Date Night Dinner | Basics with Babish

Avaldati 11 veebr 2021
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Canapes, pastas, and desserts you can make for date night...or just any occasion.
My playlist of preferred cooking tunes, Bangers with Babish!
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  • Babish gave his girl both type of egg plants

  • Babish “Freshly cut fingernails” Me, a Bi lady, “Ah. I see what you’re getting at. Romance.”

  • We're gonna beat this on medium high speed for 3 mins until it reaches the ribbon stage where the luxurious mixture drips off the whisk like.... Another viscous white fluid? Probably in line with the rest of the videos thinly veiled allusions...

  • would you recommend the jordan olive oil?

  • Am I the only one who thought about Andy’s friend from college every time he says Broccoli Rob lol. Sorry idk how to spell “rob” is it raub?

  • Seriously babish, speechless 👏

  • First time I've watched. Really simple and doable. Cudos!

  • He's going all in on the "GUYS I'M STRAIGHT, REALLY!!" skit

  • Love your work Babish, keep rockin'

  • Watching this even though I probably will never get a date

  • His girlfriend is the most lucky person in the universe of all time

  • The Botonist makes a decent Martini, but it makes a FANTASTIC gin and tonic, simple or a spruced up version.

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  • There is no way I'm making all that for date night, I'd be too tired for the after dinner rewards.

  • Is it just me or does the squash look fake bro

  • nitpicking here, but it's mascarpone cheese, not marscapone

  • Wait why does he never invite his gf onto the show?

  • Partner... lol

  • That eggplant is GMO for sure.

  • When are you gonna collab with ordinary sausage???? Needs to happen

  • Cheese fest, and not just the food ;)

  • I work in a restaurant where our patisserie chef uses lots of edible flowers, and it wasn't until 2:35, that i realized you were talking about flour.

  • My wife would love all of this until she'd see how much money I had to spend to buy all these f'n ingredients.

  • know today we will be making a jhf ewrjhfbejbfhejrh with a engerjhgnejirngiesauce

  • How many dates is Babich going on? So much food.

  • It’s the tiny whisks for me

  • Bro how many couples are you feeding in this date night dinner? This is SOOOO much food dude...

    • The behind-camera crew probably came together off-camera and ate together

  • 5:54-6:01 and here i thought *playing with your self* was tos for youtube. stop playing with your eggplant

  • Wow 😳

  • 9:26 you put on an oven mitt to grab a cold pan. I knew you couldn’t be perfect!

  • I don’t know why, but this inspired me to make 4 eggs Benedict

  • Two days before Valentines Day My boyfriend: I can make this. Me: you sure? Bf: yep Valentine’s Day Me: why did you buy BPs pizza? Bf: ...... Me: 😒

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  • Everything babish makes looks amazing but makes me hate my milk allergy more and more everyday! Haha

  • OwO) i hope i can find my love.. maybe i will learn how to make a date first

  • We want more Sohla!!

  • This video is all over the place 😂😂 I got confused

  • Lowkey, i thought Babish was vibin with Sohla this whole time

  • Hi! Just putting it out there in case someone, like me, doesn't have an oven, you can do the first choco cake recipe exactly the same including the water 3/4th around them, but instead of the oven for 60min, you can do them in a slow cooker on high for 60min! I also pushed a square of dark chocolate into the center for extra yummy gooeyness :)

  • Can we get a basics with babish all about cooking chicken? Or even one just about chicken tender type foods?

  • Babby makes me feel happy when I get sad at 3 am :)

  • Kosher salt is just salt, right? It's not some special type of salt, is it? NaCl is NaCl I think.

  • 8:58 you can tell the squash is cgi

  • This was so sweet. Happy for you Andrew!

  • Does anyone know where he got the planter he grows his herbs in?

  • Cooking is a love language.

  • Can you make Ben 10 chili fries or Mr smoothie please

  • Camera guy: "I shouldn't enjoy this"

  • I don’t have a girlfriend so I’ll skip to the drinking part. Except I’m not gonna do all that other stuff, I’ll just drink from the bottle until I can’t see shapes.

  • When the pandemic reaches its conclusion it would be neat to have a dinner party themed video. For a nice sized group of people.

  • Ever since he got his pepper cannon any "few twists of pepper" are equal to hundreds for the average household pepper grinder😅

  • I think I would lend you my wife

  • her gf is sooooo cute

  • I think some of the color settings on one of the cameras got mucked up.

  • Until just now I thought Broccoli Rob was just a member of Here Comes Treble

  • It’s people like you that have gotten me into wanting to start my own food truck

  • 16:24 They are so cute together!!

  • respect sir!

  • Mercy, after all that work, i need a vaca!!! Lol beautiful

  • I am alone

  • "Cakes"... Isn't this soufflé? Am I missing a joke or maybe is soufflé not a thing in the states?

    • It’s not rly a thing here, we’re uncultured 😂

  • That drink looks amazing! gonna have to try that

  • Thanks for this babish, now i need a tutorial on how to get a girlfriend :(

  • Take a shot every time he says "freshly ground pepper"

  • I think i will stick to peanut butter toast, but love the idea tho.

  • Some times the color is off and makes things look gross


  • Cute

  • Pov: you're reading the comments to see how people react after saying after we are done playing with the egg plant

  • How much does this costs?

  • This is the final exam in basics with babish

  • I feel educated yet betrayed with the channel name change

  • Wow, I never thought to use a French press to strain cocktails before. Now I *really* need to get one


  • i had to pause that as soon as she kissed him. because yes. kiss.

  • You should really do Cocktails with Babish

  • I wanna know if Andrew has any favorite restaurants

  • Is no one gonna talk about how he cracked one egg but then 3 eggs were in the mixing bowl 😂

  • While there are easily 100 great ideas and tips in this video, the one that is the most galaxy brained to me is making a cocktail in a french press.

  • Kind of wish there were less plastic wrap in your videos =/

  • i remember watching babby when he first made his channel, very proud to see how far he has come in his life and his channel

  • long distance :(

  • There was a totally different energy in this intro, almost sounded like he was smiling a little bit while he was doing the voiceover. Whatever it was, I loved it

  • More persistent begging for Office Space episode with Pizza Shooters, Shrimp Poppers, and Extreme Fajitas.

  • I think..... they’re in love 🥺

  • Only person I can forgive for being straight

  • I like how italian cuisine is basic standard for romantic moments ^^'

  • You know you've made it when you're in the pre-roll ads before your own video. Congrats Andrew! 🥃

  • Butternut squash has an unnervingly even color.

  • You’re absolutely killing it dude. I just know these all taste out of this WORLD

  • You two are stinkin' adorable.

  • You need to fix the color-correction on your close-up camera.

  • Anyone watch this late at night with no intention of making any of this while crying yourself to sleep because your lonely on every valentines day? I got issues man...

  • I’m just curious, who has actually made any of these recipes from his videos?

  • 1:13 oh Babish, you sly, sly dog

  • Making stuffed pasta together as a romantic arts and crafts.... Ugh, sign me up

  • Was that the best Babish episode to date (no pun intended) ? I think so....

  • not the fresh cut fingernails

  • Something I’ve always wanted to see be made into reality is the dragon berry cupcakes from Dragon Tales. Childish - I know. Let me dream.

  • Idea for crossover episode : babish makes food, Ordinary Sausage turns it into sausage.