Binging with Babish: Monica's Candy from Friends

Avaldati 15 dets 2020
Little is known about Monica Geller's addicting, social-norm-disrupting candy: it involves chocolate, it tastes like little drops of heaven, it's indescribable. Based off what I've observed in my frame-by-frame analysis, it appears to be chocolate-covered caramels, something I'm more than apt to make. But it involves tempering chocolate - will I survive? Yeah, probably - tempering chocolate sucks, but so long as you have a double boiler/an accurate thermometer/patience, anyone can do it!
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  • Want to do a big blowout episode for the final Binging episode of 2020! Shout out what you want to see

    • Let's see how many subscribers I can get from this comment. Current (18)

    • The amazing chocolate dessert from Joey's date in Friends 🙏🍫🍮

    • Rachel’s truffle from friends

    • A potato peel pie from the Gurnsey Literary and Potato Pie Society

    • The unkosher salt.

  • At first I thought the candy was made of meat.

  • Can you please do the cheesecake from friends

  • Petition for Babish to make the cheesecake Rachel and Chandler stole?

  • can you use milk chocolate?

  • I don't wanna be that person, but you forgot the white drizzle she puts on top of the candies.

  • when i saw moni i thought ddlc

  • But what about the white chocolate she decorates on top with the squeeze bottle? 🥺

  • When he said 110° I got confused because in the UK 100° is the temperature water boils at

  • "No, not cAndY lAdY"

  • Hmm could've sworn I saw Monica put crushed/chopped nuts and a drizzle of (what I'm guessing is) white chocolate towards the end?

  • hmm i wonder if i can use cannabutter.

  • Thanks, but what do I use the Ox Tails for?

  • That hand shake. Every single time

  • To improve your chocolate’s… It’s quite easy add a pinch of fresh ground cinnamon, nutmeg, and Cardiman to your caramel. You could also improve this caramel by using goats milk instead of cows milk. To improve the chocolate use a chocolate that has a 70 percent dark chocolate And add a dash of coffee essence. Then use smoked flaky sea salt instead of just plain sea salt. It would also be better if you could put a freshly toasted Armand on top of each caramel before in robing in chocolate. As I’m allergic to almond I tend to use freshly toasted macadamias instead.

  • Can you make something from the anime called Yumeiro Patissiere, Yakitate Japan or Food wars.

  • arent these just milk duds?

  • Drops of heaven

  • Now i want Joey's meatball sandwich 🥪 chandler and Rachel's cheesecake Ross's Turkey sandwich with moist maker and Phebe's nestle toll house chocolate chip cookies

  • What about the moist maker

  • Chocolate be like “oh yeah”

  • why did i see ox tails in a candy vid

  • You forgot to drizzle on the frosting

  • awesome video

  • I really thought those oxtails were some kind of fluffy marshmallow or taffy type thing and now I'm upset

  • So you just made yema. Okay

  • From afar the oxtail looked like multi colored pink marshmallow.

  • I wanna know how you figured out the receipe? Ive been trying for years

  • If you got the Friends Advent calendar they actually gave the recipe for the candy....

  • Wait... why didn't you use your souvide to keep the chocolate at 94?

  • Make the cheesecake that Chandler and Rachel where obsessed with eating!

  • m o r e q u i c k l y

  • remake the dishes from chocolat

  • I always accidentally end up making tempered chocolate and I honestly have no idea how I do it.

  • Monica's candies surely wouldn't have been salted caramel because that wasn't a Thing back in the 90s. Wish it wasn't a Thing now...

  • *Kosher Salt*

  • you should do something from bridgerton

  • Now I want Ross's favorite mashed potatoes with lumps

  • You forgot the white chocolate drizzle. When she says "I've only got 2 hands!!!" she's drizzling white chocolate on the candies.

  • Can u do the moist maker sandwich by ross plssss

  • I always thought this stuff looked absolutely amazing. Glad you did it.

  • I just thought of something. Why not use a cooling rack and dump the chocolate over the Carmel’s and shake the rack to drip any excess down.

