Healthy Meals: Brown Rice | Basics with Babish

Avaldati 21 jaan 2021
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  • Just remembered egg drop soup - apologies to all scrambled egg soup enthusiasts!

    • I'm curious to try inventing a recipe for a scrambled egg soup...

    • Andrew, could you please make an episode about foods that Diabetics and people with high blood pressure can eat? My husband unfortunately has both and it's been difficult to make food that is both low carb and low sodium. I would greatly appreciate it! You could consider it as a challenge? (I also commented on your newest video, I hope it sounds like something you would like to cover!)

    • You should do a basics episode to St. Louis dish: Gooey Butter Cake

    • I stopped the video and was just about to unleash asian fury upon you. Apology accepted

    • Bro do some bicep curls, sheesh!

  • What is the best way to reheat that meal-prepped meal?

  • How do you know what augolemono is? I need answe

  • cilantro is lemony, earthy and fresh tasting. maybe lemon basil would be a nice replacement.

  • adding lime isn't crazy just saying

  • I can already hear "Hello niece and nephews, this is Uncle Roger"

  • you forgot the tripe in the larb. Also beef is the preferred meat for the dish.

  • Avgolemono makes my Greek heart sing

  • "Sauce pin"

  • CHILI JAM!? haiyaaaa

  • Please more healthy Dishes! :D

  • My, go no go story. Loved cilantro, ate tacos with cilantro, got sick right afterwards, turned to pneumonia, got better after being flat on my back for 3 weeks, couldn't even stand the smell of cilantro for next 20 years. Now I love cilantro again. What do you mean so what? Aversion is real man.

  • ‘No one wants scrambled eggs soup’... well yep we make that in Slovakia :D

  • Uncle roger would be disappointed. Wheres the rice cooker

  • People out here seadoning rice and putting flavor to it, i just wash it then toss it to the rice cooker with the correct amount of water then eat it with a normal meal, cuz thats how asians do it

  • I started giddy clapping when he mentioned Avgolemono, it is the BEST! This recipe is definitely a lot easier than the one I use, I can't wait to try it!

  • Σορυ τρώνε το αυγολέμονο σαν σούπα; 😂😂😂

  • you literally did not wash the rice????

  • Just made avgolomono for the 2nd time it has become a family favorite.

  • Brown rice hinders the absorption of some essential minerals present in the food you eat with it. Stick to regular rice folks just eat in moderation dont fall for the hype of brown rice.

  • do you ever use duck eggs? does that change any of the conditions for cooking?

  • "nobody wants scrambled egg soup" Have you never had egg drop soup???

  • Wait, so why do people dislike coriander again?

  • Pressure cooker.

  • When are you gonna collab with ordinary sausage???? Needs to happen

  • Someone call Uncle Roger

  • Beautiful video, thanks for sharing. Wishing you a wonderful day!

  • I love cilantro, but I CANNOT do fennel in anything whatsoever.. it's in so many things.

  • You know Americans watch this channel when they see “healthy” in the title they avoid it

  • Please stop saying "sauce-pin"!

  • i like rice

  • Sentence starts of with a higher pitch then ends with a deeper granular base. Almost like the reverse positive / upward inflection that a lot of Aussies have.

  • The music really makes this even better 💞

  • Brown rice is always so delicious! I love these basics videos because I feel they can help so many people

  • "It is health that is the real gold and not the pieces of gold and silver." (Mahatma Gaandi)

  • Fun fact, Avgolemono would be my Last meal choice, my grandmothers recipe to be exact, it is also my favorite soup

  • Brown Rice in Fried Rice?!... HIYAAA!!! 🤦😱 Uncle Rodger

  • *Kosher Salt*

  • Babish: "No one likes scrambled eggs soup." Egg Drop Soup: "Please allow me to introduce myself."

  • “Might seem strange” *puts lime juice on rice*

  • I can’t believe he hates cilantro 😭

  • Whoa! No rinsing the rice?!

  • Has anyone alerted Uncle Roger?

  • what IS that pan he is using at 2:45- 4:45? that is incredible O.o

  • Eggs are vegetarian?

  • He didn’t even rinse the rice!

  • 10/10 for the avgolemono. It does indeed cure sadness. Especially on winter nights like this one.

  • My avgolemono came out tasting great, but it got really thick. What is the remedy for this?

