Shepherd's Pie | Basics with Babish

Avaldati 12 märts 2020
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Unlike most St. Patty's Day celebrations, shepherd's pie is full of distinctly Irish ingredients. Treat yourself to this easy, flavorful, comforting classic - and leave out the green food coloring. There are peas and chives, those are all the green you need.
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  • This year, I'll be dressing as the President of Ireland's dog, Bród.

    • You said sauce pot... I think you meant a sauce put.

    • @Suyash J yep (actual title Taoiseach). But the President is the Head of State, and has to gorgeous dogs Bród and Síoda.

    • That lamb fat you got rid of could of been used for so many tasty treats to add for that .... shame really.

    • It's not St Paddy's anymore, but I'm gonna go out, buy some Bushmills, and make Sheppard's pie anyway.

    • @Suyash J it has a president and a taoisach

  • You should make the french canadian version of shepherds pie known as paté chinois in quebec

  • 'Irish', Garlic ',? Er. Nope.

  • receipts are good, go home with your whiskey

  • excellent and add as many vegies as you like the family was very impressed.

  • Lightsaber?

  • Looks delish. But my morals wont let me eat cute animals..might make with beef

  • Made this, had an actual pieshell at the bottom, ate it with my hands the day after like a monster.

  • Sponsored by Alcoholism™

  • Looks good... looks good... OH GOD HE GOT THE PEAS! I hate peas...

  • This is hard to watch wtf are you doing babish

  • "And Then I'm Gonna Use Something Like A Fork, To Rough It Up (Because We Want as Many Craggles and Cracks as Humanly Possible to Promote Lots of Nooks and Crannies That Can Brown and get Crispy and Yummy)" A cookbook by Andrew Babish

  • "Basics" - says ingredients that idk what they are

  • This is honestly the best thing I've ever cooked, followed almost exactly (instead of Demi glaze I used better than bouillon) but honestly this is a gorgeous recipe

  • *Stevie nicol wants to know your location*

  • Babish: Sauce..... Everyone: .......... Babish:..........pot Everyone: Boooo!

  • Did you try the "killing Eve" Shepherd's pie?

  • Start to finish, whats the approx time on this dish

  • PFFFFFF! Responsibly? You're obviously not Irish XD

  • Great job! Shepherd's pie is actually English in origin but bet the Irish do it bloody well too. 🙂

  • Raid: hew can we sponsor you? Naw I like whisky

  • 4:40 you used a spoon to ladle. Unacceptable.

  • That's not shepherds pie lol

  • Just made this for the first time. Used beef instead of lamb. Outstanding dish. Probably one of my favorite foods I've ever made.

    • When you use beef, it's now a cottage pie. It's not Shepard's unless you use lamb

  • I'm looking forward to this!

  • Sorry babish I usually love your recipes but,,, this was painful

  • shepards pie doesn't have cheese on/in the mash, only cottage has cheese.

  • Babish! I love you so much! Sometimes i put on a playlist with you while I´m hungover and just listen to your soothing voice while I slowly feel the agony slip away and slowly fall asleep. Thank you and goodnight

  • after gordon ramsey's shepherd pie video i am so glad i found this

  • Sorry, Andrew, this is nothing like Shepherds pie, and with beef, you'd make a version of cottage pie. Sprinkling cheese on top of Cottage pie makes it Cumberland Pie. Just sayin'

  • Thatwas the most entertaining narration I've seen for the past month! Good job and cheers, mate!

  • Wait a second... did I miss the part where he did something with those 3 reserved spoons of lamb fat? He said "brown the lamb, then discard the fat but hold on to 3 spoons of it", and then it never came up again unless I missed it

  • Every Irish person watching him drink shitty bush mills and make this so called “shepherds pie” : 🤢🤢🤮🤮

  • I like Babish but after watching Matty Matheson make the same dish it helps me see just how pretentious Babish has gotten with his recipes. The food is excellent, I'm sure, but it's just a fucking shepherd's pie, man, chill out.

  • As an Irish woman, your mashed potatoes upset me greatly. I'm sure they are nice to eat but a mortal sin to the traditional humble shepherd's pie. Rooster potatoes, butter, bit of milk, salt and pepper and off ya pop. G'way with your chives and eggs and fancy shtuff.

  • The Irish people of empire bay would love this

  • Poured off the lamb fat! For shame!

  • fyi - this is a cottage pie. A shepherds pie is traditionally made with mutton/lamb with a puff pastry top. Cottage pie is made with beef and has a cheesy mash top. Utter travesty this has a mash top, what are you doing babish.

  • Looks good mate, but you do know Shepard’s pie is an English dish and not Irish?

  • Potatoes a distinctly Irish ingredient? Thank you for insulting the indigenous people of the andes mountains and their ancestors you must have a lot of conquistador dna in you. Eres una desgracia. Pendejo.

  • OMG, an American that knows the difference between Shepherds pie and Cottage pie!!

  • “Aaaaaaand we mash”

  • Ive been watching cooking videos for rears and Ive never heard the term "fond" before yesterday and now ive heard it probably ABOUT 20 TIMES in the last 24 hours. Weird how that happens

  • only few things annoys me more than seeing a " Shepard's pie with ground beef". specially in irish pubs in states

  • Nice that bushmills didn't send you their standard slop which tastes like paddy farts and ethenyl. On your Shepard's pie, where is the celery? Shame! Although I have to say mixing extra cheese into the mash is a great idea if you like cheese.

  • I just made shepherd's pie yesterday

  • You need cheese under the potatoes

  • I am guessing you drank the whole bottle of Bushmills, before you created this mess........

  • If I could choose a person to live with and be best friends with... it would be you Babish

  • I'm sorry Andrew but mashed taters us supposed to have lumps in it, that is how you know it's hand made and not some powder poured out a packet and mixed with water.

