Binging with Babish: Secret Ingredient Soup from Kung Fu Panda

Avaldati 1 okt 2019
The secret ingredient is...nothing! Despite that revelation, this so-called secret-soup is one of the most hotly requested dishes in the Babish Culinary Universe. Can we develop deep flavors, hand-pull noodles, and serve up a dish that lives up to Mr. Ping's noodly legacy? Yes, no, and yes.
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  • Whoops I forgot to add the dew of a single ginkgo leaf and the energy of the universe

    • amateur. He didn't even make his own noodles from scratch and grow his own herbs.

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    • Oops now you have to redo it all

  • There is no secret ingredient

  • ya should have made it a fully vegetarian dish because all the characters in Kung Fu Panda are animals so obviously they're not going to eat other animals

  • Not very secret now, It’s just soup.

  • Didn’t Po’s dad say that after he adopted Po he didn’t use radishes anymore

  • I think there is a cristmas movie where in, po has a dream in which him and mr ping make the nudle soup and I remember (please forgive my for bad spelling) boch Choy in there as well.

  • You have to do the Ramen for Space Dandy. Please.

  • It took me sometime to realize that the pig tail wasn't really a pig tail 👁️👄👁️

  • The secret ingredient was opium

  • I’m hungry

  • Did anybody hear the voice crack in the start of the Video... *or only did I?*

  • Asian food is one of those things where there are not only pretentious people around but also some bad gate keepers. That 10 year noodle mastery thing is total bullshit. Maybe if you're working a 5 star restuarant the experience is necessary but for personal cooking its whatever.

  • 1:17 i get the joke

  • So uhh making that noodle is like forging a katana

  • Did Babish made the Secret Ingredient soup? He supposed to make a meatless Soup (I mean no animal ingredient)

  • I dont think its pigs tail

  • Soup!!!

  • Now I know how good of a cook Po is.

  • Well the secret ingredient has to be white enough to hide in the soup and be salty enough to make it taste great Mhmm you thinking what I’m thinking

  • Secret Ingredient? Boatload of MSG. Obvious winner for flavor!

  • Did he watch the movies, mr. ping says that he stoped using radishes in his soups

  • The way he guesses the amount of ingredients is very asian HAHAHAHA

  • He said kneed into submission then my knees went weak

  • I was watching kung du panda today with my nephew, and I got back home, opened EEclone and I see this?

  • Very cool video, a chef-kok with skills and humor. That are cooking programs what I 👍

  • Mantis: I wish my mouth was bigger! Me: boy, you're lucky eat/drink ramen soup out of a bowl that's pool size in your size

  • ohno you got tricked the pig's tail was a pp all along

  • make a hala version

  • "I wish my mouth was bigger" Thats what she said

  • i remeber having a dvd of this movie with bonus features of how to make homemade noodles it was wild

  • Rotflmao!!!! Love this! And.... Omg... Kneeding for that long?!?!?!??!

  • Hand-Pulled Noodles, A Summary: *Suffer.*

  • I’ve been pulling noodles for 16+ Years and I gotta say you did an Amazing job, I’d hire you Instantly

  • I am a *lazy b*ch* So i bought the noodles and made the soup myself it was delicous

  • i am having a bad dream tonight

  • Ooooooh

  • can you do a collab with Gordon Ramsay?

  • When you take every effort to make each element as special as possible... that’s the secret ingredient!

  • I am watching this and eating a cup of noodles and I am satisfied

  • Po’s noodles: Has pork broth Po’s noodle shop: Has pig customers Me: THATS THE SECRET INGREDIENT

  • Andrew, I think I saw a storied and possibly legendary constellation on top of your head.

  • What is this jamming tune?

  • Damn, Mr Ping killing bad customers and selling them as food

  • He doesn't mention the "my broth needed a whole lot of salt" on his website and he doesn't remind you to add it at the beginning either and I spent all this time on it and I thought I did something wrong because it tasted super weak and then my mom pointed out that I added zero salt and I added it and it tasted much better

  • Surprised you didn't use the ad Jack black was in where he made the soup. Probably wasn't accurate to Chinese food tho, so good you did what you did. Funny video to watch.

