Mashed Potatoes | Basics with Babish

Avaldati 3 sept 2020
Thanks to Hidden Valley Ranch for sponsoring this video! Check out more ranch fueled recipes on their channel here:
This week on Basics it's all about mashed potatoes: different potato types, different mashing methods, and how to make them delicious - including some ranch mashed
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  • It's borderline remarkable that I never once used the word 'taters' In this episode

    • truly disappointin' babish

    • Shameless marketing. Mashed potatoes are not difficult to dye well.

    • Fingerling potatoes are the best for masked patatoes, there's a reason why Michelin star chefs use LaRatte (french fingerling potato) for mash

    • @S. Fletcher omg YES I love that story 💕

    • You did at 4:36

  • I find it really triggering when people peel veg away from themselves.

  • As a german: its so weird how white your potato insides are... all ours are yellowish, yours are basically paper sheet white ô,0

  • I swear by steaming my russet potatoes and adding the salt after I rice them. So much more fluffy.

  • Took the loaded mash potatoes idea and used it to stuff pierogies! Thanks for the inspiration!

  • Ever tried to recreate potatoes and molasses from Over The Garden Wall?

  • For giving plain ordinary mashed 'taters a bit of a lift, add some white pepper (no one wants what looks like dead bugs in their mash), or a teaspoon of cayenne pepper, or moroccan seasoning.

  • Hidden valley is by far the worst tasting ranch

  • Great now I want Mashed Potatoes!!

  • It should be considered a crime that you didn't make mashed sweet potatoes in this video. Mashed sweet potatoes with ranch seasoning are the best.

  • You call that a salad in the states? I’m concerned lol

  • As a picky french who likes cheese more than his cat and a little bit less than his mum, I must say that we put "tome fraîche" in the aligot, not swiss cheese which isn't french obviously ✌ Bab(ish)

  • Omg Babish make a how to make your own Ranch episode!

  • babish I prefer lumpy mashed potatoes over creamy

  • Is he dead? Did eating that bowl of potatoes kill him?

  • Dude! That has got to be the best recipe(s) for mashed potato I've ever seen. So over the top it fits my bill straight away.

  • Mashed potatoes without nutmeg? ☹️

  • I like le ratte when I can get them

  • Babish: Puts ranch in Mashed Potatoes Me, an Irishman: *so you have chosen death*

  • “I love ranch” (Inferno wings episode)- “ranch can go fuck itself”

  • I love pairing mash potatoes and gravy with fried or grilled breast chicken 😋 can i still use a potatoe masher or mixer if im unable to buy a potato ricer?

  • 3:34 hmmmmmm so his real name is Andy huh

  • I think Andy should make a video where he cooks something like this as a dare for Matt Stonie, only it’s several bowls of it. I would watch the hell outta that

  • Dang sponsored by Hidden Valley

  • Weed rat stew from Shrek

  • PUH-TEI-TOWZ Boil 'em, mash 'em, stick 'em in a stew

  • PUH-TEI-TOWZ Boil 'em, mash 'em, stick 'em in a stew

  • Please heat up your milk, unless you love the toilet

  • Bro how? He makes everythinf look so good, He can make 3 raddishes into a whole full course meal.

  • - No dude, I have never met you. So come to Australia for some reason.

  • Nice intro,lad

  • Mashed potatoes need nutmeg 🍄

  • I'm weird, I guess. I like my mashed potatoes still kinda lumpy with the skin still on. Call it rustic-style.

  • I just got my braces on and I can't chew, this vid has been a godsend to me

  • I’m not much of a creamy mash potato person, I just like traditional style, with extra butter😂

  • Man, I'm saving this one for next Thanksgiving. Nobody will expect the loaded baked potatoes at the family gatherings.

  • peel all the russets at once. Just put them in water as soon as they r peeled. Whole. U can cut them and change water, or the pot later

  • Personally, I hate mashed potatoes, because the starch _always_ gives it a chalky texture. What everybody else calls "fluffy" only feels like a chalky paste to me. I might like an extremely overworked mashed potato recipe, though, if that makes it smooth.

  • Every potato is Solanum tuberosum

  • I wanted to make this but I don't have the right kind of potatoes. You know, being on another continent and all. FUCK.

  • Wait didn't he tell ranch to fuck off in his Inferno Wings episode?

  • Try nutmeg in your basic mash! It will blow your mind!

