Binging with Babish: Chef's Choice Platter from Monster Hunter: World

Avaldati 30 märts 2021
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The Chef’s Choice Platter has haunted me for years. A glorious, cross-cultural mishmash of cuisines piled high and deep, devoured by a warrior and downed with a flagon of ale. Then it dawned on me: it was a “chef’s choice” platter, and I’m the chef! So I’m making what I want and devouring it like a warrior - slowly, in sensible portions, as leftovers throughout the week.
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  • Big shout out to @kenutygaming for the MH:W footage!

    • Next FFXIV food

    • Granny Palico's Hearty meal? plz?

    • This recipe will be in one of your books right?

    • I just started playin the game and found it intresting from the start that the people in monster hunter are so gluttonous.Never tought id find this video

    • No tiny whisk? 😭

  • *Sprinkle a little bit of salt* Decides to just drop an entire handful of salt

  • I like babish more without hair

  • Me watching this while eating a peanut butter and jelly sandwich: *Interesting.*

  • Not gonna lie he got me with the fake skip button 👏..👏..👏.. bravo...

  • man, i think ill have the babish skewer for lunch today! *sticks it in the microwave*

  • I don’t know what was more shocking, you with hair, or you being loud and boisterous when you cut the pineapple in that video

  • I thought the stew was more of a chowder

  • Dude , how you eat that all alone? 🤔

  • irl the chefs choise from monster hunter world is a meal for like four or five people.

  • Now do the Grandmeowster's dish, please.

  • How do you tell people you're a stoner without telling people you're a stoner: Use your Snoop Dogg scale in a food video with over 2 million views 😂

  • Forget a swinging watch or a swirling pattern. If you wanna hypnotize me, put on any Babish video

  • Why am I just now learning sausage casings are intestines . . .

  • Nice to see he has multiple uses for that scale

  • Ok, he got me with that fake skip button

  • Настолько вкусно и красиво всё это выглядит, что я бы сам это всё хотел съесть.

  • Best ad XD


  • Best cooking chanel

  • I am a chef and I do not choose this

  • was that a epic meal time reference with the sawsages

  • The fact that you made tepache warms my heart, I used to drink lots of the stuff when I visited my relatives in Tuxpan


  • You age like wine

  • I fell for all the skip ad things

  • Video starts at 1:03

  • Babish with hair Babish with hair

  • Babish: *is a professional chef* Also Babish: 9:21


  • Best meal in mhw btw

  • I hate u for that intro

  • If I may suggest: anything from Ring Fit Adventure

  • " *how do i describe the babish cookware line?* " "It has my face on it"

  • In Spain the crispy rice that is facing the pan is called "socarrat". Nice recipes and congratulations for your channel!

  • I imagine his whole crew just never have any food before they start working because they know by the end they’re gonna get something to eat XD

  • I was actually trying to skip the commercial lol

  • Can you please make food from killing eve?

  • “Safety first shrimp second what I always say” I’ve never heard u say that in my life 🤣

  • Chef combat. Those were the days. Remember dueling one of my fellow chefs because we didn't agree on seasonings. He didn't make it and I got fined. Not jailed because I was right and the dish tasted better with my choice according to the judge.

  • Capcom needs to Motion Cap Babish to be the chef in their next Monster Hunter game

  • I actually thought that the ad at the start was a real ad, and not part of the video

  • Noice.

  • I have always wanted to eat the palico made food from mhw man thank you

  • Why am I hearing "Proof of a Hero"

  • I just want the tiny whisk

  • No tiny whisk, my disappointment is immeasurable and my day is ruined.

  • That pineapple drink looks *delicious* and now I wanna make it

  • His old look looks nothing like him

  • speaking of babishes... or babi’s old videos, he didnt post for 6 years

  • Meowscular chef would be proud

  • Man I would love to get these foods he makes or even be able to make them I can’t make much outside of my own recipes which have no standard ingredient measurements I add ingredients and season to taste

  • You fool, little do you know I have EEclone premium. You cannot trick me

  • Throughout the video, I was constantly trying to figure out where I knew the dish paella, then I remembered sophomore year spanish class

  • That was your first video with food

  • Babish: *mentions espetada* *Happy noises* Babish: like in Brasil *Disappointed Portuguese noises* :(

  • When is he gonna drop that dope trivet???

  • I want the tiny whisk so bad

  • The ad really got me

  • Was I the only one that thought I got an ad about babish in a video from babish?

  • at the beginning i saw the ad thingy at the bottom left and was like "YOOOOOOOOOOO BABISH IN AD YOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO"

  • why is so many animal to die

  • " Yeah that's right, i had hair. "

  • Where did you get that mug??

  • Brazilian here love your pronunciation of picanha!

  • He should do the Dangos from MH Rise

  • That ad troll button at the start of the video tho...

  • I actually thought the beginning was an ad😅😂😂😂

  • If his name is Andrew Rea, who tf is Oliver Babish?

  • i never thought i would want to buy tongs and bowls so bad

  • I want this man to be my doctor

  • The fact that you didn't grab a skewer and rip a piece off with your teeth just like the clip disappoints me greatly. I will accept the fact that you read my mind and acknowledged the fact you used to have hair as payment.

  • Now all he needs is a gaming channel

  • The video was filled from start to finish with chaos and i’m loving it

  • Now do the 🍡 from Rise

  • We NEED the iceborn version of this

  • i actually thought it was an ad at the beginning

  • I’ve been waiting for this since 2019 and I am glad it’s happened P.s should have been made by palicos but i am still satisfied

  • How would you feel about tackling the Bunny Dango from Monster Hunter Rise? They look so cute and yummy!

  • Every time I hear you say "nice", I think of Steve1989MRE haha

  • missed the opportunity for pip-n-bab(ish)

  • So I'm trying the chicken and I'm a little concerned. Simply because the instructions on the bird I bought say 1.5 hours for a 3.5lb bird. They do say a lower cooking temp (180c instead of 205c) and that's without the dry brining or inverted cooking too. I'm guessing that the higher temp makes a difference and the brining and cooking method does too. Please help me out because the last thing I want is an undercooked/overcooked chicken.

  • okay been waiting for this one.

  • This man is legendary Happy Hunting, Babish

  • Ah yes, my favorite weapon the babish eight inch knife

  • You got me there a bit That add tho


  • The cooking process starts at 2:06

  • 10:44 Adam Ragusea moment

  • W8 is he doing video games now?!?!

  • Now, this is worth a gourmet ticket!

  • Oh to dream of a babish culinary universe restaurant. Where the menu changes every week, and the items on it are always things seen on on his channel from various locations in pop culture. Alas, tis but a dream...

  • Another reason why I wish I never had a shellfish allergy cause I'll never be able to taste amazing things like these XD

  • Everyone knows the centre piece of the Babish line is going to be the tiny whisk

  • 7:16 Bab-n-bop

  • Banish with hair isn't real, he can't hurt you

  • I’m back just in time for great news and great videos stockpiled

  • Is no one gonna talk about Babish with hair?

  • I’m hungry now

  • No one's talking about the fake ad skip at the start of the video?