Binging with Babish: Perfect Key Lime Pie from Dexter

Avaldati 28 juuli 2020
In a fan-favorite episode, Dexter Morgan takes a break from his close-up, slow-motion morning routine to kill a friend in need. But he can't saran-wrap her to a table and scalpel her cheek like any other Monday, he's gotta be nice about it, so he finds the best key lime pie in Miami and pumps it full of night-night juice. I've heard of humble pie but this is ridiculous! Sorry.
Music: "A Beautiful Life" by Broke for Free
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  • Would YOU mercy-kill renowned character actress Margot Martindale if she asked you to, despite it going against your serial killer code, even though euthanasia and palliative treatment are an imperative part of end-of-life care, and your playing judge/jury/executioner with the general populace is arguably much more morally ambiguous? Shout it out in the comments!

    • Erm.. I guess

    • .... I also took psychology and ethic classes. Also, yes. The answer is yes. It isn’t a hard yes but it is a yes.

    • Yeah, when all is said and done, I'd show some mercy * hums dexter theme

    • I love that amazing bojack reference weaved into this vid 😂🤣

    • @The Waco Kid Uh... Cis people still exist... And you called me a gender... you weren't using guy as a general term or anything either. It was fairly gender-specific. Idk what I did but... sorry?

  • In the thumbnail is Babish putting heroin in the keylime pie? Edit: 5-10 ml would be way to much.

  • How fucking legendary would it be if this was the last video ever posted to this channel?

  • The same custard made with lemon juice is my family recipe for lemon pie. Both lemon and key lime pie are properly finished with meringue from those leftover egg whites. And no zest or slices, which will just get nasty in the fridge. Really easy and serious yum factor.

  • Pie to die for 🥰

  • I made this, it is in the oven now

  • I thinked it was dexter fron cartoon network

  • "Garnish with slices of key lime, which I hate, because we can't eat them." The trick is to candy them.

    • Candied lime pie... sounds delightful!

  • I watched Dexter after watching this video and I don't regret

  • This episode of BWB actually got me into dexter in Netflix and I just finished it a week ago, probably one of the best shows I've ever watched

  • Ok i make this with almost the same exact recipe except i whip the separated egg whites to stiff peaks and fold it in right before putting it into the crust! Makes for an unbelievably light and fluffy pie!!!

  • Be As CCDS

  • make food from the cartoon "chowder"!

  • Eating a store bought key lime pie :’)

  • Weed rat stew from Shrek

  • You're funny.. ❤️

  • that esteemed character actress Margo Martindale?

  • After 25 min in the oven the filling came out like a cake consistancy...not creamy like it should be🤷

  • When you berate your past self, same

  • They sell key lime juice in bottle

  • Well you sure need a lemon-aid to go with that.. I know that's bad 🤦‍♂️

  • Bruh that first scene was sad asf

  • Joes stone crab has pretty good key lime pie

  • I dunno if you’ve done a web series before, but do you think you could do the cake from bfdi?

  • My whole life I never knew what my purpose was, now I know that it was to hear Andrew say "Fingie" I can now die in peace.

  • Can someone tell my why i was expecting the Cartoon?

  • NOOOOOO!!!! No sweetened condensed milk!

  • Stand user:The babish Stand name: cosher salt

  • You ok bud? You seem a bit all over the place in this vid.

  • hey, you should do the breakfast from the Dexter intro. he elaborates on what some of it entails in season 2 episode 12. the rest you’d have to just look at the intro.

  • "last online 7 years ago"

  • Why is this the weirdest comment section on a BWB video

  • heroin pie

  • My dumbass mental process: When he injected the pie I was expecting first off for him to not bite into and dispose of the pie (or at least the slice he injected). Then I would say a few prayers for whichever poor raccoon found it in the trash, and finally ask where the hell he managed to find Sodium Pentothal . That he just injected it with water (presumably, as he is still alive and doesn’t strike me as suicidal) is less climactic, but makes way more sense. A tablespoon of suspense folded not stirred. Yield; Sweet savoury babish. Gold star ⭐️

  • Why isn't the Key Lime Pie in sausage casing?

