Binging with Babish: 'Sundae' from SpongeBob SquarePants

Avaldati 21 juuli 2020
SpongeBob's personality is on full display as he loudly, incoherently, and lovably throws together some household sundries in an attempt to make a Sunday sundae. So too shall we - until, of course, we toss it and try to make a better version. Which doesn't entirely work out. The conch has spoken.
Music: "XXV" by Broke for Free
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  • Chocolate makes everything better, your tongue is just off

  • I'm definitely making onion ice cream at some point, that's too weird a taste to have never tried

  • Where can a strapping young lad procure a bowl set as fine as that at 5:50?


  • That was disgusting

  • Everybody hates Chris max and cheese

  • Requesting a Triple Bypass Burger from the Starving Games

  • I actually made SpongeBob's sundae when i was little it was mostly just ketchup and onions

  • Make kelp juice

  • Bruh,You Could've Make A Hyperealistic Version Of The Bbs,And Have Ice Cream Cake Inside

  • I see that face in the reflection , finally

  • When I seen that episode as a kid I got so grossed out when I thought the peanuts were coming from somewhere else

  • I liked the video at: neither am I and I like me.

  • This Is Fake Real Ingredients: Ketchup, Onions, And Peanuts

  • You’re gonna be ugly and your gonna be proud of it

  • 3:34 Schrute Farms approves!

  • Babyish saying saucepan is so satisfying

  • "there's a lot of people who like to eat dirt" probably kids

  • Me: He isn’t gonna put a real dirt into it.. Babish: Puts dirt. Me: Ok, but he isn’t going to taste it yes? Babish: Tastes it. Me: *OH C’MON*

  • Dudes, that joke about the peanuts. 🤣 The first three seasons are gold.

  • I still can’t believe he did this. Love this channel.

  • make food from the cartoon "chowder"!

    • thats a GREAT idea!

  • You're the best

  • Bruh, this is like so easy to make, i don't understand why everyone doesn't make their own ketchup, onion, peanut plant sundae

  • Anyone know where he got his bowls and plates from?

  • 5:42 he is literally eating patrick

  • I wonder what savory icecream would be like?🤔

  • I caught the ugly just by watching this recipe. 🤣🤣🤣 And yeah, I AM PROUD!

  • Aren't vidalia onions supposed to be too low in sulfur to sting your eyes or taste very strong?

  • imagine you study botany, cultivate and raise a plant from a seed, sell it knowing someone will reap food from all your hard work, only to one day see your plant get dipped in ketchup and chucked on someones spongebob recipe channel

  • Weed rat stew from Shrek

  • best channel on youtube

  • Not gonna lie, raw onion and's a snack whose taste I have known before.

  • I wonder if he would ever consider making more unconventional flavors after this lol

  • Of course it’s gross but I hate that the cartoon made it seem kind of appealing lol

  • as a person from vidalia, i thought you should know its pronounced V (eye) dalia -Vidalia

  • Do the monster Krabby patty

  • Saucepin

  • I'm okay... With me.

  • Dude tried his best to make it good, god speed

  • Bruh imagine taking care of a peanut plant to sell and the person that buys the plant just fucking puts it in a ketchup and onion ice cream

  • Stephen Hillenburg would be proud

  • Before watching this video I saw an ad with him in it

  • Before your video started I got a hidden valley ranch ad with you in it, lol 😂💜🧡❤️.

  • This is my fav thing you made! It looks so tasty! ketchup, dirt, and onions yum!!

  • There are some questions that man must not answer... I'm sorry homie. But I'd still try it all. Especially the beat and peanut ice cream, that actually kinda sounds decent.

  • This is a good way to prank people

  • I tried making a copy of it when I was really little and ended up with a bowl of ketchup and salt

  • Why did I get a Binging with Babish ad before a Binging with Babish video 😂

  • Make pretty patties

  • Why did I think this shit looked good


  • s a u c e p n

  • I just got a binging with babish ad what are the odds

  • Tomato jam is ketchup

  • I feel like a tamarind, sundried tomato, onion marmalade ice cream would be really nice

  • My favorite part about that episode is the implication that SpongeBob was going to pick peanuts out of turds in the toilet.

  • saucepn

  • Do chilli fries in Ben 10

  • My mom: Kids in africa would eat that!! The meal: 0:17

  • Nice sundae

  • Why did I always want to try the Sunday when I was a kid.

  • Am I the only one who actually thought spongebobs Sunday looked good? No? Okay..

  • Not gonna lie, this is by far the most interesting and creative recipe of Babish. I definitely want to try it, especially the onion and tomato ice cream.

  • spongebob has weird tastes in food sometimes

  • I think this guy earned a lifetime membership to the Salty Spittoon

  • My mind is such that the word blanch evokes the memory of the song "Blanchin'" from Gravity Falls

  • u should do the custard and pancake things from telletubbies

  • I wish your episodes were longer!

  • This is the only episode of yours that has sufficiently grossed me out. And I’m a nurse.

  • Spongebob taught kids to laugh at retards

  • His deadpan voice just, "Is it the prettiest thing in the world? No, but neither am I and I'm okay with me," has me laughing so hard for some reason

  • Are you insane those tomato’s are screaming in pain It’s a joke chill

  • I think shows these days make extra disgusting things to eat so that Babish needs to eat them

  • That has got to be the most exquisite well prepared but hopeless food I've ever seen.

  • Why not do the Scientifically Enhanced Curry from Persona 5 Royal?

  • God bless you

  • Your voice is very satisfying to listen to 🤣

  • I got a babish ad lol

  • I love the video

  • I would love to see your take on American dad’s hazelnut omelette.

  • ฉันเกือบจะโยนขึ้น

  • Babish add on a Babish video. niceeeeee

  • Sir why would you make this monstrosity?

  • Damn Babish really partnering up with Hidden Valley Ranch, lmao


  • The plant is too young for its nuts to drop? 🤭🤭

  • Bruv I legit just got a commercial that has you in it on your own channel 🤣

  • Does it taste good?

  • Fact:Not every fun fact is fun

  • "DEUUEAUGH!!!!"

  • "That is when I learned that chocolate and onions don't mix."

  • Is the peanut plant still alive????????

  • 2:27 “A tomato jam.” soooo... ketchup.

  • I got a Binging with Babish ranch ad before the video, so I thought that was the start of an episode.

  • Andrew finally doin ads for Hidden Valley Ranch too. Oh, how he has grown: too fast.

  • Why

  • I am terribly sorry but EW

  • Subbed for more sauce pin