Binging with Babish: $5 Shake from Pulp Fiction

Avaldati 15 okt 2019
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This week, Babish takes a turn for the sweet and opulent as we explore the possibilities of a $5 milkshake. Or rather, the lack thereof: there aren't many ways to inflate the price of a plain vanilla shake, outside of simply being served in an overpriced theme restaurant in LA. So let's see just how expensive we can make this sucker!
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  • Moral of the story: add a shot of bourbon or cognac to your milkshake sometime. If you're of age. And not driving. And not lactose intolerant. And not taking the boss's wife out on a date with a bag of horse that she might mistake for coke.

  • That's too much bs for a milkshake ._.

  • that bottle is 3,599.99 currently

  • My hometown has a local ice cream parlor, and a milkshake from them is worth about $’s a pretty good shake

  • That’s the only way THE only way you know how to add more value

  • pj masks

  • Woah we have the exact same milkshake glasses

  • You just need a fork lol

  • okay I DON'T get the edible gold thing, everyone's so obsessed with putting gold in/on food but what's the point if it doesn't add to the taste? there are other ways to make things pretty...

    • just try it

    • its pretty,, i have a bunch and its kinda like adding rose petals to your bath, its stupid but it makes you happy

  • That was some chonky milk

  • Our milkshakes here cost 10 dollars lol

    • Grace .C lmao I silently cry for my account everytime I buy one.

    • right? i hate it



    • plz kiss me babish, I miss love

  • Red Robin be like 👁👄👁

  • Att roughly 3:51 when he pulls the thermometer out of the mixture, if you listen to the song in the background you can hear a cord change, I wanna know the cords in the order they're played

  • When you BUY ice cream, what’s your favorite brand?

  • Everyone talking about how he got his hands on expensive booze while I'm here trying to find out how the fuck he opened the box (06:19)

  • cute

  • I'm sure it took you many trial and error phases to get the tempered eggs just right, and even then, based on the first attempt in the video, it must be really easy to screw up.

  • Omg I just got a Babish add while watching this

  • 0:19 $5? A bottle of water costs nearly that much these days

  • guys that's not his girlfriend that's just vinny wearing a wig duh

  • From my understanding of the comment section. Having a girlfriend is a flex. Interesting

  • That milkshake looked WAY too liquidy

  • I feel like if the person that crafted that bottle of Louis the 13th was still alive today and saw this video, he would probably be pretty bummed about it.

  • I'm just waiting for him to make the whole meal that Butch's wife had for breakfast! (blueberry pie to go with the pancakes)

  • $4-8 is pretty average for milkshakes sadly :(

  • Aaawww the milkshake sharing bit was really wholesome!

  • That was fucking adorable

  • ah a lactose intolerant's dream

  • I'm glad you mentioned that edible gold is immoral but disappointed you went through with it anyway

  • Girlfriend!! Food, cognac and girlfriend!! Jk she looks really nice.

  • This was my first binging with babish episode

  • I jus got a babish ad on a babish video

  • This milkshake brought his girlfriend to the yard. And she's like, it's more expensive than yours. He taught us, and didn't even charge.

  • Well part of the price is labor.

  • Hey babish can I have that Louie the 13th box?

  • Ahhh god!! , I'm allergic to eggs , so unlucky that i can't even think of eating majority of those fancy foods...

  • We all know shes with him cause of the $$$$

  • Been flexed on so hard Even pulled out the girlfriend at the end Adding a pinch of kosher salt to the wound

  • Still salty that they didn’t danced at the end

  • But can you make a Royale with Cheese?

  • She do be pretty though

  • I was fortunate enough to have 2 glasses of Louis XIII cognac in 2018 while on a business trip in China

  • You need to spend at least $100-200 on a Hamilton beach mixer to get a decent one. The older the better. Those $40 ones on Amazon are trash.

  • If you ever want a truly expensive milkshake there's a little cafe in downtown portsmouth new hampshire that has a 8$ milkshake

  • He has his own Uma Thurman

  • donkey Achievement unlocked: New low!

  • I did it with Rum, and it's gloriously tasty.

