Binging with Babish: Pastrami from When Harry Met Sally...

Avaldati 9 juuni 2020
A hanging plaque now immortalizes the spot where Meg Ryan gave her Oscar-worthy performance in Katz's Delicatessen, whose legendary pastrami we're bringing to life at home! Nevermind that she's actually eating a turkey sandwich. This one's a stretch, folks - but a tasty one!
Music: "unna" by Broke for Free
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  • Sorry for the re-upload folks! Didn't want to blow up your spot with that opening scene. Your browsing history is safe for now.

  • Shame you should be using Batampte deli mustard and not Guilden's. Or, since you are in the city, Hebrew National deli mustard.

  • At any point was he tempted to just bite a giant piece off the corner of the meat slab

  • Damn, that PowerPuff Girl reference.

  • Did I just get a babish ad... On babish... Dude...

  • Babish in bed: *Shaking hands up and down*

  • I dont think distilled water is food safe, at least that's what we got told since school here (not US)

  • how much did your whole brisket weigh?

  • shutter

  • I love your little side comments, Babish. You're a riot with the food shaking approval

  • Babish...that aint a teaspoon... Dude is like Gordon Ramsay with a “drop” of olive oil

  • Babish is such a goat for that into😭😭😭

  • Katz’s deli is the best!

  • Yes, Sir.

  • how much would a big hunk of meat like that cost??

    • not as much as other cuts tho. brisket is pretty cheap

  • japierdole ile mięsa

  • get this idea, what if there were a place where you could trade currency for things like pastrami instead of spending this long to make it

  • Looks horrible. Sliced way too thick. Sliced wrongly. Layered wrongly. Ahhhh.........

  • Couldn’t begin to tell you how wrong this is from a professional standpoint. Many many mistakes and steps missed.

  • Katz's doesn't use brisket. They use beef navel (plate). Can't wait until COVID is over. First destination will be Katz's to have a pastrami sandwich on rye with mustard.

  • heavenly

  • This seems easy enough, I'll give it a go.

  • Hot under the collar

  • fo a second sounded like he was making a Powerpuff girl

  • Must’ve costed far less than an evening visit to Katz’s deli.

  • binging with babish > basics with babish

  • Smoking something after it's been cooked? Any BBQ guy will tell you the meat stops taking on smoke around 145-155.

    • He has no clue what he’s doing. So many mistakes.

  • This dude make every kitchen look gorgeous.

  • I saw the title and I thought to myself, "If he doesn't use Meathead Goldwyn's method I will be disappointed." Good man.

  • You should totally make the “Robin Scherbatsky” cocktail from How I Met Your Mother.

  • Boiled beef 🤢

  • Went to Katz's. Ticked the box. Wasn't impressed. Over priced and bland. But, I guess you just gotta do it.

  • This reminds me of that young Sheldon episode

  • Where can I get a sandwich like this around Detroit?

  • Honestly though, I saw Meg Ryan in the first second, paused immediately, turned my volume WAY down, pressed play, and then heard that you got us all covered?? Bless you, ya big dang sweetie!

  • My friends get mad at me when I call pastrami "cow bacon" lol

  • I think it’s too legit.

  • Omg! This gave me the meat sweats just watching!! Hahaha I dunno how many hours I've spent binging Binging With Babish

  • Sweet paprika-mind Garlic-soul Onion-Heart Mustard-loins With your powers combined, this beef looks delicious

  • “If you start with distilled water you can skip that step. ”- Andrew Rea, 2020

  • Thats proper slice sizes. Much preffered.

  • +

  • I feel like you had an orgasm dumping that much Kosher Salt.

  • are people like... actually just discovering pastrami

    • like please tell me this is common knowledge

  • I got a binging with banish the botanist add while watching this

  • lowkey disappointed he didn't go full Rueben with this 'wich

  • Mfw I get a botanist ad on a babish video

  • I used to live right across the street from Katz... good times! I totally took advantage of it. 😆

  • Why is no one talking about his home kitchen????!!!!!!

