Binging with Babish: Ziti and Lasagna from The Sopranos

Avaldati 17 sept 2019
Rarely does food play such a central character in a TV show or movie that's not specifically about food, but in The Sopranos, it might as well be one of the family. The crown jewel of which, despite Artie Bucco's hapless attempts, is the cuisine of Carmela Soprano. Strap on your gold President and build a ramp for the ducks, because it's time to emotionally repress our murderous mentality with some cheesy, saucy pasta - with a layer of basil underneath the cheese, of course.
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  • Gabagool!

  • let me know if you need a extra stomach to help you finished all those good stuff...

  • Good thing I didn't buy that book. All I had to do was wait waaaaay too long for Babish to post a video and then watch it waaaaay after he posted it, at 337AM.

  • I love adding Spinach to the Ziti :P

  • Omg you put the ricotta in a bowl and mix with egg , Parmesan , salt and pepper!

  • I always assumed the layer of basil leaf was on the last layer only not through out the lasagna.

  • the third recipe is basically just rigatoni rot weiss that u can buy anywhere in saarbruecken for like 3 dollars lol

  • More garlic

  • Did anyone else let out a sigh of longing when he brought out the big pot?

  • So, is the sauce recipe he uses the actual one or the quadrupled one? Or did he only quadruple the tomatoes?

  • Parmesan and mozzarella is the traditional way to layer a lasagna even on top not sure where your research goes but it don't seem as extensive as you feel

  • Rigatoni is a type of ziti. Fight me

  • Andrew has always had the makings of a varsity cook

  • Layer of basil leaves underneath the cheese -- 'I'm curious to see how that works out.' That was a dumb line.

  • I do not understand the dislike of Ricotta? In lasagna it like one of my favorite parts

  • the fuck don't you like about rigott? Madonn'!

  • Mixing with babish looks good

  • Love lasagna-I got a tip a long time ago. Soak dried lasagna pasta in hot tap water for 30 min and prepare/bake as usual. This works perfectly and no boiling of water/pasta.

  • As if you're calling that pasta sauce gravy with a straight face. You monster.

  • the traditional Carmellas zitti is the best, sorry

  • Watching that pour of the meat sauce gave me anxiety lol

  • Gotta love how this guy says sauce

  • Don't think I didn't see you use your very very special whisk, for the corners and the sides my brother. ☝️

  • Thanks for this Andrew! Long time watcher, first time commenter. I've been looking at this pizza oven for a while. What do you have it sitting on? I am concerned about putting it on a bench or table

  • I agree, ricotta is over rated. I made a "poor man's" lasagna a while back with penne and instead of ricotta, I had some crumbled goat cheese laying around. Man that made a killer little layer! I also added cream to the meat sauce near the end. I used fresh Mottzerella in it too and I don't think it came out too wet or sloppy at all.

  • The Babish version feels over the top unhealthy with the amount of creamy cheese. It’s more mac and cheese with a bit of gravy.

  • keep up the sopranos episodes!

  • Doesn’t let the pasta rest and set, decides to serve scalding hot soupy mess. Bush league.

  • Quasimodo predicted all of this.

  • Eh baba booey

  • _Is that _*_SAWsage?_* So what, no fμckin' ziti?? Lay off the Snapple.

  • Just got done putting into the oven * Babish Style * Wow oh wow was that so much sauce ;0 I need a bigger dutch oven ;)

  • 2:47 remindsme of the world of warcraft episode of south park where cartman shits all over his mother.

  • Imagine being his neighbour

  • cottage cheese are you kidding me!? Gtfo

  • Anyone else felt disturbed at 2:47? Oh just me. . . okay

  • You don’t like ricotta, you called the sauce gravy, you use rigatoni in a baked ziti, and COTTAGE CHEESE? You’re on thin fucking ice, bud. - an Italian from jersey

    • You are not Italian you are American. Have some pride in your nation boy

  • 1:58 Imagine Jess walked in on that

  • 2:47 *screaming intensifies*

  • So what, no fuckin ziti?

  • Aye Babish, to stop this recepe from getting soupy. Do not parboil the lasagna sheets. They take up more moisture.🤷🏻‍♂️ And: Bechamel->YES

  • did babby ever get around to those artie bucco recipes he teases at the very end?

  • Everything was great until Babish replaced the creamy, delicious, perfect ricotta for some fuckin cottage cheese. Get outta here with that!

  • I'm not even italian, and I think that your version seems wrong. All of them look delicious though. I've noticed that you can't really go wrong with italian food.

  • why drain the fat lmao

  • 2:55 "One of the central tenants of lasagna making is [...].." It's 'tenets.' Tenants are people who pay you rent. 5:30 "If you want to see [blah blah blah] check out the upper right hand corner right now." Except there is nothing in the upper right hand corner right now. So fuck you, I guess.

  • it's unfortunate that he doesn't like ricotta cheese in baked pasta foods, I love it, I think it adds just enough flavor and so much texture to lasagna and ziti.

  • what does "too much cheese" mean? ive never said that in my entire life and i can't recall ever hearing it used by someone else. sounds made up.

