like pretty common.

  • I'd eat a bowl of that for breakfast

  • Takis are trash. They are just heat and no flavor

  • I always thought Fire Flakes were Dried Sliced Chili Peppers

  • Wish I actually had a dehydrator

  • AKA Paapad

  • Cornflakes ✨ but with paprika✨

  • any alternatives for the dehydrator?

  • you should make Abbachio’s “Tea” >:D

  • Ok this episode was cute lol

  • So, just curious, can these be bagged for a later occasion and if so, how long until they’re bad?

  • the forbidden corn flakes

  • The fact that no one is mentioning how he pronounced "saucepan" is terrible.

  • Talkis are better There I have started the war

  • Jesus christ, how much is that dehydratorantor

  • I like the corn flake version the best

  • I think you had it show accurate the first time with corn flakes and Cayenne pepper lol 0:43

  • that shit puffed up SO QUICKLY WTF

  • This was actually really nice. I personally recommend adding habenero powder if you want to kick up the spiciness.

  • I'm never gonna make this. Pls just put it in a bag and sell it to me.

  • Why don’t you place ads on your channel

  • I know shouldt laugh 🤣 must be spicy

  • make food from the cartoon "chowder"!

  • This looks almost as good as iroh in season 3.

  • Like the idea!!!!!!!, but maybe adding chipotle powder to the recipe can give it some more color and smokiness (I know you tried to keep it oriental and understand that you tried to keep it as close as the show as possible :))

  • "Pop out your biggest dehydrator in your house". For starters, I don't have half the spice xD

  • I've never needed or used a dehydrator before but after this episode I kind of want one!

  • make unfried dough

  • Leaves from the vine, falling so slow...

  • "Saucepin"

  • Weed rat stew from Shrek

  • Unfried dough?

  • Binging with babish and Mythical chef Josh do a collaboration video please

  • I just started watching avatar the last air bender and I’m at book 2 and episode 9 and I see this in my recommendation

  • Best Cartoon ever!!!!!!!!!!

  • We have this in india I am Telugu we call vadeyalu

  • Your recipe sucks they have tried fire flakes in India simple and Tasty. Its called Makka poha namkeen. The thing you tried to make is called chawal ke papad, I used to make it with my mom when I was a kid.

  • How dare you trick me with cornflakes in the beginning as your final product..

  • Lmao “this is a very very funny joke”

  • I thought fire flakes were chili flakes

  • Who has a dehydrator but not a deep fart fryer

  • Okay guess it time to buy a dehidrator.

  • Yes of course, the dehydrator that I keep in my kitchen.

  • Kalenutsco from leavened of korra

  • Why didn't you toast those spices?

  • Flameo my good hotman

  • Babish: Only cook ever to describe a spice as homogenus

  • When i was a kid i thought it was just a fck ton of chilli flakes

  • He didn’t even need to go through all that trouble corn flakes and cayenne pepper all ready did it

  • god i love munchos thank u for shouting them out

  • Just add shin ramen soup powder for more spice.

  • I want to eat that

  • looks like frosty flakes

  • Just made these and omg these taste sooo good!! Thank you so much for the recipe, I will definitely keep making these!

  • What about the flakes having a similar spice to big red gum

  • Madelines Strawberry pies from the game Celeste

  • You know i always thought fire flakes were a candy

  • me eating hot cheetos and watching this: 👁👄👁

  • Irish’s jasmine tea

  • pretty please do the pies from the air nation that they throw on the monks heads

  • Spicy Frosted Flakes

  • anyone else only gets add with babish when watching his videos

  • We call that papad in India. Go to any indian store and get the paprika version

  • I love this

  • "grab the biggest dehydrator you have in your house." wait I dont have a dehydrator

  • If you sell that , I will buy and eat it.

  • I would lovveee to see him do water tribe noodles from legend of Korra

  • Dude, I got your ad on your video!

  • Just finished the series in 3 days, Netflix keeps saying to me that the show would be available until September 30.

  • That's Called papad and it's originated in India and best made there too

    • @Nick Miller But there's made the same way, Dried out and fried for final serve

    • I think papad is pretty different from this though. It reminds me more of chicharrones


  • Next avatar episode: Cabbages from avatar the last airbender

  • That actually sounds really appetizing

  • Noo

  • hot cheetos > takis

    • xxtra hot cheetos > hot cheetos

  • In Indonesia it's called kerupuk and we love em

  • Wanna hear something oddly funny to me? I got a Binging with Babish ad on this video-

  • ie mah ngajien kripik beling

  • I'd add a ton of red food dye so that your brain knows that they're hot before you start eating them

  • Gordon Ramsay: olive oil Babish: kosher salt

  • The mad lad actually did it

  • wAmMu

  • No one: Babish: K O S H E R

  • Looks like he was making cbd oil

  • "Bust out the buggest dehydrator you have in the house." Me: "a what?"

  • Y’know, I was thinking around the second to last time he said flaming hot fire flakes “if I hear him say it again, I’ll love this channel dearly” and I guess I have to uphold that now