Binging with Babish: Margaritas from Archer (ft. H Jon Benjamin!)

Avaldati 5 mai 2020
This week, H Jon Benjamin, the voice of Sterling Archer himself, joins us to celebrate Cinco de Mayo. We're appropriately recreating one of Archer's many cocktails of choice: the classic margarita. A seemingly simple drink until you try to make one without doing your research in front of an audience of millions, the margarita can be taken to soaring highs or devastating lows with five simple ingredients and a cocktail shaker. Come hang out and let's celebrate together/apart!
Music: "XXV" by Broke for Free
My playlist of preferred cooking tunes, Bangers with Babish!
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  • I think Margaritas are better with rum, personally.

  • How does anyone NOT love Jon Benjamin?! Not to age myself too badly, but I became his fan way back when he was on Dr Katz!

  • I made this last night and am currently hungover from just 3 servings. Bless you.

  • Jon's voice is peculiar in a way because it sounds to human for a cartoon but it sounds to cartoonish for a human

  • This video like 15 fps

  • He should have started with the narration.

  • Missed opportunity to call this episode Binging With Benjamin.

  • Spends alot of money to look homeless

  • Wow gotta love it when the show also gives you the recipe

  • I'm a 15 year old preparing for my disappointing and depressing future!

  • Is this real life? Babish is doing an Archer video!!

  • Tequila. Lime. Agave. Salt. No fucking triplesec BS.

  • I actually did think for a long time that Andrew sounded just like Jon, specifically like Bob, but hearing them alongside each other, there is a slight, but discernible difference. I like em both...caz they have deep, resonant voices 😊

  • He should margherita in the bucket

  • He was also coach mcguirk and the master from venture bros

  •’s been a long couple of years since this came out 3 months ago

  • You forgot "Coach McGuirk" !

  • So glad to see archer's VA doing well bud

  • Who wouldn't want to drink with Jon, I would completely geek out too!

  • I can hear a little bit of Archer in his voice

  • "All month" that was before or during corona? because if it was before.... well.... if only he knew.

  • do star trek foods with star trek cast members. Come on, Ensin Kim can't be THAT busy can he?

  • Well. Now I'm going to rewatch Archer.

  • Okay, they do sound alike 😄

  • Archer was sooo good but it fell apart lets be honest

  • HJ is looking at the camera like we all do when following his recipes

  • For those interested that looks like casamigos tequila, actually really good.

  • Wow Jess got a middle finger-stirred Margarita. great

  • FINALLY got around to this episode. I have, quite literally, been Binging (On) Babish since The 'Rona began (obsessed with the new cookbook. BTDubs). I just wanted to say that in my neck o' the woods - NorCal - those pre-mixed... mixes... were Gen X's e-ticket to Buzztown. My little circle of weirdos still refers to these mixers as Bitch Fuel Accelerators. The More You Know... Also, I would like a large, smooshy pillow made out of your voice, please. 🤣💜

  • What about coach mcgurk

  • Come on, didn't even mention Home Movies in his opening

  • Also Aqua Teen Hunger Force

  • All I can hear is Bob... LOL

  • jon with the straight DRIP

  • I half espaced Benjamin to, after the Margarita was made at the end, to narrate "And now for the all important salt ring. Wet the edges of your cup, and tip it upside down in a generous pille of salt"

  • This should be 2+ hours long

  • Salt only 1/2-2/3 the rim (by liming only the portion you want the salt to adhere to).

  • Omg bobs burgers is my favorite show

  • idk if he was purposely doing the bob belcher voice or it’s just too similar to his regular voice

  • Archer: *says Kosher salt* Babish: *enters* Yeah, seems about right.

  • I never knew I needed this but I do

  • You need to do more with this man!

  • It makes me uncomfortable to hear Archer's Voice come out of this old man.

  • is there music running in the background or am I going insane

  • Yay !!! So excited

  • I've always wanted this!

  • I'm not much of a drinker anymore but I want to have a margarita with H Jon Benjamin...

