Binging with Babish: Glazed Pork Chops from Apex Legends

Avaldati 29 okt 2019
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This week, we're exploring a hotly-requested video game easter egg: Mirage's beloved glazed pork chops from Apex Legends. Sneakily included in one of the game's loading screens, this recipe goes from awful to wonderful to downright delectable...but difficult to look at. Don't understand what I mean? Watch the video ya big silly!
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  • I know this sounds silly, but thank you so much for cooking the pork chops to medium-rare! I live in the US and I have been doing it all my life, and people ALWAYS think I'm absolutely insane. I really wish a bad stigma didn't follow it so closely. It's their loss, though, because they are absolutely delicious this way!

  • Make the Team Fortress 2 Sandvitch next or Maybe the Ham Shank?

  • Titanfall 2 is the superior version of apex legends.

  • I saw water in minecraft , you should make that next.

    • Water in a bucket would taste amazing paired with lava

  • nobody is questioning how this man measures milliliters on a scale? truly americans struggle so much when using the correct units

  • I feel like someone must've accidentally miswrote the original recipe as 15g instead of 15mg.

  • Babish: cat like reflexes at the ready Me: like you didn’t just drop that pineapple before

  • Why would knowingly waste food

  • I think you should make the seafood cake from PaRappa the Rapper. Thanks.

  • Trichonosis

  • why are you using a scale for the liquid ingredients while talking about milliliters? This makes no sense. Last time I checked, scales measure weight, not volume.

  • Mirage after Babish tries the first recipe: "You got bamboozled look at you"

  • Unfortunately

  • 6k comment

  • Is cinnamon, clove and pineapple that unique? It seems like standard ham prep in some places.

  • Why are you weighing milliliters, it's a volume measurement not a weight measurement?

  • Now I dont know a dang thing about Alex legend's or mirage the character but is that sonic???

  • Babish, if you have time I would like your advice. I made the babish version but made some changes. The glaze was too vinegary for my taste buds and didn't thicken up very well. What changes would you suggest I try for the glaze? Everything else was yummy.

  • Really enjoy the chanel. But.... this is the metric system: 100 ml of honey (or any ingredient, except water, where the quantity is given in ml) should be mesured in volume and you are weighing it?

  • If you used your immersion heater to keep your sweet potatoes at exactly the right temperature for a long time, you wouldn't need to sweeten them because the amylase would have gotten glucose out of the starch for you.

  • bone in pork chops is a redundant statement as a chop without a bone becomes a steak.

  • Why’d you throw that pineapple away? You missed a taste experience!

  • Best meal I have made in my lifetime.

  • Peppa Pig: Where's Mommy pig and Daddy pig

  • sauce p'n

  • So this is what victory actually tastes like

  • Hey this isnt binging with babish, this is gaming with babish.

    • B a b i s h c u l i n a r y u n i v e r s e

  • "Pink and orange and brown are just not colours that you really want to see together on your plate." Um, excuse me? Those are 3 of the tastiest colours.

  • Maybe the recipe in the loading screen was meant as a joke. They must've known what that many cloves tastes like!

  • a pig died for the first one

  • 3:04

  • C H O P

  • The second recipe has 10 mg more mustard and honey, and the same amount of maple syrup as the first one.

  • Hate to be picky, but millilitres and milligrams are not the same. mLs are volume and mgs are weight. You cant measure millilitres on a scale.

  • A Video game shows a recipe in the background Me: "Ah, that's a neat aesthetic. Good game design." Most people I guess (? if the designers have to clear it up on Twitter): "OMFG I'VE GOTTA COOK THIS NOW!"

  • is their any way to not use the mustard i really don’t like that lol

  • Millilitres are volumetric not weight. I'm not understanding your use of the scale.

  • I want you to do curry recipes inspired by Pokémon Sword and Shield. Curry is my favorite food and Pokémon Sword and Shield are my favorite video games.

  • Mirage making babish cooking any awful amount of cloves Mirage: you got bamboozled

  • Here because he is my apex main

  • Love the Alton Brown reference. Would love to see you guys do a collaboration when the pandemic is over.

  • Too much sugar for me!

  • Mirage is my favorite and i tried the revised version and now its my favorite glaze

  • I made this for my family.

  • 03:45 that’s actually a regular whisk and normal large mixing bowl, Babish is just a large guy

  • Medium rare pork? That's a cysticercosis fest waiting to happen

  • If you enjoy sweet potatoes your mom dropped you and smoked and used every drug possible when you were in the womb

  • Hey Babish,the voice acter for Mirage is also the voice acter of Kyle crane from dying light

  • I love how even though its bad its still better than what i can cook no matter what

  • Got a Babish Ranch ad, I did not skip to support our beautiful bald boy.