  • Am I The Only One Who Wants Babish To Make The Belly Sweller From Ollies Pack, I'll Subscribe To Your Channel

  • I love pulp fiction

  • I'm very excited that the paperback version of his book comes out next week!!! Just put in my pre-order.

  • im thinking about the dollar conversion in my country and jesus, thats expensive xD

  • That moment where they pecked each other on the cheek made my heart melt SO WHOLESOME

  • Since this episode I've been mixing a little whiskey into my vanilla shakes along with a touch of caramel syrup used for coffee mainly, it is awesome, also did thick chocolate shake with the syrup, it ruined my diet for the day but I didn't care

  • Are Babish and Jess still together? They are so cute

    • @20the20 he introduced her to us. I thought they were cute and was wondering. No need to be so sour :)

    • why do you care? what a nosy question

  • I just got an add- But it was a “Mixing With Babish” add- *Perfection*

  • Wow. They cost more than 5 dollars in trumps america. So do yourself a favor and find a real milkshake worth alot of cash

  • Try a similar approach to Hollandise sauce put the egg mixture in a glass bowl over boiling water constantly mixing untill right temp

  • $5 shake is regular priced shake now.

  • should have used Liquid Nitrogen to make the Ice Cream. Makes the creamiest icecream in the world

    • @Wes Pruett I appreciate the reply sounds cool

    • @Jack Evans dry ice works too but since liquid Nitrogen is significantly colder so it freezes the cream faster giving the ice crystals less time to bond before they solidify causing the to be smaller and thus "creamier"

    • I though that was dry ice

  • Your girl friend is beautiful. You better put a ring on it.

  • I used my craftsman drill press and it worked great

  • The clotted cream is pretty easy for me to get, am from Devon

  • Skiieeeennn

  • I made a bourbon milkshake once... it was disgusting and I love bourbon. No idea what I did wrong

  • My girlfriends name is Jess too!

  • "So it does not form a skeean~"

  • 5$ for a milkshake that expensive I,am idiot that,s not bad

  • "They use a glass made of Swarovski crystals, but I dont have one of those handy" yet you have imported vanilla, imported cream, gold leaf, and $13k cognac handy? 😂

  • I think she's been ruined for other cooks lol

  • but does it bring all the boys in the yard

  • 7:33 Awesome❗️👏🏼

  • okay but can we talk about how cute babish and jess are 🥺🥺🥺

  • Simp

  • moral of story: spend 1000$ on 5$ milkshakes

  • SIMP

  • Imagine a kid watching his dad making this like, "YAY MILKSHAKE!" and his dad is like, "Nah bro I put alchohal in it" I would fricking cry

  • 5:36 Chunky milk?

  • Svarovski crystals is glass. Just another name for glass. 🍄

  • It’s already been shaken so now it’s a milk shook

  • As someone with lactose intolerance this video is very frustrating.

  • When I saw that you put the FINEST COGNAC IN THE WORLD IN A *MILKSHAKE* I legit cried.

  • Oh my gosh! You guys are adorable!

  • Is no one going to talk about the auto subtitles?

  • Tell your gf to cut her split ends my ninja! Goodness.

  • S C R A P E O U T T H E B E A N S

  • That cognac is $4500 AUD in Australia... WHAT???

  • Best EEclone couple 😱

  • How rich is Mr Babish?

  • If anyone hasn't been to an Alamo Drafthouse, you should if there is one nearby. They have awesome milkshakes, alcoholic ones too which are 🥳. But they got them for $5 to $8 and worth every penny.

  • Lol every time Babish says booze, it sounds like b00bs.

  • i love how babish just needed to find a perfect way to just gush over his gf quick and gotta say man to your credit i love the way you did it and now im considering sharing a milkshake with my gf after covid. of all the things i wanna do thats made it onto my list.

  • Girlfriend reveal at below 8M subs? pft.

  • Fyi a bottle of louis 13 costs around 3k Euros.

  • 3.1k dislikes, why?

  • Me, who refuses to consume alcohol: OH COME ON!!!!

  • every time he says let it out for a while he is like 👐 *jaz hands*

  • here in the uae milkshakes cost like 10 or 35