Binging with Babish: Enchiladas from Schitt's Creek

Avaldati 8 sept 2020
This week we're celebrating the 200th episode of Binging with Babish with...a pretty normal episode, since I didn't realize it was the 200th until someone pointed it out to me on Reddit! So we'll just pretend that I wanted to be lowkey about it. I had been looking forward to this one for a while, mostly because well, I love enchiladas. The Rose "family recipe" involving the folding of cheese could only mean one thing: a queso drizzled over top the spicy little parcels before getting all browned and bubbly in the oven. Sign me up.
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  • Broken cheese.

  • put some "frijoles refritos" inside the enchilada, trust me its good.

  • i sleep to this

  • Other people: Oh no it’s going to be smoky in the house now Me being a hispanic: Oh i didn’t even notice the smoke

  • Why do you Americans always use this 'kosher salt'? I never even see it for sale in the UK. And no I won't google it

  • These arent enchiladas

  • That sauce actually looks just like my Mexican mom makes.

  • Did he just say “gua-he-Lo” and not “gua-he-yo”? 🤣😂😆

  • 5:13...did you lick the cheese off??

  • Half of the jokes on Schitt’s Creek are just, “Haha! Character said word funny! Epic lol!”

  • Please make semla from one piece.big mom fav food

  • *reads title* Oh yeah Schitt’s creek I got stuck there once or twice

  • A movie I enjoy has a scene with a guy running to the bathroom yelling “those damn enchiladas!” One day I’ll make these solely for the chance to casually use that line

  • "...Pick out the seeds and stems..." 1:09


  • This was awesome and it looks delicious!!!


  • You need an app I’d use it all the time !

  • What does burning smell like?

  • It gave me a lot of laugh how he pronounced enchiladas haha greetings from Argentina

  • Thank you for the videos! Any thought on recreating "The GutBuster" from Malcolm in the Middle?

  • seeds dont hold most of the heat. its actually the white pith thats connected to the seeds that provides the heat

  • Anybody else high rn?

  • Elvira- tic tac cake

  • so much dribble

  • Your making this fancy stuff while I’m craving hamburger helper

  • That boiling liquid has a lot of important flavors. should had been boiled down, concentrated then added to the blender

  • This is what we call (at least in the south of Mexico) "enchiladas suizas". 🤔 Never knew how or why this enchiladas got Switzerland nationality 😅

  • Something feels so internally hypocritical about me watching gourmet cooking while I eat cookie dough bites in bed

  • I once made authentic Jamaican Jerk Pork!! I was only using a smallish piece of pork about 2kg and the marinade called for 1-4 habaneros but to be authentic at least 12 so of course I used about 15!! Now it did taste absolutely amazing but the heat was out of this world!! My stomach started to go cold inside like I had just eaten ice and I thought oh this can't be good. Then the room started to tilt like I was drunk and I thought this is definitely not good lol!! I only shared this story because of the comment about see things that aren't there hot chilli lol

  • Look like I be sending this video to my brother if we're able to make it for dinner on the weekend.

  • Until last week, I had never seen Schitt's Creek. Now I have binged all six seasons and the special Twice. It is phenomenal. So I am especially glad to see this recipe because that episode with David and Moira trying to figure out how to fold cheese in was hilarious!!! Side Note: My Mom (RIP) last year was having her birthday party. She invited her favorite nurse to the party and asked me to make some enchiladas for her. I should have asked why (old people can be obtusely funny). I made chicken enchiladas AND a vegetarian version just in case. When I brought the food in, Mom was so excited. and when Maria and her husband got there, my Mom proudly proclaimed that "her baby" made "some Mexican food for her." Needless to say, I was embarrassed and mortified. Turns out, Maria hadn't asked for enchiladas. My Mom thought there should be some food at the party that would make Maria "more comfortable." Meanwhile, Maria and her hubby were eating all the collard greens, cobbler and fried chicken I had also brought. 😐 Mom was crazy and I miss her. 😇

  • He's doing the bounce the knife thing, means its a recipe to try lol

  • Ive been requesting this since u were a smaller channel 😫

  • David: That looks easy enough. Did you do that? Moira (sad straight stare): ...No

  • I love Schitt’s Creek!!

  • Forget folding the cheese, SAVE THAT PEPPER!

  • /screams internally in BajaMex

  • KitchenAid + paddle attachment shreds chicken in seconds.

  • I'm from Puebla and I'm so happy you love Chile poblano. You should try the Chile en nogada is really good if you do it right and for dessert a Mollete poblano is a sweet bread fill with coconut, pineapple and creme with a sweet crust.

  • Next time try Muenster cheese, that’s what everyone I know uses

  • this looked soooooooo good that i'm going to make these for a "Family Dinner" this Thursday....will certainly post an update and let you how it goes.

    • Well, dinner was a Smashing Success....That Sauce was "out of this world" although I think I used too many peppers; however it still turned out fantastic...… Babish, you Sir are a Genius when it comes to recreation and believe me it IS EVERY BIT AS GOOD AS IT LOOKS ! Thanks for a success, will definitely make some more of your "recipes" in the future !

  • God I miss being able to eat dairy so much

  • Mr.Babish I've been a fan of yours since 2017 I hope you do this for your 8 million subs video you should do foods from the big bang theory like spaghetti with hotdogs,Thai take outs,Deathstar Cake, Some of the in the you read this and hope you do this thank you

  • When it's still called Binging With Babish... :^(

  • anyone who doesn't put some sort of meat/protein in an enchilada and just fills it with cheese is a psychopath.

