Soup and Ice Cream on Fire | Stump Sohla

Avaldati 10 okt 2020
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Sohla's Instagram: sohlae
Starring: Sohla El-Waylly
Director: Brad Cash
Camera: Brad Cash / Jessica Opon
Editor: Brad Cash / Jessica Opon
Producers: Sawyer Jacobs, Kevin Grosch, Jessica Opon, Andrew Rea and Emilija Saxe
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  • Wonderful video! Just one thing that I notice, you may need to balance the audio a bit better. I can hear her very clearly, but you Babish are very quiet by comparison and it's hard to find an audio setting where I can hear both of you clearly.

  • The thing I love most about this series is the pure joy that exudes from Sohla because she just love cooking and experimenting so freaking much.

  • this was Sohla but make it day 4 Claire

  • Tasting the mushrooms .. XD

  • I'm so glad she's in a spot where she can shine.

  • Whoever does the editing I just want to let you know that the “KNOT STUMPED” made me almost die because I was laughing so hard

  • It may whip, but will it ney ney?

  • i love seeing her thriving ❤️

  • K this is a really great show.

  • Sohla....Thanks for continuing making videos...



  • I love this so much thank you

  • I liked the suit :(

  • watching Sohla trying to ignite makers mark broke my heart...

  • I adore Sohla

  • Sohlas so sweet and awesome

  • SO GLAD you have Sohla. Bon Appetit treated her EXTREMELY badly, and she is awesome.

  • Can't wait for more

  • Vulture article is not a look for Sohla. Oh well. Will still enjoy babish vids

  • I liked her and supported her but not anymore! Sure sohla youre a great chef but you didnt have to call brad leone dumb and his fans dumb in your interview with vulture. People watch him because of his personality and lightheartedness, we dont like complicated things because we already have that in real life. we came for entertainment and not to be impressed. Stop thinking so highly of yourself.

  • Claire’s show... but better

  • 8:44 sounds like my last relationship

  • i’m living for this content

  • Sohla's tats are rad as heck!

  • Hey babish please do I video on the multi cheese pizza from the teenage mutant ninja turtles movie. Who agrees give me a like

  • I need another episode now

  • Very upset he lost the suit

  • Oh, sure, Sohla sets soup on fire and it's amazing, when I do it, without even trying by the way, I've "ruined dinner".


  • Ohh I really like the pale blue suit bring it back!!

  • Sohla has always been the best to watch cook. Always a pleasure.

  • Love Sohla !!!

  • Chopped: Sohla uses healthy box foods.

  • Suggestion for babish please do Gary’s cup of French toast from spongebob

  • I might activate notifications for the first time on yt for this show

  • So this is Claire's show, but instead of recreating stuff other people have made she gets to explore her creativity. Cool.

  • The synchronized clap was delightful. The whole time this video was playing all I was thinking about was how I would genuinely watch a 120-hour compilation of Sohla tempering chocolate for the 12000th time if that is what it will take for her to get the recognition she deserves. Love this new collab to bits yal are wholesome as fuck

  • was a fan of her until that vulture article came out where she threw brad under the bus for no reason

  • Man, for a long time I thought "I would pay money for Sohla to get screen time where she can just experiment in a kitchen and put her massive culinary knowledge to use." And wallah. Here it is

  • Definitely has Gourmet Makes vibes

  • i live for this amount of organized chaos

  • I am so thrilled with this show. Sohla is a treat to watch.

  • Its a fun show. But the amount of clapping cuts is kind of unnecessary.

  • I want to see Sohla vs Josh from GMM on Chopped

  • Sohla leaving BA was a blessing in disguise. She’s shining ❤️

  • I’m hoping someone can confirm whether or not this is true. Is Sohla attacking Brad in her interview with Vulture? Based on what I saw on the Vulture article, she’s quoted calling him incompetent and questioning who would watch “some big dumb white guy”. Taking it further, she seems to be comparing Brad to Trump, which feels like a real stretch. I’m hoping that this is all out of context, anyone know for sure?

    • Just Google sohla vulture article. It's not out of context, she seems to think she was better than anyone at the test kitchen.

  • Anyone going to mention her tattoos?!