  • Drippy potatoes are a sin.

  • Babish: says he likes ranch. Me: *remembers that one time that Babish cursed out ranch because he was making blue cheese dipping sauce*

  • If your mashed potatoes are smooth enough to go through a piping bag, they're incorrect

  • If a content creator you like gets sponsored you should be HAPPY for them as a viewer. Most people aren't making much money at all off of views or EEclone ads and haven't for a long time. Anyways, wake me up when Hidden Valley makes a dairy-free seasoning.

  • Am I alone in liking some lumps in my potatoes?

  • You should recreate Joel Robuchon Michelin star mashed potatoes at one point. It would be interesting to see your twist on it.

  • What is that White Powder in the kitchen honey ? Well its a ahhh its ahhhh snifff.... AHHHHH A FLAFOUR HONEYY JUST A FLAFOUR

  • I like lumps in my mashed tatoes though.

  • needs more pitzman's mustard

  • Instant dislike when I saw the use of milk! 🤮 mashed potatoe is mashed with butter! Nothing else! Take it from an Irish person. And if you know the Irish, we love our potatoes

  • Creativity with GGR

  • Someone at 6:43 was hungry Look to the right, reflection in the oven

  • 6:43 Ghost in the oven 😁

  • 0:41 thought my wifi turned off

  • I really like how he salts everything

  • No nutmeg? :😯

  • I've learnt that you never salt the water when making mash.

  • Guys, it’s just fucking ranch.

  • oooo ranch popcorn


  • As far as mash is concerned, it obviously shouldn't have lumps but it should have a good, hearty body. If it can be stirred like a rather thick sauce, then it's not mash. Why do people puree innocent mash to death? I will never understand it. (For the record, we just add butter. It's about the only thing my Dad actually does. Variations on mash though is good as long as it's thick.)

  • Meh.....I like a little bit of chunks in my mash

  • Apparently it requires more gravy...100% more please.

  • I love lumps 🤤

  • Usually a shill is a bad thing. But shill away man.

  • You said you don’t like ranch in the inferno wings video you said I’m not like those backwoods weirdos

  • This isn’t your fathers mash potatoes

  • Ranch is just kinda gross most of the time

  • ....I thought lumps/being chunky was the point of using real potatoes and not just flakes?

  • so....potato pancakes with the leftovers from this episode?

  • 0/10, where the hell is the garlic???

  • “Salad”

  • How the fuck is there no nutmeg in any of the mash? Also, feel free to add an egg yolk to it in the end. Shit becomes insanely delicious. This feel like amature potato hour. Got some mash left over? Greekify it by putting your cold leftover mash in a hot pan with a bit of olive oil. Add fresh garlic and enjoy the following food coma. Feel free to garnish with some chives and/or bacon bits.

  • tiny whisk would have gotten hurt with the mashed popos

  • andy?

  • Nice

  • "until the water is like the ocean, or tears" That hit different now that I started high school.

  • I love hidden vally ranch thanks for sponsoring btw

  • Guys he said it 5 times calm down

  • I just hope your sponsors know that literally no one will buy their shit :DD

  • My kind is being cooked and eaten... *cries*

    • That's not a haiku! My kind has been cooked and et boohoohoohoohoo

  • ahh yes i totally believe that babish would actually use the hidden valley ranch seasoning lmao

  • My wife is polish and I’m from the southern United States. She adds sour cream rather than butter. I add enough butter to induce a cardiac arrest. This video caused arguments in our house tonight.

  • I got your hidden valley ad on this video before I started watching it that’s pretty cool I think

  • The slow mo at the start stood out a little bit because of his left arm.

  • >bacon You ruined it

  • “Hidden Valley Ranch Seasoning Shaker TM”

  • I god Babish I sure hope you didn’t eat that whole Goddamn bowl of potatoes

  • Normally I wouldnt like the shilling of a product but I've used their ranch in creamy mashed potatoes on several occasions. Good low cost stuff

  • Would anyone else wanna watch babish cook for Gordon Ramsay?

  • Knife is cool

  • I don’t like ranch

  • also sub milk with sour cream for an even better tastesperience

  • Slow-mo Babish 😏

  • Skin to flesh ratio sounds weird, what about surface area to volume ratio

  • voyboy

  • The only reason I’m watching this is because of him. I hate potatoes

  • Sorry but I honestly believe that the best mix in in cream cheese. Hard stop.