  • Knowing spanish is super weird when people make these kinds of recipes bc all I hear is that I need cheese to cook cheese to make cheese; or that the red sauce is, in fact, red sauce.

  • make food from the cartoon "chowder"!

  • D A V I D

  • you lost me on the ads in the middle of your show. next video.

  • We call them Enchiladas "Suizas" over here, why? I don't have an answer, yeah... On a side note, one of the chiles at the beginning goes by the name "Morita", again, no fucking clue why.

  • Man my mom used to make these all the time. Brings back nice memories.

  • Can you do west wing hot pumpkin soup cheese gnocchis and chèvre brioche on "on the day before" pleaseeeee

  • Thank you for not excluding the recovery of the stray chile, I was really hoping it wouldn't cut to it just being gone

  • I just binge watched your first video. Girl, your husband makes you on your toes, doesn’t he? He’s cute. You’re cuter. Lol you are my new goddess of Mexican goddess

  • Weed rat stew from Shrek

  • My fiancée makes some mean chicken enchiladas, but I guess yours look good too~ ;)

  • Do you have a recipe for someone allergic to chilis? I'm allergic to capsaicin so the only peppers I can eat are bell peppers. I've had a red bell pepper enchilada sauce once in a restaurant, but could never figure out how to replicate it. I'd love a good recipe

  • Basically Mexican lasagna.

  • Loved it

  • Thank god shits creek is finally over

  • Ew, David!

  • schitts creek is such a great show! I love that I can make this enchilada recipe from the show!


  • Ew, David!

  • Almost perfect, the only small detail I would have added would be fresh diced scallions at the end, they add the perfect and well needed textural crunch to the mostly smooth and creamy dish. Love your videos man.

  • Honduran crema? We just called it mantequilla

  • Love that you used Queso De Oaxaca we natives call it Qes-si-o or Que-cio

  • You need an "anime" playlist

  • homie boiled chicken im done

  • Do the beef jerky from Workaholics

  • I felt sexually attracted to that dish as soon as he poured on the queso. 😂

  • WELP, don't over do it when you dry roast the chilies. Now all the air in my apartment is Extra Spicy(TM).

  • I live in rural Australia mate. You should suggest alternatives to things other places/countries are not gonna have, like those peppers.

  • I love how queso de papa, could be translated into english as daddy's cheese

  • needs raw diced white onions, grilled onions, and cilantro :)

  • “Shits Creek”

  • Omg this is stupid but I was watching this video anyways before it started I got an ad and it was a binging with babish ad AND THAN THIS PLAYED I'm scared

  • That red sauce looks fuggin fantastic... Especially when your used to having the shit in the can from the "Hispanic" aisle of your typical supermarket, that almost never has anything truly Hispanic stocked down it .

  • This man is the reason I passed my finals (the cooking part)

  • Aaayyyeee crema Hondureña 💙🇭🇳

  • My mom has watch this so many times if I hear that theme song one more time I will literally kill someone

  • I'm shocked he didn't make his own tortillas

    • @ChickenLord123 Andy from How to Make Everything is gonna have a blast with Babish.

  • Queso de papa, good cheese

  • Me making enchiladas: This is gonna be hard to do "Say sorry to the neighbors and roast them until their exteriors are fully blackened." Me: Sorry John but when a man gotta eat, he's gotta eat.

  • It was ALMOST going to be like real enchiladas, sans the bechamel cheese sauce. there is no ORANGE cheese on enchiladas.

  • By "fold in the cheese", that just means they were making Cheese Enchiladas, not making a queso. Cheese enchiladas are enchiladas whose only filling is cheese (as you might have guessed). That recipe was instructing the cook to fold the tortillas around the cheese. Queso belongs at least 1,000 miles away from enchiladas according to an old Mexican restraining order. Queso is an unorthodox component of Mexican cuisine that originated somewhere in Northern California by some non-Mexican person, undoubtedly.

    • They are very clearly talking about folding that cheese into the pot that he's stirring, so your theory doesn't really make sense. That being said, it's Moira's recipe so odds are that it's not exactly authentic Mexican cuisine.

  • Tried making it twice, exactly as he said to... it smelt amazing but tasted horrible. I wonder where I screwed up.

  • When's the kitchen tour going to happen?!

  • do a creamy white sauce chicken enchiladas

  • Interesting I've been making enchiladas for year's heck I made some yesterday and I never thought about frying the corn tortillas a bit first I was thought by my mom and grandma to heat up the corn tortillas first on either a pan or stove

  • As a mexican I always enjoyed the uhh ... “casserole dish” twist on enchiladas, just smothered with cheese lol, I could really go either way. :)

  • Please: gua-hee-yo not gua-hill-oh.

  • What's Honduran crema

  • Hey, Latino fam...does this recipe pass?

  • Instead of the bechamel, I would have used Queso Fresco to make it more traditional. Although really traditional enchiladas would use Salsa Verde instead. Either way, yours look great.

  • Those are mexican cannellonis

  • Can anyone tell me what kind of knife The Babish is using here? Looks sort of like a cross between a cleaver and a chef's knife, and I am INTO it.

  • Why does he hold his fork like that? What a gronk