Binging with Babish: Crêpes from Talladega Nights

Avaldati 22 okt 2019
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Crêpes are discussed at length, in a pretty threatening manner, in Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby. Before his arm is snapped by the very French Jean Girard, he's coerced into admitting he likes crêpes...which he actually does. Which makes sense, because they're the perfect vessel for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and dessert.
Music: "Juparo" by Broke for Free
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  • How did I not make something with shake n’ bake?!

    • I mean its impossible not to

    • No... never again. Now it’s the Magic Man... and El Diablo.

    • You werent at Talladega Superspeedway, that's why

    • meth should never be an ingredient in food. (this is a joke *testing* this is still a joke)

    • What pan is that? My pans are getting replaced, and I need those.

  • Этож просто блины....

  • Buckwheat is the world's cutest cat and buckwheat crape is the most delicious crape isk were I'm going with this lol

  • To clarify...DD applies to anything that when added to something else will no matter what obviously be more delicious. IE.. bacon added to Mac and cheese..DD.

  • Freaking day. "Duh delicious"

  • no- I trusted you, why did you have to use a metal spoon on you nonstick pan just to taste your mushrooms

  • Why use a blender for the batter?

  • why could I smell the chili oil

  • Maaf ya allah hamba liat ini.

  • Bruh an add of you collaborating with Maker's Marks played b4 your video lol

  • But Like most cool things it's dangerous lmao your sending me mixed signals here babish 😂😂

  • "They're gluten free. Fringe benefit." Depends if your mom can't eat gluten.

  • Why is the first one sacrificial? Not once have I heard that before seems wasteful.

    • He didn’t throw it away. For some reason the first pancake or crepe never turns out as pretty as the later ones. That’s why it’s sacrificial. Still edible though.

  • Anyone know if his book is available in Australia, or would i have to buy it online?

  • Who else remembers:TiMe To DeLiVeR a PiZzA bAlL

  • U want that bubbles xD

  • Wait thats a blin

  • This video was full of Crepe

  • I call a double folded tortilla or crepe a quadadila

  • Oh my God, Andrew did you work at Simply Crepes??

  • How dare he not use actual Nutella 😤

  • Why put butter in before the first one and after that no butter. first one is shit, after that good. see something there?

  • those are more like english pancakes than Crêpes tbh

  • I like them a bit thicker with crispy edges from frying oil

  • A moment of silence, please *Andrew immediately, unable to contain himself* Ohh yeah

  • All these squares make a circle All these squares make a circle All these squares make a circle All these squares make a circle

  • Can I leave it in the fridge overnight?

  • Cwepe

  • Jesus, Nutella and strawberries? Man that would double kill me. Allergies suck.

  • I know how to make more then I ever could make now

  • I still dont know what a crepes is

  • Crepe suzette Favorite dish of the original Dr. Smith.

  • Pro tip Eat crepes with red caviar

  • Okay, pouring fire was rad. Totally worth it.

  • You're the only hipster with money who I like, look up to, and praise. You inspire me, thank you for letting the world see your creativity and humor and for teaching us how to make edible art.

  • Whomstdve

  • Fire has flavour. That is all.

  • 1:52 nice flip bruh

  • Dude its called a gallete

  • Bro anyone else think it looks like a Giant pancake

  • I made the crêpes suzettes and they are amazing, I love the recipe

  • 1/10 lacks cats

  • Babish: Please don’t try this at home Nobody: Me: Mom....We have any wine glasses?

  • Crepe Suzeette has a very interesting history I found just two days earlier when I searched for mediveal pancakes.

  • Skip to 4:38 if you're like me and can't bear to see crepes with savoury toppings.

  • What’s the difference between a crepe and a pancake

  • too heavy on adds

  • Still puzzles me why need all 5 fingers to hold and eat with a fork.

  • i just dont get it.. people who mix with blender... i mean for batter just use Hand mixer and not this..


  • The whole video I am trying to figure out why did he use such complicated recipe and why does he call normal pancake with nutella a crepe.

  • 3:24 there's still wrapper on the edge of that butter

  • Nyu-tella? BRO WTF?!

  • We in Austria call it "Balatschinke" and I think its beautiful

  • That looks more like a british pancake than a crepe, crepes are literally paper thin and very fragile.

  • Newt-ella? How can American's not even pronounce nut?

  • I am french, from Bretagne, and this recipe with buckweat come's basically from there. If you ever go, and find a creperie, you will fall in love with all the different crepes you can have. Pack a bolé of apple cider next to it, and best meal ever !

  • I would be video accurate but I'm severely allergic to grapefruit 😔

  • Next time, try adding some orangeblossom water.

  • I was saying crepes for 40 sec until babish did....Mind blown

  • Next time substitute water with carbonated water

  • This is one of his coolest episodes!

  • Can we appreciate those perfect crepe flips for a sec? Life's worth of practice I imagine

  • Banger video but that's too much Nutella inside 🤕

  • I remember the time when I played The Sims 2 and accidentally burn the sim to death just because it need to be set on fire before getting serve. 😂

  • “Tears of Catharsis and fulfillment” I feel ya bro

  • Babish, don't do this at home :puts cool thumbnail of it

  • Do a collab with Scott Rea cuz u have the same surname and both have food channels on EEclone.

  • I was thrilled to hear juns kitchen.

  • These colors don’t run Ricky!

  • I love when food EEcloners reference other food EEcloners! because to me it means that they do what they do with love and arent sick of it, enough to watch and celebrate others work.

  • I made your 1st recipe! Rlly Gud!

  • "Nope, break it off Pepe Le Pew"

  • You know I just realized Ricky did say he loves the crepe suzette so that frenchie broke his arm for no reason

  • There’s a crepe place near me that makes a eggs Benedict crepe

  • buckwheat crepes are also great for sugary things: they add a lot of flavor to the sweet elements.

  • Imma make pancakes with Nutella and some coffee

  • Might as well get a beer while I’m down here

  • 4:38 'a nutella crêpe of some time' I mean a crêpe at any time is good i guess

  • When I was a kid my grandma and I would make crepes and we always filled them with a mixture that's equal parts softened cream cheese and marshmallow fluff mixed together and then some kind of fruit thing, so yummy

  • Those savoury buckwheat crêpes are called "galettes" btw. It's a typical Breton thing (just like regular crêpes actually).

  • I can't belive you didn't put jam on them.

  • Wow this is the first time I’ve used one of your videos to make something

  • Ughh I am hungry ffs

  • aren't savoury crêpes,,, just gallettes? or am i missing something

  • 5:55 is really trippy

  • Yeah! Jun's Kitchen!! I love him. Jun and Rachel


  • There’s a secret society of people who are disliking Babish’s videos for no reason

  • Pewdiepie would be sad u made a Nutella crepe and not a crepe with jam

  • I like how he got it from Jun's Kitchen. two of my favourite cooking channels.

  • my mom puts strawberries and whipped cream in crepes

  • Anybody watching this after pewdiepie made *”Swedish pancakes“*

  • Does this cover Hogan’s Heroes as well?

  • Careful about the nutmeg, it could have explosive results.

  • It's nice when it is apparent that one of your favourite YTbers is a fan of another one of your favourite YTbers

  • This just reminded me, how have you not done any recreations from Goldmember?? "schmoke & a pancake" "cigar & a waffle? nope" "crepe & a pipe?" lmaoo

  • Cheese that starts with a G, that I can’t spell is in my opinion the best kind of cheese but it’s really expensive

  • I'm surprised you didn't buy a crepe pan and spreading tool

  • Jun’s kitchenn