  • wait no sugar?

  • *finger

  • At first when i read the title i thought it was Dexter’s Lab

  • Jesus I hate toilets

  • The decorative lime slice should be a candyd lime

  • I saw an ad that has Babish while watching this video

  • Hi MR Babish! I have been watching for a long time! TY for all the great videos! But one thing that's been driving me mad is the zesting!! Please try this: Move the microplane back and forth while holding the fruit still with your other hand. IT WILL CHANGE YOUR LIFE.

  • Let me catch my wife giving our dessert a drug addiction...

  • I made it! the meds really give it that extra boost of flav-

  • “What do we do with the corpse?” “I dunno” “Anyways about editing the video...”

  • Nobody: *my dumbass thinking the titles about Dexter’s lab*

  • I'm watching dexter for the third time it's so good

  • Never watched the show but this lime pie looks delicious

  • Oh lmao I thought this was that cartoon show Dexter's Laboratory

  • i havenbt watched that show in like half a decade but that scene still brought back emotions.. wow

  • Remember when the channel was called Binging With Babish


  • You could have squeezed the already squeezed limes because they still have juice in them you literally just wasted like 5 extra lemons

  • >get ad before video >groan >its a binging with babish ad >interest peaked >the video is a binging with babish video >smile

  • I just got one of ur ads when’s I pressed on your video XD

  • Can someone tell me how I’m going to get an add about him on his video

  • You should do the meat pies from I Drink Your Blood.

  • That scene always made me cry

  • So would it be possible to make this pie with regular Limes Let's just say I live in a country that would be way too far away to get fresh key Limes

  • Inject cocaine keylime pie ever!!!

  • Key lime pie Ohh yummy

  • Idk about you but key lime bye is delicious

  • My temperature hole? What?

  • I would say like if you thought that Babish meant Dexter’s Laboratory, but that would be my lowest effort comment, even more so than “Like if you’re watching in 2020.”

  • babish is dead he died

  • Cum lime pie

  • My mouth is watering over that amount of lime juice.

  • Don't quite remember that scene from Dexter's Laboratory. But hey, thanks for the Pie recipe!

  • 4:15 is the most emotion ive ever heard you convey

  • Looks like cheesecake

  • Me : **bonks grandma with a pan** Grandma in the staircase : 5:17

  • *"We are going to make our own poison."*

  • What's the difference between salt and kosher salt?

  • Very entertaining!

  • Hate to say it but.. Babish's pipe game is w e a k

  • Wow he actually tried to kill himself

  • Thank you for making a real key lime pie which is rare to find in Florida (except at our grocery store, Publix, which makes an awesome one). Most chefs try to get fancy with it or tinker with it in some way and it’s never as good as the basic real thing!

  • I thought it was gonna be the key lime pie of friends 😂😅

  • Dexter was amazing

  • Key lime pie is ight but I'd rather die to a lethal cheesecake

  • I want that cake too bad I'm in jamaica AAAAHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!

  • What if we use a lemon

  • you should try making the foxtail ramen from dr. stone, or at least the soda

  • candied lime peels would be a great on top too maybe 😝

  • i remember this episode im on season 6 episode 4

  • I can tell you here in pascua Florida key limes are so cheap

  • Cant believe he didn't make his own limes smh

  • Mom uses Irish butter. It is grass fed that has omega 3.

  • 1:20 local cooking man, killed by food processor

  • Plot twist he injected heroin

  • If you candy the key limes you can eat them :)

  • I thought it was dexters labertory

  • 1:23 No, make sure your food processor is off before you shove your fingers into it! 🙈😭😂

  • So you made a cake that's to die for?

  • Good thing I live in Florida.

  • Was that actually poison you put in at the end? That's irresponsible

  • Omfg i just started like 2 weeks ago and im almost finished. I recognised it form dexter as soon as i read the perfect key lime pie

  • Should've made candied lime

  • If there is a key lime pie. Does that mean there is a Lock Lemon Tart?

  • Why was the first ad i got on this vid an ad featuring babish