Binging with Babish: Chili Dogs from The Irishman (feat. You Suck at Cooking)

Avaldati 17 dets 2019
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The Irishman, like many of Scorsese's sweeping epics, uses food to help build its rich cast of characters. Prison sauce for Henry Hill, steak for Jake La Motta, apple pie with yellow cheese for Travis Bickle - and most recently, chili dogs for Jimmy Hoffa. Follow along this week as we build an all-American artery clogger entirely from scratch, with a little help from You Suck at Cooking.
Music: "Juparo" by Broke for Free
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  • Pour one out for Pimblokto

    • @Tristan Taimanglo im giving you -7.628 seconds to delete this

    • R.I.P Pimblokto 😔😔😔😔

    • So THATS how you spell it

    • RIP Pimblokto

    • @Mohit Sahu Americans don't deny the existence of grams, we just refuse to learn them in grade school. If you cook, you learn how to use grams

  • Can you do a chicken version of this cuz I don't eat beef.

  • these comments aren't funny "oh why did he make is own [insert random bullshit] dislike!"

  • If you are blessed with a sausage this long

  • Nice glizzy

  • Glizzy

  • one punch man theme

  • I'm so excited and grateful that BWB incorporates some of my favourite, often missed, YT cooks into his channel. You go, sir!

  • Now i know how to make chilli

  • Sonic called, he wants your entire stock


  • Wait YSAC made a cookbook? Wild. I haven't watched him in... I wanna say years

  • Wtf what are u the same

  • It helps if you use a sausage stuffer an run water through the casings before putting on the stuffer.

  • “So anyway guys we’re gonna start our hot dog by making our own homemade dog”

  • tiny whisk finger tattoo!

  • why do you use so much plastic wrap?

  • But banish... What happens when you don't add any fat ? Just meat . Is it gonna go wrong ?

  • 0:30 I felt insulted. Oh wait, that's the channel name?

  • where;s the beer

  • "if you're blessed with a sausage this long" great wording there.

  • Ketchup doesnt go on hotdogs

  • "and ready to receive our hotdogs"

  • I'm left curious just which punk rock anthems

  • babish please like this

  • There is a better hot dog and is call completo, you dont even know what you are missing if you don't try one.

  • It’s just his voice bruh

  • Babish the glizzy gladiator

  • Omg is that a glizzy jk

  • Oh so when Andrew twists his sausage he is a "great cook" and "doing a great job" , but when I do it I need to "pull my pants up" and "please leave the restaurant"


  • Sonic would be proud

  • Ordinary sausage Collab anyone?

  • Glizzy from scratch

  • Bro that’s haram, you didn’t use hallal beef, disliked and unsubbed (this is a joke)

  • Glizzy💀

  • Babish is so kind and generous that he gives his "yeast some snack". 😭

  • Blessed with a hotdog that long.....check. Although I had to rush to the ER after the twist.

  • Glizzy

  • I do love Your video’s, but van EEclone Make video’s in which you speak less quick, for me; Dutch it’s hard to follow! Thanks ! Cheers from Holland

  • 5:25 enjoy

  • May the Farce be with you!

  • Any one gonna talk about when he said this brings me back to middle school health class? Lol🤣😂

  • rise of skywalker trailer


  • I can respect it.. but damn that's a lot for some hot dogs

  • *Sanic likes his chilli dawgs!* *Gotsa Go Fest!*

  • "if you are blessed with a sausage this long" >.> lmao

  • Glizzy Man

  • Ahhh nothing better then a hotdog that someone took a steaming dump on.

  • Only has to use 3 ingredients. Babish: "That's no good." That was a Sonic reference for those who didn't get it. Because Chili dogs are also from Sonic.

  • You honestly can't get any better than Bunnings snags

  • Is skinny as a dude's pencil D lol.

  • First time I fast forwarded it.

  • I Hate that fake ass tough guy (“Bobby D”) My whole life I loved how he portrayed tough guys from “The Neighborhood” But as soon as he became political he ruined everything for me! But I still will try this recipe in my Cheesesteak shop this week end!

  • No better hotdog in the world eh ? Alright. Dare you to come to Osasco, Andrew.

  • I wised up to the whole beer, onions, and butter thing with brats and dogs, years ago. If you have a brat and/or a dog with casing, nothing permeates it into the meat. Nothing. That's unless you pierce them. Oh that is such a bad idea. So, save the waste and just make your own mix of whatever and heat it up butter, beer, onions. And on your heating element of choice while the dog or brat cooks, slather your mix on it and you're done, without all the dramatics, of course.

  • “If you’re blessed with a sausage this long” Im immature 😂😂😂

  • Secret gobbler?

  • Despite making up only 13% of the hotdog, beef fats are responsible for 50% of the flavour

  • i like how he picks up the other book with a clean hand and his own with greasy fingers nice one

  • What punk song? I wonder?

  • Glizzy

  • If you see this you should try what ever the locals eat from Disney’s amphibia pls try it

  • i made just the hot dog and it is pretty fantastic

  • Babish: “Work as slowly as you can” O.S.: “3..2..1.. LETS SAUSAAAAAAAAAAGE!!”

  • Ok Babish is it okay to my chili dogs looks like subway footlong


  • *Bingy with Baba.* I’m so sorry.


  • He really lifted those books with the legs

  • We need a collaboration between ordinary sausage and binging with babish

  • glizzy

  • torpedo isn't the shape id use to describe those dough

  • Andrew if I forgot to add a beaten egg to the wet ingredients and the dough is already proofing do you think the buns will still turn out decently?

  • Can someone explain to me in great detail, how on gods green earth it can take 45 min to cook wieners ?.

  • Where did u get the casing's from? can I find Kosher casing?

  • Mr. Babish I gotta say I wish I could eat those hot dogs you made. I would add some Picante Sauce for the extra kick.

  • even sonic would be proud

  • Bravo Sir... Bravo!

  • Glizzy tutorial

  • Instead of water ice cubes use beer ice cubes

  • I forgot about you suck at cooking till I watched this like 2 months after I watched all his videos he had out

  • That's interesting. The Russian word for ground meat in general is "farsh".

  • Chili glizzy

  • What punk rock do you listen to I'm pretty fond of MCR

  • I can be wrong.. but is that a kai knife?


  • I wish i can eat one :/

  • Haha glizzy

  • Who the hell puts ketchup on their hotdog 🤮

  • All that and then *YOU RUIN IT WITH KETCHUP* 😨😨😨😨😨😨😨😨😨

  • GWAN Babish. Although I do have to say, I can't stop reading it as god damn Bing-ing with Babish when I see you're god damn title.

  • mira fantastico!

  • Wish I had the kitchen to make everything you make Babish

  • i got a ranch ad before this

  • ya know. i think i’m a vegetarian now. 🤢



  • Ah yes glizzy