Date Night Dinner | Basics with Babish

Avaldati 11 veebr 2021
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Canapes, pastas, and desserts you can make for date night...or just any occasion.
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  • Does anyone else think of Pickle Rick everytime Andrew says broccoli rabe?

  • this is beyond adorable

  • Where are the bitters in the martini Andrew? Uncultured

  • "one teaspoon" 10:41 ...

  • Eggplant...for date night...really Babish...

  • You make my girlfriend love me more.

  • "Shocking the rob"

  • So is this the episode where the Flavors finally pop the question to each other?

  • PSSST- use 3 tealight candles under a kitchenaid mixer on medium slow to easily combine your creme anglaise eggs in the second step

  • I just made 30 kids

  • Babish= culinary genius

  • It’s 1:45am and all I want is pasta now

  • babish, i’m relying on these recipes to save my relationship. wish me luck.

  • Clipped nails huh?👀👀👀👀👀

  • Also why don't you live in Australia

  • Happy gluten Valentines day!

  • Sawyer became a dad? I sense dad jokes in the scrip within the near future

  • Why did he cheat on kosher salt 😢

  • You mean rapini babish

  • Im gonna die single 😐🤦‍♂️

  • Looks amazing! I’d rather DoorDash. Be cheaper too

  • Forget the food, I'm low-key impressed he pronounced Islay correctly

  • Made this for my wife. She still wants a divorce but she said it was delicious

  • So now I don't feel alone...I to use a Potato Masher to semi-mash up my meats for chili, tacos and spaghetti sauce !

  • In my 30 years of living on this earth, I've NEVER seen the inside of an eggplant... I feel like that's a bad thing 😅

  • You can tell it's the American version since there's like half a pound of cheese in everything

  • Me: let’s look up date night recipes Babish: i got you. First you just need to start cooking 8 weeks in advance Me: ???

  • Greatest Chef’s Wingman ever

  • Get yourself someone who loves you as much as Babish loves his Kosher Salt

  • the oranges and yellows in this video are freaking me out

  • your girlfriend is stunning mate

  • Three different PASTAbilities

  • I think you mean 3 different pasta-bilities.

  • 13:16 We had a prison break. That Garlic had a plan all along! (Bottom right of the screen)

  • Imagine putting this much effort and getting dumped on date night

  • Great. It’s gonna be 3:30 in the morning, and now I’m hungry 😭😭

  • y the squash look fake

  • Soothing voice

  • I love the Thin Man reference!

  • So...everytime I muddle fruit or herbs into a drink, I have to inexplicably wait for two hours? Okay.

  • This is one of the worst trends by American foodies and chefs: Mascarpone only has one "r" "Mah-scar-pown," "Mask-ar-pown," and "Mah-scar-po-nay" are all pronunciations, but "Mar-scar-pown" is just objectively incorrect

  • Bruh literally hearing blue Wednesdays tracks maddd this so much more enjoyable


  • Hold on I’m still playing with my eggplant

  • !

  • Babish, You forgot to salt&pepper your camera man :)

  • Why was the tomato brown in the closeups?

  • Date night dinner - First step, get a date Me - Looks like it's the end of the line for me

  • All I keep hearing is Broccoli Rob

  • Well this was so facking cute

  • She reappears from her last sighting at chicken foot

  • tried that botanist gin. best gin ive ever had straight

  • Babs you're a hero and a genius

  • 3 different PASTAbilities im not sorry

  • ok im gonna be honest but this feels like a lot of food untill i realized that they are different options aka, they aren't meant to be eaten in a single meal

  • I'm on a pretty gnarly diet right now so I'm unable to eat 90% of the things in this video. But I have a pretty active imagination, so it's somehow helping to watch while eating my handful of raw veggies.

  • "basics" ...rrrrrrrright

  • Don't think for a second that we missed "Freshly clipped fingernails" for date night

  • Watching this video when I'm single, 50% of the ingredients aren't available where I live, and when fasting and it's 7 hours till i can eat again lol.

  • I wanna know what cling film he has cuz mine does not work like that

  • My guy, it's only 5 minutes into the video and you've already made me cackle a few times now. Subscribed right away! Absolutely fantastic class and humor.

  • 1:13 "freshly cut fingernails" I just caught on to this joke... 😨😨😨

  • I watch alot of your videos and this is such a great series!!! The basics are just that, the basics. That being said, I'm sure alot of these dishes are full of new ideas for most people to explore :)

  • The color on Camera 2 is really off

  • Has Gordon ever review you ?

  • I think imma stay single lol

  • I dont have no one to have a date with

  • I’m so glad you don’t edit out the bloopers. It makes me feel so much better about my kitchen mishaps. These look delicious! You make these dishes look very approachable.

  • I think even the most jaded people about relationships can appreciate this entire video, truly wonderful

  • As a French speaker I'm really wondering why an english speaking person would say "crème anglaise" in french. Isn't there a name in english for something... english ?

  • Me: starts crying in single

  • After two martinis I just start drinking straight from the bottle, but that's just me being me...

  • Imagine date not showing up...hehe Looks yummy tho!

  • Fresh clipped finger nails 😳

  • Total Cooking Time: 55 minutes Total Prep Time: 1,152 minutes Seriously though, you're the best Andrew.

  • Thanks babish im gonna makr this for my parent’s

  • Haha this guy has a loved one SIMP

  • Fabulous video!

  • Is any of the alcohol necessary as I am under 18 , but still would love to make food like this

  • anyone else think those butternut squash look like CGI lol

  • Do you write off all the food you buy for filming?

  • What the herb planter thing? Does it come in a kit or something?

  • What am I supposed to do with OZ??? I need Grams!!!

  • On date night, I bring out my meatballs! ;p

  • How your partner isn't fatter than Pluto is beyond me. She must have a great deal of self control!

  • :O WOW all of that looks amazing. I wish my boyfriend had your passion (and talent) for cooking

  • “If my math is correct...” me spends 10 minutes of my life to figure out what I already knew

  • Andrew and Jess are just the cutest 🥺

  • Date Night brought too you by Sugar

  • If you want to make Breton* caramel sauce, use salted butter instead of kosher salt. *From Brittany, a region in France

  • For your next tattoo, you should consider the "Zweigles" logo and see if they'd sponsor you...right outta ROC. We love you here in your hometown. Stay well brother.

  • So ramtik

  • Great video, your wife is pretty and looks like she has a fun and great personality. Thanks for all the great content you have inspired me numerous times. Your new cookware looks great and I will definitely be taking a look at making a purchase!!

  • is Sohla coming back?

  • cc: "it's time to strain the sky" XD what. i hope hard of hearing folks aren't confused by that.

  • "flowerless" say the cc. well i would... hope not? O.o

  • Rip to the piece of garlic that flew off the counter

  • Date night with me myself and I.....🚬🍷🚬🍷🕯️