  • How many Rolexes do you own??

  • why does my current location have no delis, i want a fucking pastrami sandwich now

  • Legend has it that babish is still shaking his sandwich to this day

  • "but corned beef is merely the chrysalis from which the Pastrami Butterfly emerges ...........ughhh!! LOOOOOOOOOL So funny him saying this then reacts to it as if it was written by a roommate who squeezed this reference on him during a live show or something. He's pretty funny with his post production and voiceover.

  • 2:34 didn’t know your fridge comes with teleportation pretty cool better get me one of them.

  • Hahaha. Babish doing a Meg Ryan impression would be hilarious

  • 4:32 that Tsp of garlic powder had me vomiting.

  • Wait, so the place where he filmed his videos wasn't also his house?

  • You missed the butter!

  • This episode is underrated

  • 1:48 I wonder if vilod is still making that mead...

  • I love being a Jew

  • Did anyone else see babish in the gin commercial?

  • Hmm,

  • Anyone else get the babish ad for the island of eyla

  • I was a butcher for 6 six years more or less. And watching take apart that brisket. I just hope it tasted good ;-;

  • Samich is better than a sandwich no if and or buts

  • oh yeah it's easy to cure, just put meat in water and a fucking ton of other things. SURE. EASY. FK ME

  • Good man covering up the sounds thank you bro I love watching this with my mom and this saved me and a** whooping :)

  • When did koshering salt become known as 'Kosher' Salt"? As if salt can be non-koshe?. Funny how we call 'curing'salt' just that but we've turned ....ah who cares....

  • Foods just beautiful

  • Nice watch bro

  • First

  • So the reason you want to boil the brine is more about what you're putting in it and not about the water. The bacteria, Clostridum botulinum, while itself if harmless when deprive of oxygen it begins to produce Botulinum toxin which leads to Botulism and is prevalent in soil. Its the same reason if you were to make garlic infused olive oil it is recommended you cook the garlic before letting it sit in the oil. Both the bacteria and the toxin break down when exposed to heat so as long as you're cooking after the brine there should be no issue.

  • 4:38 The loins

  • This guys the Nile red of cooking lmao

  • OK so..... 10days+10 hours+next day+4 hours smoking . so if i start today i can eat it in 12days :P


  • "Field trip to my house" Good on you for enjoying the success of your channel.

  • The weird thing is that corned beef is fucking gross, but pastrami is the food of the gods. Such a fine line.

  • I know you said tat boiling the water was not required for bottled water for health reasons (and this is not why I am posting this) but would very hot water not have altered the herbs & spices in the brining liquid a bit? Would the heat not helped bring out the oils in these ingredients? Making the brining liquid different to that with room temperature water?

  • He was so considerate at the beginning of the video

  • Babish: let me just cover up the orgasmic sounds Me with AirPods: is this some poor joke that I’m too rich to understand?

  • Mustard powder for the loins okay well time to try that


  • 5:54 Wait, did I hear that correctly, "rye"? I was sure that bread was wheat or something, it's so damn pale.

  • “I’ll have what she’s having.” Me too sis.

  • "Weigh it down with something heavy, food safe and won't leech anything into the water..." Me: A ROCK "Like a plate." Me: 😞 😔

    • "and that is literally a brick I found in my backyard." - Adam Ragusea

  • i was REALLY not prepared for the mustard powder

  • Babish: *Covers Over The Moaning In The Intro* Everyone: You Are A Good Man, Thank You

  • this is one tasty and expensive sandwich

  • Pastrami butterfly sounds like a hilarious innuendo.

  • Toasted rye fried pastrami and spicy mustard mmmm good

  • I love pastrami next to homemade soppresatta

  • Ah yes, brined plate

  • Cool but that’s not pastrami.

  • Was I the only one that thought the kitchen that he usually cooked in was his home kitchen

  • Mustard powder for the...loins. Spices are so viril-- I mean versatile.

  • food shaking of approval 😹😹😹

  • 2:25 that plate must've been really tasty too

  • Please do a special on the show Chowder