  • I just realised one of my ducks looks like Mr. Ping so I'm going to make her a vegan version of this (:

  • Soo the furious five and po was drinking soup made of their piggy citizen


  • Csn you do monkeys almond cookies next?

  • Ummm... Babish... You forget... Po, Ping, everyone else - with the exception of some members of the Furious Five... aren't they herbivores?

  • Lol nice

  • but there are sentient pigs in the movie!

  • Pig meat? Well I guess *”Yesterday’s loss is today’s sauce”* fits in this situation


  • Vegetarian options for the broth pls..???.. thank you..!!!

  • 0:13 I dunno why but it feels like the creator of kungfu panda is reffering to some different kind of movie

  • Pig? Who would knew that panda is a carnivore

  • Hey im sda and cant eat pork. Can beef be used as a substitute??

  • ''it takes 10 years to master , but i have got only 2 days to do it .'' Basically any shounen protagonist ever.

  • this dude burnt more calories making the noodles than the noodles gave him back.....

  • Me watching this while eating a Cup noodles: interesting...

  • I love how it seems like he just guessing about everything but he knows everything

  • Perfect, i needed a new hobby

  • I wonder what would happen if Babbish meets Gordon Ramsay?

  • Omg he used dried scallops, like a chinese dude.I feel so seen.

  • Why didnt you do all the kneading in your mixer?

  • Only one problem,, because the world is made up of anthropomorphic animals, mainly pigs, the soup is probably vegetarian.

  • Babish, I'm pretty sure you have discovered the 'secret' ingredient. I understand all of the pig is useful, excepting only the 'squeal'. However, I could have lived without being in on that particular 'secret', delicious or not. . .Thanks for the fun. (Is not what the pig said.) 🤞😜

  • Been watching various videos here. But the music he has in the background at even intervals makes the kind of noise a phone vibrating would make. So often have I twitched and checked my phone thinking someone was caling me when looking at these cooking videos

  • The secret ingredients were the friends we made along the way

  • Babish: lets add 4 of these-- Every chinese person in the world: *NOOOOOOOOO*

  • this video reminded me soma vs soba elite ten in food wars

  • The last time I checked pigs are unclean and sinful and pork comes from pigs

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  • Anyone else up at 2 in the morning watching him make just me ok!!

  • secret ingredient? more like msg

  • The secret ingredient is always MSG

  • The secret ingredient is MSG.

  • I gotta say the hand pulling made my day

  • If you’re ever gonna do hand pulled noodles again look up peter looi on youtube

  • i hated when you used the pigstail IM A VEGETARIAN!!!!!!!! poor pigs

  • There was no secret

  • I like how the video thumbnail preview is Babish banging his head on the counter.

  • I hope it was a pigs tail. it didn’t look like one tho.

  • Babish: and now were gonna add some pig meat Film theory: right that down right that down

  • It was a vegetarian soup😂😂😂 it was served to animals

  • The real secret ingredient was the friends we made along the way

  • Casually talking about buying quality bones.... this is the kind of thing that made me take a culinary arts class this year.

  • What if the real secret ingredient were the friends we made along the way

  • There's one secret ingredient

  • "Are you sure this is a pig's tail fellas?" Me: *giggles

  • "during all these lengthy tugging sessions its bound to lose some moisture" 😏😏😏

  • what if the secret ingredient, was the friends we made along the way..

  • That wasn’t no tail

  • As someone with a grand total of... zero years of experience with Chinese cuisine beyond ordering General Tsao's chicken every now and then, shouldn't the noodles be made from rice flour?

    • @ivoryalacrity1 A fair answer that I was unaware of on a topic I admittedly know little about. Thank you for the info.

    • Every region in China has a unique food culture, really. It's a huge country with many unique cultures in it. Wheat is a more common crop than rice in northern China, so I'm going to guess these kinds of noodles originated in the north. However both crops have been used widely in China for a long time now.

  • never thought I'd see 兰州拉面 on an American cooking show. My respect, master.

  • The secret ingredient is pig meat Hehehe


  • 1:17 Excuse me sir are you cooking. priceless artifact?

  • I thoroughly enjoyed this video