  • Agva....egg and lemon soup? I've literally never heard of that name for it. Great stuff though!

  • those adverts for americans are just embarassing

  • As per usual I will make things based on your suggestions babish. Avgolemono was a resounding success, bonus points since it's a cold and snowy day, it was warm, comforting and delcious. I will culinarily follow you into the abyss as you have never steered me wrong.

  • Yeah I hate cilantro too. And I’m Mexican.

  • all the greens look like neon green

  • I'm praying that he actually washes his rice off camera

  • Egg Lemon Soup. It's my favorite, too! I haven't seen too many popular cooking shows make this. Thank you. Will be trying your recipe against my Mom's. Don't worry, I'll tell her she won.

  • I have never seen larb with so little herbs and so little shallot

  • Dear Banish, unfortunately all of my money goes toward my rent. Could you do a video on cheap but still tasty meals that can be frozen for a few weeks?

  • I made that soup today, can confirm that it's a cure for sadness

  • devil's leaf!

  • For those afflicted with the "cilantro = soap" tastebud gene (my brother has it too) may I suggest flat-leaf parsley as a substitute?

  • Can you please do a wild rice recipe?

  • Healthy meals... ew

  • My grandmother is Greek and I used to love her Avgolemono soup. It is, indeed, happiness soup

  • I hear there's some fella that's mentioned you in some sausage videos 👀

  • Nigel Ng must watch

  • Add fish/oysters sauce to your fried rice. You will thank me later

  • It said basics but I found it so complicated especially too many ingredients.

  • Avgolemono is a soup I grew up on, and is also my favorite soup too!! Keep cooking Andrew😊✌️

  • You lost me when you didn't salt/season the rice before cooking it, my man.

  • "No one wants scrambled egg soup", Honestly that's what my first attempt at egg-drop soup turned out as and it was actually pretty tasty

  • I'm so sorry that your taste buds hate cilantro. I truly am.

  • I love this channel but the Asian in me died a little every time he cooked the rice without washing it

  • We use rice powder with raw meat (beef, pork or lamb,whatever you want) ,and then mix chilli sauce (郫县豆瓣酱), put into some water together steamed 2hr done. Just add garlic and green onions When you eat it( 粉蒸牛肉🥰

  • Ooooooo you should do quinoa next!! :))))

  • Just buy a rice cooker. $15-20, perfect rice EVERY TIME... use the first digit finger method for the proper amount of water.

  • I've got that same genetic trait that makes cilantro taste like soap. People who don't have it don't believe me.

  • The gymnastics Non-Asians do to rice is really fascinating.

  • Those mushrooms I hope weren't needed by Sohla, since you were surprised to have them.

  • I don’t work all week to make “healthy meals” on the weekend! Jk much 💕 babby

  • noo babish didn't wash his rice

  • I get super Mario vibes from that

  • Hey can you do all the food from my hero academia?

  • Please do Döner Kebab next - Dankeschön von allen Deutschen


  • I'm with Babish. Cilantro tastes like soap.

  • If you do another one of these healthy food videos, might I suggest spaghetti squash? We grow a bunch each year and I want a few more ideas to use it other than the common casserole

  • You should tackle the dill pickle icecream from Spongebob

  • Hey Babish, do you think you could do the Star Treat from Bee Simulator? It looks really cool to make, maybe possibly fun as well. From looking at it, you might need some thick dough, whipped cream, some banana filling and then lime green sprinkles.

  • make jambalaya from cyberpunk 2077

  • Man that soup looks amazing. I would use tofu instead. But looks fantastic

  • Next you should make a Big Belly Burger from the flash

  • hey babish please do more of this :) love it.

  • You should make pasta with one of every kind of noodle in one bowl

  • can you make cookie cats from Steven universe. Can you also maybe make together breakfast from steven universe

  • Wait. Did you wash the rice before cooking it? Also where’s your rice cooker? Uncle Roger needs to be here

  • Cakes flapjacks in shape of people from adventure time

  • Can you do The Seven Sea SevenLayer Poseidon Slayer from Big City Green??? no okie

  • Next spongebob food idea: a krabby patty with jellyfish jelly

  • Make the bread sandwich from family guy

  • Could u try and make the jellyfish jelly krabby patty from spongebob