Binging with Babish: Fettuccine Alfredo from The Office

Avaldati 13 apr 2021
This week, we're whipping up a big ol batch of the indulgent (heavily Americanized) Italian classic "pasta al burro". Which I mistakenly thought meant "pasta with butter" - turns out, it's pasta with butter AND cheese. As Michael Scott would say: "Wikipedia is the best thing ever. Anyone in the world can write anything they want about any subject, so you know you are getting the best possible information."
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  • Weissman posted his quite literally as we were filming ours week before last. I will not be intimidated by thiccness.

    • Mrs lovett's meat pies

    • Yo bro , did you drain the pasta frfr? or u playing us

    • I am officially convinced that Weissman and Babish are coordinating their videos LOOL. Honestly if they were it super smart because naturally everyone likes to see a little competition which leads to more views which leads to more money.

    • Can u make chicken teriyaki for basics

    • you should try to make itadori's meat balls from jujutsu kaisen

  • I'm sorry but the lack of garlic is making me see red

  • the recreation of the scene was amazing😂👍

  • Never heard of pasta Al Fredo, ever. I’m from Europe and it’s not something I’ve ever seen on an Italian menu. Is it American?

  • So you're gonna tell me in America you can buy a prenade sauce made out of cream, butter and parmesan? Like- this is a thing?

  • This is pure dedication and love for what you do. I also love how so often you have multiple recipes in one video.

  • ofiice fan

  • Fettucine Alfredo is the meal I grew up with. and its my favorite meal eiofjwiefj

  • Babish: *makes a pasta dish that isnt made in the traditional ways* Italians: “you mama’d your last mia”

  • Store bought alphredo sauce is literally inedible. I cant eat it.

  • When I though you were done with just the cream and butter I felt my soul leave for a second

  • Though the content is great, it’s a bit fast for me to follow the recipes, to the point I actually checked to see if I was watching at normal speed, unfortunately I was. Please slow down a bit, no need to rush.

  • No garlic in alfredo? Stop. 🧄 🧄🧄🧄

  • Nice watch there Batgirl…

  • Please understand that parmesan cheese is not the same as parmigiano reggiano. It's just an "italian sounding", but it's not italian. Also the parmigiano reggiano is a DOP product, wich means thst it is parmigiano reggiano because it's made in Emilia Romagna, a part of Italy. To recognize the Parmigiano reggiano look at the cheese and if there is written "Parmigiano reggiano" it's authentic

  • Honestly? I like so much this guy that I wouldn't care if he ever made a big unforgiveable error about an italian recilpe

  • I was gonna make this but I still can't figure out what a saw taypin is? :/

  • My mouth was watering the entire video this is my favourite meal!

  • Well, now people can stop asking babish what happened to the alfredo recipe he never posted.

  • This kinda reminds me of Shokugeki no Souma Aka Food wars.... I miss that anime

  • Babish: I fear no man. But that.... thing.... *looks at italians* scares me....

  • False.

  • Ragu has multiple flavors of Alfredo. You may have gotten the garlic kind.

  • Can you recreate the palate cleanser from Princess Diaries dinner scene? It looks so smooth and delicious.

  • Mrs lovett's meat pies

  • Hey look it’s me!

  • I grew up eating the Classico brand which was rare in my area and I thought that was the perfect jarred sauce I could ever ask for. Once I made it into the States I realized how cheap tasting those are now. Proceeding to homemade now.

  • Ok I literally watch one episode by this guy and I already want to subscribe

  • This is the way

  • that pasta fork is legendary

  • It’s all about cheese 😂

  • Heads up 🤪 please show me something 🙏😎

  • 2:39 *Mussolini in 1943:*

  • Wait. There isn't garlic in alfredo? What blasphemy is this?!

  • When he punched the pasta I lost it

  • why would you wear a mask while running outside? are you trying to make yourself pass out?

  • I would room with babish just for the food

  • Yo bro , did you drain the pasta frfr? or u playing us

  • Wait, it’s not supposed to have garlic??? But... but... but I LIKE the garlic...

  • I love to make it with chicken on top

  • A restaurant in San Francisco adds bits of sauteed chicken liver to their Alfredo sauce. It's gloriously filled with guilt.

  • The office is one of the greatest shows of all time and Babish is one of the greatest chefs of all time so this is a perfect combination!