  • O M F G how in the heck did I MISS this one? *♡SWOOOOONS♡*

  • I could've sworn Monica's chocolates had swirls of white chocolate on top, or maybe I'm wrong....🤔🤔🤔🤔

  • So... way to much work for something you can easily buy at the store

  • do the black and white cookies from seinfeld!! :D

  • So, a question arises. I want to try it out, but I don't think I can get my hands on light corn syrup, at least not easily enough for me to do it. Can I just add a little bit more sugar?

  • Now I want to see the cheesecake from Mama's Little Bakery

    • *pulls fork out of jacket* what are we havin’?

    • You're eating the cheesecake without me

  • Monica would be so impressed

  • Saucepn

  • In Germany you can buy this exact candy at the store called "Riesen" they are heaven and insanely addictive

    • They also pull out your teeth. But yes, they're tasty.

  • Thanks for this!!!! Who would have thought. I miss and love Friends!

  • Joey's best sandwich in the world that he would take a bullet for!! Please!!

  • Hey can you do all the food from my hero academia?

  • This must've like 5 star candy found in india indians may relate

  • I imagined the candy was more like taffy

  • Haven’t even watched already my favourite episode

  • Throughout the video, I was waiting for a loud knock on the door with someone yelling 'BRING OUT THE CANDY!!!'

  • The sandwich where Ross keeps saying “MY SANDWICH”

  • "Once everyone is cubed they will be coated in chocolate"

  • Who wants cheesecake from friends?

  • how much chocolate did you use for that serving???

  • wait thats not the candy that was in the thumbnail. i mean i thought it was going to be some weird candy that Monica invented on Friends, but its just caramels covered in chocolate which seems pretty normal and common :/

  • Sorry 🤢 salted caramel is bad enough but then putting tons of salt on chocolate on top makes me cry

  • Those look exactly like the ones on my counter that I bought from Sam's club.

  • Why is tempering necessary?

  • I was really concerned when I saw meat at the beginning.

  • Did anyone else hear the kitchen sounds behind the music and voice over? Or am I losing my mind?

  • Just FYI from a Friends Nerd (don’t come for me), but there’s a shot later in the episode of the chocolates being decorated with white chocolate in a drizzle effect.

  • Should do Rachel’s shepherds pie cake....

    • *Trifle It's a layered dessert, kind of like how tiramisu is

  • Friends is hands down...a Terrible show

  • Which one was Monica again?

  • You should make the best sandwich ever that Barry and Murray Goldberg drive out of the state for and end up losing their keys!

  • Ok. I’m confused. I have always just melted baking chocolate, coated my candies and let them sit at room temperature and they’re perfect. I’ve never had to temper it or recrystallise it. 🤔

  • This is why I only buy chocolates

  • Dude, you're cool, but how long does it take to record an intro? Unless you are too busy, don't be a lazy EEcloner. I don't appreciate shoddy workmanship.

  • I can’t wait to try these! Thank you so much Babish 😍. Please can you teach us how to make the cheesecake from friends too? 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻

  • How do I know when it's done without a candy thermometer?

  • Those chocolate discs intrigue me.

  • So this isn't Monica's candy, it's just what you imagine it to be lol

  • Someone tag Ben here hahaha

  • Please just say SAUCE. PAN.

  • Do the pie from Blacklist

  • Look delicious!!

  • I got an ad for the "Mixing with Babish" and maker's mark thing ON THIS VIDEO.

  • =3

  • Can I use hershey's chocolate chips???

  • Or just buy salted chocolate covered Carmel

  • great intro

  • Who actually cleans all the plates or other used utensils?🤣🤣😂

  • She hit it with some sort of drizzle in the show. Was looking forward to seeing how you were going to pull that off.... but you skipped that step completely 3/10 would not recommend Still love to tho

  • ah he forgot the white chocolate drizzle, (if any of you friends fans out there noticed that monica drizzled lines of white chocolate on top)

  • I must be tired i didn't even notice that was meat I thought it was pink honey comb

  • Babish you should make the candy from Jimmy Neutron!

  • I feel like you should have put some peanuts in there. Just saying

  • please make the bon bons form that one spongebob episode :)

  • This video is the reason why i dont bake. Few hours of work on some treats. Mental

  • where are the white chocolate stripes and chopped nuts 🥺🥺🥺

  • I like cooking like yours

  • Babish, if you have trouble tempering chocolate, you can also use compound chocolate (vegetable oil instead of cocoa butter, I think), which doesn't need to be tempered.