  • I’m so very happy for Sohla that’s the most important thing. Please acquire Brad Leone so I know if I’m allowed to like him.

  • “Will it cracker?” Needs to be something that goes on the wheel 😳 P.S. Sohla is a damn goddess and she seems so much happier here


  • I love Sohla so much 🥺

  • I absolutely adore seeing the thought process. Being unafraid to display the good and the bad is an excellent character trait. I look forward to seeing more of her!

  • My guru and inspiration!

  • Me: *tries to avoid any minor inconvenience in life* Sohla: *I wanna make it harder on myself for fun*

  • So cool

  • This series is as mean to Sohla as Bon Appetit.

  • BCU phase one is a success!

  • I can't wait to see Sohla's episode of Chef's Table!

  • 20:35 Andrew almost throws up after saying, "It's not terrible

  • I love how h said its good.. and she responded yea weird lmao

  • I love these so much! This is becoming my favourite internet space 😊

  • I had no idea that protein powder was so versatile.

  • We should normalize calling milk substitutions nut milk 6:49 haha 😂

  • “It doesn’t have to be good it has to be a...thing??” - Sohla 2020 LMAOO

  • 👏

  • It’s like Kamala Khan (ms marvel) had a baby with Dora the Explora

  • The ice cream with the melting merengue looked so gooey and yummy to me!

  • honestly looks like hunzi editted this

  • Feeding the algorithm via likes/sub/bell/etc, keep it up 😁. PSA: make a hotkey to help for free👌

  • WNBA vs NBA

  • Did anyone else get up when her phone alarm went off....?

  • I think we gotta change the name of this show because if she can make a good and a high tier okay dish using nothing but random ingredients and two additional kitchen staples- with only fire as a prompt- Ya ain’t gonna stump this gal

  • They could be the villains in A Series of Unfortunate Events.

  • andrew- graphic tight here NOT STUMPED graphic- KNOT STAMPED

  • she is INSANE but oh my god i could watch for hours

  • what is on babishes neck????

  • Just serve a bowl of vodca set on fire, its half a soup and half a artizanal bomb. We can eat and commit warcrimes at the same time. Also Sola seems to be forgetting that alcohol is volatile and evaporates

  • 16:46

  • Sohla!!! I’m glad she’s getting paid and lighting shit on fire and THRIVING. Yes girl, get it

  • Sohla is so clever and great, loving this show.

  • Claire should guest to promote her book

  • Great entertainment. Sohla is great. My only gripe is the wheel gimmick was ultimately ignored. The "on fire" part was a pointless addon that was immaterial to the dishes.

  • Sohla is THRIVING and I'm so happy for her! :)

  • *CLAP*

  • Sohla, repeatedly: I don't know what I'm doing. Every artist ever: Me too.

  • Title: "Stump Sohla" Sohla (not stumped): "Ill just make some more rules"

  • Sohla, your new show is so much better than BA. You seem to be enjoying yourself and showing your personality so much more, and it really shows through on screen. The wife and I just watched the three episodes you released in a row, and we really loved them.

  • Okay, New show idea called "will it wipe? "

  • This episode is soh lit.

  • Lessons to take from Sohla: set yourself high expectations. When unachievable, pivot with a clap. I adore Sohla, especially now that we can see the unrestricted genius she is.

  • She just casually throws around shit like “denaturing proteins” smfh

  • Sohla simply cannot be stumped, she's too powerful for us mere mortals

  • Nice

  • Sohla's expertise is so incredible and admirable. The moments when she's like "I have no idea is this will work" is relatable af. Sohla is amazing!

  • love creativity in the face of arbitrary limitations and the playful editor

  • I had a Babish ad before my Babish show. Babish-ception.

  • Her hair stops where his hair starts

  • firstly: love the show, And love Sohla. Quick heads up: if you are trying to be inclusive to your audience: A lot of Trans and nonbinary folk get left out by "Ladies and Gentlemen". Its old, archaic, and you can do better: Friends and neighbors Food Fans Citizens of the BCU BA converts (Lets be real) Or just don't use anything: you already have our attention.

  • I want to get to know the entire crew behind the camera🥺