  • Lol Janice is the absolute worst person ever!

    • To be fair, I suppose almost none of the characters have much going for them in the morality department ... most of them being malignant narcissists and sociopaths and all. But some are definitely worse than others.

    • shabbos1 she was the one who pushed a vulnerable Richie into becoming boss meaning whacking Tony. She also left her own son and refused to ever speak to him again because she wanted more money. She also latches onto bobby when his wife passed away and forced a family life into him.

    • Not quite. She killed Richie Aprile ... so she's got that going for her.

  • Stupida facking ziti

  • .........and browwn

  • Pasta alforno? More like Pasta alporno. That was some hot steamy content

  • The “father Phil” reference. You’re a true fan.

  • My Nana literally screamed “what the fuck are you doing!?”at the Video when you replaced Ricotta with cottage cheese 🤣 I’ve never heard her cuss like that

  • Wait why do people still pre cook the lasagna noodles. The noodles cook in the pan, cooked to perfection

  • To me Babish is the closest living thing to Brian from Family Guy.

  • There is no garlic in a authentic Bolognese

  • Also, I got your bechamel right over here. Ugh, ffs.

  • COME ON!!! Are you kidding me? OK, you get a point for saying "gravy, rather than "sauche," but WHO TF have you ever see use ricotta from the freaking container?? No way, man. Dump the Ricotta in the bowl with 2 eggs and salt and pepper. Mix well, then layer. FFS.

  • So what, no ******** ziti now? HEY!!!!!

  • im with babish " your mom makes soupy lasangna " ranks right up there with " your mom makes a runny ragu"

  • Cheesing with Babish.

  • "There's 2 things i fear in life: death and making besamel".my nana

  • Now, add the sauce, although I'm opposed to it..

  • So, I've made the Babbish version of the Ziti (Rigatoni) a number of times and yes it is delicious. Last Sunday I was feeling lazy and subbed Mexican Crema in place of the bechamel and it was AWESOME!!

  • Fugetaboutit!

  • What's with the no love for the ricotta?!

  • Why did you call the pasta sauce "gravy"? Gravy and sauce are not the same thing.

  • youre bald skinny and your lasagna opinions are bad

  • ricotta lacks flavour for a lasagna. I tried it before and it was a disappointment. Cheddar on the other hand...

  • Some, non lactose intolerant dumbass: **says it's too much cheese** Me: **loads shotgun with malicious intent**

  • Thos episode made me drooling!!! Grrrrr!!!

  • Babish never had the makings of a varsity athlete

  • Someone send this video to Edie Falco (actress who played carmella)

  • No but for real, too much cheese

  • well lasagna, the meat should not be mixed with the sauce, and the lasagna "noodles" should not be pre-boiled.pre-washed yes, not boiled. The sauce will cook the lasagna perfectly, without needing to boil it first. According to the clip, he never said the basil is whole, he just said a layer, which can be a layer or finely chopped basil. ;)

  • I got two ads that babish is promoting I love how infulential babish is , I know you won't see this but keep up the amazing work!

  • If you want to avoid the risk of watery lasagna then don't pre-boil the lasagna sheets and they will absorb the excess liquid when they cook. On a serious note though..this dish should really be called just baked cheese, cause there's nottin else in there 🤨.

  • Thanks for the video! I was able to make a lasagna that nobody was able to "fuggetaboutit!" Seriously, though, people keep asking me to make it again. :/

  • “A lint free towel”...ugh I own cats while it isn’t technically lint, it’s everywhere! Mmm pasta surgery

  • Quasimodo predicted all of this

  • I have NEVER boiled my lasagna noodles. I put them in the pan dry and they soak up all the liquid and cook perfectly in an hour. Also, fuck ricotta, cottage cheese all the way.

  • The only too much basil is that gay Thai basil

  • Cottage cheese is my typical stand in for anything requiring ricotta. And rigatoni is 1000% better than ziti!!!

  • I die of laughter when you speak Italian

  • I thought I was the only one who didn’t like raincoats cheese

  • FYI ricotta is not traditional in lasagna @Binging with Babish

  • made the ziti a ẃhile back, the mozzarella turned out kinda rubbery.... made it like a month later, chopped the cubes smaller, and it was a hit!!!

  • Doesn’t like ricotta but has no problem with cottage cheese wtf

  • Can you do uncle Phillies grilled cheese next?

  • Babish I love you but chill with the nutmeg please

  • Binged watched it caved it and ordered delivery. Almost 100 bucks lol well worth it.

  • Why are you opposed to ricotta cheese in lasagna?

  • if you're not loving the big leaves of basil under the layer of cheese, easy change is to use BABY BASIL.

  • Glad I'm not the only ricotta hater.

  • Too much cheese?.... There's no such thing...


  • That is a *C H O N K E R*

  • I thought you were pronouncing ziti wrong, but I looked it up and it was me. This is how we learn things folks.

    • It's italian, how else would it be pronounced?

  • You can never have to much cheese, and why do you keep calling it gravy?