  • And again another version of a mac and cheese

  • Wait , the only cheese in an Alfredo is parm?

  • Lovely video. Thanks!!

  • Can you do the pasta dish from blue is the warmest color, pls pls!!!

  • Did he salt the pasta water?

  • It’s funny how he says something so outlandish like “I don’t know who puts garlic into their Alfredo,”...Only to then grate nutmeg into the sauce 🤦🏿‍♂️

  • Brother I just tried this and I promise you, i will never order fettuccine alfredo out again.

  • "We're using it as an excuse to make Fettuccine Alfredo because I want some" - Quarantined People

  • What is your lowest sodium dish and how much is it?

  • That hill in the Prospect Park 5K is no joke.

  • I wonder if it’s from Pizza by Alfredo or Alfredo’s Pizza.

  • I couldn’t run a 5k on my best day let alone after scarfing down that deliciousness. Kudos to you sir

  • Thanks again for another amazing video. Me and my gf will be having some lvl 2 Alfredo this week. Love the vids babish keep cooking.

  • You should try some gabagool from sopranos

  • He's only saying 'parmesano reggiano' they he does to please the Italians for they misdeeds he has done for them.

  • My favorite alfredo sauce is technically a creamy wine sauce with enough garlic to make a vampire hunter cough. And of course a pinch of cayenne, for Chef J

  • 3:11 maybe a punch in the face

  • _s a u t e e p ' n_

  • Hopefully he did not have any water


  • Babish: There’s no garlic in alfredo Me, who adds garlic to homemade alfredo: 👁👄👁

  • Some people like to blend in an egg yolk at the end to really emulsify the sauce and add even more richness.

  • I tried making this and wound up with the Parmesan turning into a glob and the pasta water and butter being more like greasy water. I don’t get how to emulsify 🥺.

  • Can you guys hear Trish , she’s on her way

  • Jesus loves you so much no matter what

  • Starving kids in Africa will understand

  • If you wanted to add some kind of meat when would you add that.

  • I put garlic in everything, especially pasta dishes!

    • I agree with you on that one! Can't go wrong with garlic! Except maybe breath. My grandfather used to tell me it keeps the witches away. As a little kid I actually believed that.

  • This is an american dish,not italian

  • Wait I’m so confused every alfredo recipe I’ve seen included garlic?????

  • Thanks a lot for the pasta al burro, Really appreciated it

  • Dude, why the mask while running. That cannot be healty.

  • So it’s just fancy Mac and cheese

  • Fun fact: There is currently a NASCAR driver named Anthony Alfredo. He is affectionately known as "FastPasta".

  • Here to see how he shaded Trisha lol

    • MEEEEE! sadly no top comments on this yet lol glad I'm not the only person here from her video

  • This man eats his Sunday gravy from a jar

  • I Rather Shredded Cheese Then Parmanson Cheese

  • The dedication to the 5k has earned my respect Mr. Babish.

  • Andrew the Italians murdered you already for saying you don't like ricotta in ziti/lasagna

  • Sir, my whole family has Covid except for me and I’ve been the one doing the cooking for everyone for once and I have to tell you I’m just following a lot of your recipes and my family now thinks I’m a master chef. Thank you for sharing your wealth of information.

  • I love every time he makes something from The Office because it’s pretty much the best show ever.


  • the batman

  • A freaking king! I tell you!

  • Why when he talk his voice go deep then soft then deep then soft it's like two people are talking

  • Again, this dish Is not italian! We do not know what It is!

  • I cut the recipe in half and used boxed pasta but ended up with a ball of melted parm and very greasy noodles. Would the boxed pasta prevent it from emulsifying?

  • The way you actually ate it like michael too is taking me out😂😂. It looked amazing though!!

  • No one: Dwight: *Takes one of Micheal’s noodles.*

  • I want to eat that pasta so badly 😫

  • I thought this said fetus Alfredo

  • Make Bunny Dango from Monster Hunter Rise

  • You monster. Who pust cream into pasta?😀

  • saute pin

  • Wait wait wait, hold on a second: ALFREDO SAUCE in a jar is a THING?!?!?!?!

  • last time i ran a 5k it was because i lost a drinking contest. Never did find my pants.

  • I go to Prospect Park often to do that run (actually I walk) and it blows my mind I could have seen you there.

  • Nice recipe. I'd love to see your take on the spit-roasted arm of crow from Game of Thones :D