  • Wraith looks like speed o sound sonic change my mind.

  • Friend's GF who I used to share my flat with, had a recipe for a roast of some sort. It said "Cloves x1". She was sure that one single clove would never be enough, so she chucked in a whole pack. Just salad for dinner was also okay :')

  • Nice beard no homo

  • I'm a little disturbed that he has measured millilitres on a scale... That only works for water. A gram of honey won't be the same as a ml.

  • 0:39, u are saying ml but are using a weighing scale, ml is volume, not weight

  • You need black plates bro

  • I love that he didn't get anything on himself UNTIL he was eating. Perfect.

  • Is it just me or does he waste shit ton of food just for the show?

  • Who knew even video game recipes for food can also be updated with necessary nerfs?

  • thanks now I'm Hungry >:(

  • ım soo sad that mirages recipe tastes like shit

  • Thanks babish for making food from my favorite videogame!

  • The 15 grams of cinnamon and cloves was probably supposed to be 15 milligrams... "A small pinch" is about that. Units are very important.

  • Anyone else want to see him go on masterchef?

  • Can you do the sandwich from tf2

  • The first one was caustics recepie

  • Why would you put sweet things on meat This just seems like a crime

    • glazed porkchops are pretty common

  • There should be a series called babish revisited

  • Do kaz bugger from metal gear solid 5 the phantom pain

  • Next up,Team Fortress 2 Heavy’s Sandwich

  • Says millilitres. Measures weight. Maybe knows the density of mustard and honey?

  • There’s a reason you have to cook pork well-done: Worms... trichinosis causing worms.

    • those don't even sound pleasant.

  • Saucepn

  • "Errant pineapple", band name, dibs

  • I don’t get it... why 15 grammes? Is that wnat the revised recipe said? Mirage told us just a pinch of both

  • Mirage

  • we want family feast from RE7

  • Who else thought it said marge from Simpson’s accidentally

  • that first dish bamboozled babish

  • Why does americans eating raw meat?

  • I just saw an ad that said are 5g towers dangerous

  • hold up where did he get this recipe cause' the in game one (it's in a loading screen) is not the in game one that he's using

    • One of the devs revised it on Twitter I think

  • EA ruins everything. No surprise that they ruins the pork chop recipe.

  • He's measuring millilitres. Using a weighing scale. I..

    • @fish yeah I agree with that. but that small thing is still quite irksome, personally.

    • @Sarthak Cooking isn't an exact science, the flavor is probably similar enough that it doesn't really matter.

    • @fish i mean for dijon mustard? i'd guess it has a slightly higher density than water and for honey.. well he should've added 145 grams but if he went by 1ml=1g, he only added 100 grams- quite a bit less.

    • @Sarthak The imperial system has nothing to do with metric. In metric a millileter of water equal a gram of water, so unless you're measuring mercury or some shit grams will be accurate enough for cooking.

    • @fish They... what? the actual fuck? If you're using water, then yes, as it has a density of 1g/ml BUT IS A POUND EQUAL TO A GALLON? ONE IS MASS AND THE OTHER IS VOLUME!!!

  • If u know its going to suck why are u wasting 2 chops if u could have just used one

  • The revised one is actually made by the voice actor of mirarge. The banner/opening screen one is from the creator

  • Babish at Thanksgiving His uncle: this sauce is amazing, where did you find the recipe? Babish: it's...complicated

  • Who else watches bwb just because of his shining head

  • i wanna eat this

  • looking at the recipe right now in game and it just says a pinch of spices lmao

  • Cutting the fat cap doesn't prevent it from contracting, it prevents it from contracting in its full intact form, it still contracts, you just cut a line in it for fuck's sake

  • I mean I guess olive oil is vegetable oil

  • “Hot things are hot” hmm yes the heat here is made out of heat.

  • Mirage: I loves his pork chops Binging: I wonder if he loves my pork chops Me: I wonder who makes his pork chops?

  • Honestly, I think the onscreen recipe might have had a typo. Maybe it was supposed to be 15mg each cinnamon and clove?

  • Kyle crane

  • Okay but like. He knew the first “glaze” was going to be awful so why did he do 2 chops with it?

  • My aunt made this one time

  • Coming up next: Bangalore's mentioned "Lead" from Apex Legends.

  • Not gonna lie man that looks fu#*ing delicious