Chicken Parmesan | Basics with Babish

Avaldati 10 dets 2020
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  • I only put Fiji water in my tomato sauce

  • Babish: "...make sure you try this at least once." Italian-New Yorker: "Wha? You mean there are some who never had it?! Inconceivable!!"

  • I made this a few days ago. Definitely a win, probably would have been nicer if I hadn't substituted the chili flakes with 3 Thai chillis

  • ha imagine not pronouncing it like pa - measan

  • Vegetarians: where are the veggies? 😂

  • Have you considered adding some more basil to this dish? :-)

  • I love your food i wish i can eat them🙂🙂🤓🤓

  • Do you take on apprentices?

  • I've long considered Alton Brown to be my food Jesus. You Sir, have now become my food Buddha. Thank you for (in the words of my food Jesus) your "passion without pretension" and your "knowledge without attitude".

  • My sister likes parm

  • Trisha Paytas Direct me over here because I seen the recipe on her channel but when I clicked on yours it was completely different I know she was trying which is understandable but I am still making this dish tonight it is absolutely stunning and I love what you do with the pasta which makes it more yummy!! I’m so glad I found you from Trisha‘s page I love watching cooking channels and never heard of you!!!!!!!! ❤️❤️ SOO happy 😃 I found this channel!!!

  • Looks delicious

  • and here we have the best pasta dish ever crrated

  • Love this recipe ❣❣❣ Like how you add the sauce OVER the melted cheese, so the chicken STAYS nice and CRUNCHY 😊😊😊😊💗❣

  • Is it just me, or is the way he cooked the Chicken literally just Chicken Katsu, and just melted cheese on it and put it over pasta.... and calling it Chicken Parm... Westernized Chicken Katsu but just calling it Chicken Parm instead...

  • Where’s the ham?

  • over cheesed...

  • when im rich im gonna pay someone to make me this all the time

  • Hi babish :D

  • Why isn’t Babish on master chef yet?

  • Do any dish from the show Food Wars on Netflix its an anime and I got hella faith you could make any of the dishes and knock it out the park

  • when my family makes chicken parm we like it a bit more wet so we back it with the sauce and cheese more like a lasagna but thats our personal preference

  • Haha, shout-out to my town at the end! PT's is the best coffee ever!

  • I'm stealing this and mastering it. Thanks buddy

  • Who’s Trisha lol

  • Milanesa de pollo con fideos tirabuzón. Asombroso.

  • This episode came up after I washed trishas episode where she cooked this lol.

  • The accessible cauliflower semiannually hum because jogging canonically head plus a festive postage. icky, fresh form

  • POV: you’re here because you saw Trisha Paytas make this and now you wanna try it too

  • I feel like he should give Trish a little shout out. 💓

  • Whose here from Trisha Paytas video ✋

  • The fact the this is recommended to me after watching Trisha’s attempt in making this dish 🙃

  • Trisha Paytas. sent me over. I’ve never seen this before. I live in Scotland and will defo need to try this as it looks lovely.

  • Trisha Paytas sent me here

  • Here from Trish

  • please collab with trish and wear one of her wigs

  • Who is here because of Trisha? Lol

  • Trisha lol

  • Here from Trisha’s new video 🤤❤️

  • Trisha Paytas!? Is that you??

  • Isn't it funny that Trisha watches Babish

  • Trisha paytas brought me here lol

  • trisha paytas brought me here

  • Who’s here after watching Trisha butcher the recipe?

  • I’m making this, just gotta run for an hour on the treadmill first.

  • Anyone here after watching Trisha Paytas make this meal? Looks delish! 🤤

  • Trisha sent me❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Trisha sent me here. My husband is going to love this as much as Moses did 😍

  • Mmmmmmmm chicken *permission.*

  • Can you please do an episode with trish

  • Who's here after Trisha Paytas video?

  • Here after watching Trisha paytas video 😌

  • Who’s from trish

  • I came from trish lol

  • TRISHA PAYTAS brought me here!!! :) who else??

