Chicken Pot Pie | Basics with Babish

Avaldati 12 nov 2020
The autumnal equinox has long since passed, the fall is upon us, and we must pay tribute. And how better than with a bubbling-hot, veggie-packed, rib-sticking chicken pot pie? Pumpkins are passé, apple-picking is pointless: let's prevent a prosaic pie and properly celebrate the...period in time that it is. Which is fall.
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  • No wonder why Michael fell asleep so hard

  • Hey Babish, Amazing content Cheif 👌 May I suggest making a special playlist for dishes that can be made without an oven.


  • 6:01 Listening to Babish say "The Thickening" while high is awesome

  • Did no one else see the ghost close the oven door in the lower right-hand corner of the screen at 9:27?

  • 4:02 "pea sized peaces" hahahha ok ill leave/

  • I love how when you don’t know what to do you refer to America’s Test Kitchen.

  • Clicked the video thinking; I could totally do this. First second of the video: rip out the chickens spine-changed my squeamish mind really fast.

  • Does anyone know if I could use store bought puff pastry for the crust? I hate making pastry crust but I don't know if puff pastry is right for this.

  • The smile is hilariouse yet creepy nice job

  • mom: smile for the camera! me: 3:38

  • I see the "babish" on that cast iron handle, release the kitchen-ware line already!

  • love the video. just wondering why you are so grossed out by chicken?

  • PLease make Pozole :D

  • Mmmmm, Pie!

  • Every rule of cooking says don’t freeze sauces with cornstarch...I don’t understand....?

  • did You ever use the fireplace behind You?

  • has he broken up with his girlfriend???

  • So I've low-key wondered why you keep using and specifying kosher salt for a while now. I thought maybe you were Jewish yourself. But this chicken + cream business puts an end to that, I think. So... why? Why won't any other type of salt do?

  • We want the beef brisket recipe from Young Sheldon. Pllllls!

  • This is not a pie. Who makes a crust only for the top?

  • WOWOWOW! The final crust method was fabulous!!! ty

  • Thank you for bringing Ratatat back into my life!

  • You are absolutely professional!! Enjoy watching!👍🙏

  • ''You don't want to overwork your dough, that results in a chewy pie crust'' Proceeds to hit the dough intensely several times with a stick

  • For once. I hate your cooking. That's not a pie. Quit lying to us and yourself. Shame. Shame. Shame.

  • I practically live off of this

  • It makes me sad that the crust is only on top

  • So we're looking at about $82.47 for the stock. Gotcha. :)

  • I’m high on codeine from my wisdom teeth surgery and the creeping out the camera guy made me laugh for like 15 minutes

  • Mmmmh baked in a buttery crispy flake.

  • Is this the Chicken Pie from Chicken Run?

  • who tf got a buttershredder but no coockiecutter in a heart shape

  • Basic, huh?

  • If you started with boneless skinless chicken thighs rather than a whole chicken, what would you do?

  • Sailor's of yore! xD

  • I just came from the “Turturkeykey” video, and now the chicken looks tiny compared to the turkey

  • Personally, I would omit the peas.

  • Making the stock seems so wasteful.

  • most satisfying thing I have ever seen 5:03

  • Cheese grater > food processor = shredded butter

  • Why did I just get a Spanish ad from T-mobile

  • @babish Can we use store bought pizza dough?

  • This looks powerful

  • What song is in the background

  • For anyone unhappy with the top-crust-only version that was done here, at least there were no noodles. Apparently, the inclusion of noodles vs crust is a hotly debated thing in Pennsylvania.

  • Oh man, that chicken did not die in vain.

  • Just gonna say it. Not a fan of Sohla.

  • Sausage time, Botulism with Bongos

  • Followed this to the soundtrack Murmaider by Deathklok, it works perfect for butchering flightless birds too.

  • How dare you omit the bottom crust

  • not a pie :/

  • 1:13 idk why but his 'eughh' sounds so polite

  • Do one for eggrollllllsssss pleaseeeee

  • oooooooooooohhh

  • You Sir, are who I watch before my dinner is ready, so I can enjoy it even more. Thank you Ps, that gravy from Twister episode? Again, thank you.

  • 50g water = 50ml water all hail the metric system

  • No one mentions how so many words are pronounced weird?????? Like why are you trying so hard to sound fancy man 😆 you’re already awesome no need to be overly fancy

  • What do you clean your chopping surface with that gets the chicken bacteria out but is also food safe for the next step?

  • Use frozen butter and a grater...makes amazing pie pastry

  • This is not basic by any standard.

  • Yo Babish, you got a ghost cleaning up after you? 9:24

  • That isn't a pie, where's the bottom crust?

  • Ordinary Sausage

  • Bro this looks amazing!

  • Someone PLEASE meme that face

  • 3:37

  • So Babish, I ask you this. Will it sausage? Come on Ordinary Sausage is calling you out.

  • Your background music is triggering me hahaha, its funny but that meh meh sound is odd

  • Pies have both a top and bottom crust, without it all you have is slop with crust on top.

  • XD no flavor tbh

  • Wow, great pie crust tip!

  • Babish. I challenge you to a shokugeki

  • I'm eating to live right now not living to eat, although i LOVE food. I'm so anemic right now that I've lost 50 lbs and can't eat because it makes me so sick (literally). I weigh 85 lbs and fell a week ago smashing my shoulder so now im bionic mum. But your videos give me a light that, once i can use my arm again i can try new, yummy recipes. So thank you! It means more than you know! I live vicariously through your taste buds lol. 💙💙💙

  • I'm officially calling Babish out. His apple pie is just pudding.

  • Tha look ing Basi

  • Is it just me or do i now want the deskinning audio 🤔😅

  • Bump the thyme with another 2.5gr, and add a teaspoon of english mustard. You can thank me in the morning after making that.

  • Sup

  • White wine!!! Adam Ragusea is quaking XD

  • Popeyes needs to take notes

  • I got a binging with babish ad it was great

  • Make some dishes from Food Wars

  • "Those chickens are up to something." This is the only movie I could think of through the whole video lol

  • 2:40. I beg to differ sir. I find turnips very offensive

  • I spent more time looking at the Deep Sea..

  • Suggestion: how about literally any of the dishes from the anime,Black Butler? I'm especially curious what you would do with the curry

  • His new intro sounds so incredibly cozy I love it so much.

  • Babish: "remember you can always go forwards, you can never go back." Me: "cause we are sharks."

    • This made me laugh so hard😂😂 my dog was scared

  • 9:26 a ghost!

  • Collab with ordinary sausage


  • Best way to clean a wire rack?

  • Can you do an alfredo Basics at some point plz?

  • 3:39 he's just standing there, *M E N A C I N G L Y*

  • This is not a basics

  • Honestly, what even is the point if you're going to do that America's Test Kitchen workaround? You might as well just make chicken and biscuits at that point.

  • are there any non alcoholic substitutes for the white wine?

  • Some smoked gruyere shredded and melted into the sauce is a welcome addition!

  • Do chicken and dumplings!