Indian Breads (feat. Floyd Cardoz) | Basics with Babish

Avaldati 10 okt 2019
Chef Floyd Cardoz joins me on Basics with Babish as we make 3 different Indian breads: naan, roti, and lachha paratha.
Visit Floyd's restaurant:
Ingredients & Shopping List:
+ For the naan:
5 cups all purpose flour
1 tsp active dry yeast (with a little warm water)
1/2 Tbsp sugar (for yeast)
1 tsp sugar
1 tsp salt
1 cup water (and more as needed)
Vegetable oil
Flaky sea salt
+ For the roti and lachha paratha:
Whole wheat flour
Oil or ghee
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  • I finally found a man with a voice more soothing than mine.

    • U can add stuffing in paratha Like radishes potato etc

    • They said it couldn't be done

    • SPEAK UP BABISH!!! Why are you talking so funny? Quit it. Talk normal !!!haha♡

    • You need to look into Parotta, very famous in Southern India.

    • I could listen to an Indian accent from damn near anyone all day. It’s so lyrical and soothing.

  • RIP Floyd

  • That is not bread it's roti and chapathi

  • we have a new champion for calming voice

  • Wow this was an awesome video and now I really want to try those.

    • I just realized Who he is that he passed D: RIP

  • Babish, who wears gloves all the time: some people at home are probably scared to get their hands dirty

  • 🤦and here we get bored of ' India 💁🤦🤦

  • Nobody eats parathas with cheese. What's wrong with this guy?

  • First 3 minutes are a waste. Video starts at: 3:13

  • In order to bake the best Indian bread, you have to make it in a tradional clay oven

  • It just means 'eat roti'

  • Cultural appropriation

  • Roti with jam and butter and roll it like cigar my fav 😍😍😍 Eat it almost every day at breakfast 🥐😋

  • Actual name of so called Latcha paratha is "Malabar Porotta". North Indians changed the Kerala dish name to Latcha paratha...pity

  • Note: Traditional naan uses yogurt and no yeast. But if you're lactose intolerant, who's stopping you from using yeast?

  • They didnt cook bitch lasagna unsubbed

  • With all due respect, that's not naan. And roti is left to cook more on the pan before putting it directly on the flame. I would love to show you how naan is made in india

  • I hoped he washed his hand before making the bread lol

  • This was the very first babish video I watched, came to revisit and and get hearbroken RIP Floyd

  • naan doesn't use yest

  • You should try the puri , bhatture and kulcha

  • He failed to make lacha parota

  • Those breads aren’t Indian they were born in NYC

  • rip floyd

  • I find it so wierd you mention that people don't want to work dough by hand. I grew up on flour tortillas is Texas and so it just feels like "what you do" when you make dough!

  • "Getting Ur hands dirty" Americans and many western countries refer to this statement when they're asked to eat food by hand... How can food be dirty...dirt is's food...!!! We're consuming it..what's wrong in touching it with hands.... U wash Ur hands it's gone..!!!! The people from all the Asian countries know that eating with hand has its unique feel..

    • @MYN lol that's not what I meant. Use your head

    • @Ellotherem8 ya..hands and shirt , both are same ? Ur logic blows my mind.

    • Spill ketchup on your shirt. Your shirt is now dirty. No dirt. Boom. English.

  • Hi what frosted cling film wrap did you use? ...does the wrap dissolve in water?

  • I can't believe Binging with Babish taught me how to make Chapati😀

  • Can anyone explain the difference between naan and laffa?

  • This man understands indian food

  • Randomly stumbled on this video while binging your channel, I did not know you made a video with Floyd. What a great loss for our culinary industry.

  • Shame I can’t ask anymore but if american flour particularly gluttenous, could you replace it with some proportion of cake flour?

  • Itss so sad 😭😭 the person teaching us now is no more

  • I don’t really know this chef but still RIP.

  • He's so softly spoken. What a pleasure to listen to him explain everything

  • RIP Floyd🙏

  • Flaky roti is the best!!

  • Take the damn watches off 🙈

  • Rumali Roti is my fav ❤ best with butter chicken mmm

  • Paratha is the best of the three, no contest. 🤤♥️

  • Rest easy chef Floyd 😔🙏❤️

  • നുമ്മട പൊറോട്ട അല്ലെ ദിത്...

  • Living in oklahoma my bread comes out better on a rainy day with my home having an internal temp of 80 degrees.