  • I never thought i would hear freddie mercury order a margarita

  • I want a burger episode with H Jon Benjamin

  • This episode was a gift! 🤣

  • I love Jon Benjamin. Been watching him since home movies!

  • Thanks for sharing!

  • So that's just the dude's voice. That's crazy.

  • this episode of binging with babish: andrew tries not to soil his man panties (manties?) while an old man with a disproportionately charismatic voice struggles to follow a live buzzfeed cooking video for cocktails

  • BOB!!!!!!!!

  • That last margarita was full coach mcguirk "Brendan..." "Yea" "Brendan have you ever had a margarita" "I-no" "Brendan I'm going to tell you how to get lonely moms to sleep with you listen close" "I..ok"


  • Oh my God that's so amazing that you managed to get him on the episode! And definitely my favorite episode all of the voice actors he is by far one of the best and probably my favorite


  • I don't know why but Babish looks like a discount Ryan Reynolds

  • I totally heard him say "get the cutting board out and cut some lines... Limes" Lmfao

  • Wow this was on my birthday!^^

  • I want H Jon Benjamin to make a EEclone channel about anything and everything he wants to do... Make and fire clay plates or fire at clay pigeons with anything... Or rate his top five bourbons I don't care just make him make a EEclone channel! And if he has one then please, PLEASE! GUIDE ME TO IT!

  • You forgot the tiny umbrella

  • Nice just made one 🍸


  • Bob from Fox I know how me and my grandma watch it even though I’m a child I just like to watch things like those so even the Simpsons I don’t care it was from Disney and

  • As someone with Archer tattooed on my forearm, I love this video!

  • please there's gotta be someone that hoped that babish turnedprogressively drunk as the video advanced. or at the last the instruction.

  • you guys got drinking alcohol? i have not smelled alcohol in 3 months.

  • That’s just...his real voice, it makes sense but so many voice actors ‘do voices’ for characters. That’s just HIM

  • This....was......AWESOME.

  • lol people say Archer or Bobs burgers.......But my other favorite is Coach McGuirk!

  • Reminds me of the Home Movies segment where coach McGuirk is training himself to bartend.

  • I love how jon gets paid just to speak in his normal voice

    • I mean sure but there is also acting involved, I mean, it's not just repeating lines, you gotta say them properly

    • @Dom Dubz exactly, he speaks bob Belcher when normally speaking

    • You say normal. Yet all I hear is bob belcher.

    • There's much more to voice acting than that, but it does help that his voice is so distinct.

    • It’s really weird actually seeing him it feels like he’s voicing over himself

  • Archer:KOSHER SALT. BABISH: who summoned me

  • I made was gross

  • What is this? AUSCHWITZ?

  • h jon benjamin is so hecking cool

  • I love how I can hear him go from character to character

  • Oh my god I just love archer so much. Your voices together 😍

  • I love his voice

  • Was this awkward? I think so other berry , I think so.

  • That third drink was for his girlfriend 😂

  • I love archer so much. Thank you for doing this haha your content is so entertaining

  • I love that he was just there, to be there. No plugging. No new show. Just him wanting a drink. Love it!

  • Do "Caipirinha" Next!

  • You should be in Archer as guest!! Or Bob’s Burgers.

  • Galaxy buds 😏

  • Oh my gosh this made my day

  • Super cool 😎

  • Most people hear Bob or Archer. But all I will ever hear is Coach McGuirk.

  • Cinco de Mayo es mi cumpleaños. Happy b day to be, I’m not Mexican but I am Salvadorian and we love our alcohol

  • I think Jimmy Pesto's might be doing better business because he has better cocktail recipes.

  • Epic

  • Love it!

  • Me an intellectual: Bobs Burgers

  • 0:04 5 Ingredients Teykilya,Quantro,Lime Juice,Ice,Corsius Salt

  • Needs agave syrup otherwise it’s a salty sour green mess

  • Catastrophe ALMOST starts with a B. That was a total flop.