  • Looks amazing

  • I like my cheese with hints of potato

  • You mean that’s the pie that killed ghost

  • i have i idea ik u tell us how to cook it but could u leave a list of the ingreants you used so we can buy them? (ik this is 6 months old but still)

  • saint patrick's is purely irish american. (like how cinco de mayo is mexican american because apparently it's not a big deal in mexico). And though delicious, i think i prefer lamb over corned beef

  • Has to be tbe worst Shepherds pie ever

  • It's WOO-STER.

  • I can't imagine an Irishman drinking "responsibly" EVER!!!

  • Here in Brasil it's called "escondidinho", basically "little hidden"

  • Shepherd's Pie Place of origin: England Not Ireland.

  • What’s with all the Irish chat? Shepherd’s pie is English.


  • I'll say it again. WUS-TER-SHUH. Its really not that hard.

  • Classic Babish style, overdoing it.

  • Fun fact: When Ireland invented whiskey in the 14th century, they didn't have another invention for 300 years.

  • Shepherds pie is not supposed to contain cheese you heathens

  • Im not ashamed to admit that when I saw the cheese cock at first (with the white cheddar) i thought it was butter and I was just like O.O!

  • It’s actually an English dish.I make a batch every month forth me & my dogs,very nice with a Yorkshire pudding 🇬🇧 leave out the cheese,it’s not necessary 🙂

  • You SHOULD leave the cheese out. Not a Shepherds Pie with it. Gross

  • Got one of your hidden valley ranch ads on this video lol

  • I loved Sheppard's pie as a kid omlll

  • Bushmills is The Whiskey

  • I can tell he cringed after taking that sip of whiskey after cutting out 😂😂

  • Shepards pie was first made in England... not ireland.

  • Demi-glace is MAGIC. Jacques Pepin taught me about it, and I love him forever for it.

  • In Quebec, we use beef and add cream of corn between the meat and potatoes. We call it Pâté Chinois.... Steak, corn potatoes.

  • i just refer to worstershire sauce as special sauce

  • you’re definitely not 36.5% british because you can’t pronounce worcestershire sauce

    • he said british OR irish lol.. and im british on maternal fathers side.. and very rarely can I say worcestershire correctly on the first

  • Interesting to see the differences between more authentic shepherd's pie compared to the midwest US shepherd's pie I grew up eating and still occasionally make. I'll have to look into using lamb next time!

  • "Use unsalted butter. *5 seconds later, dumps in a quarter cup of kosher salt.*" Yeah, doesn't really matter what kind of butter you use.

    • @Trevor Cook 1:30-1:54 If you use salted butter, just tone down the salt a bit.

    • Where do you see this? lol

  • well that’s all well and good, but can you see the molecules in mash?.... i think not

  • 6:04 Binging : you know what's gonna go really fell with sherped pie ? Me : a stout🤤 !!! Binging : that's right ireland 1th whiskey bushmills Me : oh okay 👁👄👁...

  • Looks like shit.... Grandmothers is wayyyy better looking and tasting

    • i wish i had super tastebuds like you, and could taste something through the computer screen There's nothing wrong with how this looks lmfao. If you're referring to the lovely browned exterior on the top? Then you really shouldn't be talking about how food tastes and what you like. Brown food, unless its stupid brown and basically burnt, is flavor, and flavor = good food.

  • ??? where i live shepards pie is beef-corn-potatoes with no vegetables in the meat, only spices(optional)

    • shepherds have lamb, not beef. So that's a cottage pie base. That particular variation is a pate chinois.

  • "Some Ay-jed Irish White Cheddar"

  • You forgot one more ingredient Lightsaber

  • Did I hear 'Yukon Nick' from Rdr2?!

  • My god it's St.Paddys day, not St.Pattys day. And this is not how you make a Shepards pie in Ireland.

  • I got an ad with Babish and I had to double check that I wasn't watching the actual episode. 🤣

  • Gordon Ramsay's had been the best so far.... But I expect Babish to come close

  • 6:10 there you go... Two birds, one stone as Bushmills is oldest distillery in the whole of the British isles, continuously running in Northern Ireland since 1608 when King James granted its license! Cheers! 🥃🥃

  • Were the potato masher and koser salt Irish?

    • @Trevor Cook Most of the English live in England.

    • Where's the english o.O he used a potato masher, but normally he uses a rice. And he did add some more k.s to the potatoes after they were cooked, and you also cook potatoes in salted water.

  • babish: season with white pepper so you don't speckle your potatoes. also babish: speckles potatoes with chives

  • No Maris Piper potatoes available in the USA... we have to make do here. I do appreciate the ground lamb. Ground mutton is even less available here.

  • lol is it cottage pie when you use beef? I've been calling it college pie. i figured, ya'know, broke college students using beef instead of lamb (though I don't know much about price lol.)

  • It’s shepherds pie not STEW

    • @Peace of Mind Whatever you say kiddo.

    • @Trevor Cook no.

    • the traditional base for shepherds pie is a gravy like base that almost resembles a stew. That's also no where close to even looking like a stew lol. Too little liquid, not enough meat or veggies, and the liquid is reduced much more than you would get with a stew,

  • I have just been informed that Bushmill's is Northern Irish and, therefore, Protestant. It shouldn't be used to celebrate the very Catholic, Republic of Ireland's St Patrick's Day.

  • 5:34 look at the devilish face this man makes. Dude is about to utterly devour that pie

  • Can we talk about the size of the glass in the beginning? I mean, I like a tumbler as much as the next guy, but that thing is the size of a mobile bathtub 🤓😂🤓

  • Highly complicated... I would have boiled the potatoes... then stopped.