  • Roti is an everyday food made in Indian house as a regular food almost every day. Naan or Lacha paratha is occasional food. Not made regularly at home.

  • Saw your Ranch commercial.

  • You won't get married because your rotis are not perfectly round.

  • I'll have naan of that.

  • Chef Floyd Cardoz left us all succumbing to COVID. May he rest in peace.

  • R.I.P Floyd. Great chef!!

  • The first one is not Naan it's puri

  • Nothing like an indian naan

  • How he says ghee is so funny

  • How he say tandor is so funny for an indian (I am an Indian)

  • Bro I'm Indian and just so you know we eat roti every meal (except any special day) with different sabji (vegetable in hindi) or dal (pulses in hindi)

  • 3:14

  • first heating roti on the pan and then putting it on direct flame is the genuine way of making it, thats the only way you make it and it puff up...

  • That is not naan

  • He fucked the roti🤣🤣

  • My sister in-law is from Trinidad and Tobago and she makes us delicious roti all the time when she makes curry chicken or lamb 🥰


  • you know it authentic indian recipe as long as he wearing his wedding ring while beating the dough

  • As somebody with severe IBS I want to host my Desi friends but I can cook with traditional flours what can I do to make Naan and Lachha? Should I use glutinous rice flour for the Lachha??

  • White people making brown people food

  • The so called indian chef that is in this vdo doesn't kh know even I Indian cooking because the breads that he had made were totally prepared in a wrong way just because I am an Indian and I live in New Delhi

  • my mom makes it better than this chef

  • Roti is normal bread


  • I'm def an American who likes to do things by hand lol

  • This is totally different from the original version. Come to India to eat the actual Nan and roti

    • dude every city is going to have its own version. there is no 'original version' only 'original versionS'

  • Every Indian knows that the naan made in this video is not the real naan

  • Rest In Power Floyd Cardoz :(

  • I am a indian

  • You guys should try Puri and less known Plain Triangular paratha

  • the roti dint rise... fail..

  • That roti..needs to swell. That wasn't a well done roti. But anyways, someone explained we don't have naan all the time

  • Sorry its not a authentic naan

  • That's the worst naan I've ever seen

  • yaar gharo me mast roti/phulke bante ha..mast gol gol phoole phoole.... roti wasnt good :( :-/ and u add salt in atta if u have to, not after cooking it :-/

  • That nan is a Turkish/middle eastern food 😑

  • this man is doin it wrong

  • Inferiority complex is when an indian has a fake accent and calls rotis bread to please white people.

  • अबे रोटी बोल ना ब्रेड भारतीय नहीं खाते

  • It’s called rotli you white boys


  • there are around 10 different types of India bread

    • More.

    • or more

  • Naan?

  • “You have to feel your food.” Got it. *sticks hands in boiling water and bubbling oil to feel my food*

    • Hmm....... It's kinda hot and my fingers feel a bit warm too....

    • Bruh..

  • Wow, I enjoyed this lesson on naan soo much. RIP chef floyd loved this video, thank you for your teachings.

  • Nana tbh not bad considering no equipment. But roti was sad to look at it did not puff up at all (hence he said his wife makes it better lol). RIP.........hope u doing the same thing in heaven cooking for the gods as you did for us.

  • Popen flame cooking is unhealthy

  • Roti is the best tasting coz it is the most unhealthy

  • These are an abomination in the name of naan and roti. used OIL??? i can make a better naan using an old steam cooker.

  • In Bangladesh, we have all three of these breads, but in slightly changed forms. Our 'roti', or we call it 'ruti', does not use any oil in it; and we use boiling water to make the dough. And the 'lassa paratha' recipe is just the same, but we use white flour. It's nice to see how every culture has so much in common :)

  • I fell asleep, hungry.

  • Just heard about Floyd, man this hurts to see a great chef pass away,but his legacy will live on forever,rest in peace

  • Its actually native american bread

  • I know that Floyd Cardoz has died but I just cen't get over the Ring he wears while kneading the dough. I am sorry it is just that my teacher was really strict about such things, had cooking lessons in school.

  • i love CHABATTIII lol .. u should try it cuz its really good!

  • And methi thapla another herb roti from india

  • The volume of the music is too loud, please half it's volume. As a guidline, you want the volume of the music be a quarter of the volume of the quetest voice, or even lower than that.