  • Here because of Trisha Paytas 😍

  • Here to check how it looks in comparison to Trisha’s end result.

    • She actually did well! Moses doesnt like basil so she kept it out for him

    • Same honestly Hers looked pretty similar, now I’m craving chicken parm at 10am

  • Who’s here after watching Trisha tempting this???

    • 100% me. Never heard of this cooking channel before Trish

    • Me😭 I watch babish daily and already watched this one but I had to again cause I love trish.

    • Me 😆

    • Definitely not meee🤫

  • trisha's was better

  • Trisha Paytas likes your content, that is the coolest and weirdest thing I’ve found out about in 2021!

  • Just watched Trisha make this :)))


  • I made this for my family and it received glowing reviews from everyone. Thank you for yet another amazing recipe.

  • Trisha

  • Hello Trisha fans! So she was supposed to buy whole tomatoes. She did so well.

    • @xoxo.Juniper Meadows lol maybe I misread

    • @Helen yes, that is what I said. Whole vs. canned and diced.

    • No she wasn't lol she used the right thing canned whole tomatoes

  • Trisha brought me here

  • Anyone here from Trisha


  • Who’s here from Trish

    • Who is trish

    • 🙋🏽‍♀️🙋🏽‍♀️🙋🏽‍♀️

  • I just made this for my husband and he said it was the best Chicken Parm he has ever had. That I also had to make it again. We are eating it right now, while playing Final Fantasy 14. Thanks Babish. You have inspired me to learn how to make stuff from scratch!!

  • Michael Green and Trisha Paytas have both been talking about your food, so now I’m making this tonight lol I can’t wait

  • This looks violently American, that portion size 👀

  • How did I get here

  • Bare fist or the thor hammer Mjolnir everytime! Haha 😂

  • What's wrong with being fancy lol


  • i wonder how many user on here has watched this video because of @kidbehindthecamera made this in one of his videos pls like if you see this i would love to know lol

  • Idk why italians hate americans improving their food

    • Well this is entirely Italian American, so they can shut tf up. It has nothing to do with Italian cuisine, aside from the use of certain Italian ingredients.

  • Wait. Americans don't usually put the cheese and sauce on it? A parmi is a pub delicacy in Australia, this knowledge has deeply saddened me

  • Wanted to try this for years, but in the UK there's only one TAKEAWAY who make it, and they're in Middlesborough up norf. Thanks Babish for making the Chicken Parm look boougie as oppose to the takeaway slop my girlfriend wont let me order.

  • Also should be served with chips ( with chicken salt)

  • It’s chicken parma not parmi.

  • “Too much garlic! Garlic everywhere,”“It makes me want to cry,”Simple ONE or TWO clove ! After all, Americans are messing with their grandma’s grandma’s grandma’s recipes. Garlic, you see, is not quite the staple of Italian cuisine Americans think it is. Depending on who you speak to, onions are a controversial ingredient too - and don’t even think of ever combining the two in a single dish. In Italy, the parmigiana treatment is given to eggplants, not chicken or other meats.

  • Do Winchester surprise from Supernatural.

  • Immanuel 🙏🙌🙂

  • Binging with Babish 2006 - 2021 R.I.P

  • geez, you gonna eat all that? talk about heartburn! portion control please! like a 3rd of that, along with a nice salad.

  • Imma make this

  • nah gotta cover ever mm of that chicken in cheese

  • Who’s here from kid behind a camera

  • Who’s here form kidbehindacamra video

  • Whos here from kid behind the camera video 😁😁😁

  • Michael told me about you

  • Finally someone who can make it properly! Best one I’ve seen on EEclone !

  • 3:51 There's a mysterious hand!

  • I made this on valentine's day for my mom and dad but my mom is sleeping and my dad loves it and babish you inspired me to start cooking but try the chicken by itself its killer

  • Making for valentine's tonight!

  • Havin this tonight for Valentines Thank You for this amazing recipe


  • mirelurk sandwich from fallout 4