Binging with Babish: LOTR Special Part 2

Avaldati 7 juuli 2020
This week, the epic conclusion of the Lord of the Rings...duology. Yes I know I should've made 3 episodes. The meal(s) finally come together in one out-of-control spread that covers a Hobbit's diet from dawn till dusk. You've all given me so many things to celebrate, and I'm just happy that, even from a safe distance, we can still celebrate together. Thank you for helping me reach this and so many other bewildering milestones. I'll work the rest of my life to try and earn what you've given me.
Music: "XXV" by Broke for Free
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  • Wow, how much is it all?

  • You’re officially invited to thanksgiving.

  • Shoutout from the Yukon!!!!!

  • The feast at the end looks like that one scene in Coraline

  • Babish, id love to see you do some easy at home Edible type content. Cannabis is becoming legal in more and more places. It marries well with food, especially in the social aspects.


  • you are a giant nerd. me too

  • Wegmans!!!!!! I used to live in Syracuse 😎😎😎😎😎😎

  • I’m waiting for the 8 million subscriber video

  • 0:45 where's the camera? i don't see it on the reflection??

  • Answer me this, is there such a thing as NON KOSHER salt? if not, specifying that its koksher is just a waste of time.....

    • @Shai Kim-Shapiro first, babish is the one that should answer it since he is the one saying it. second, i already did smartass and there is no such thing as non kosher salt. thats the point! its like saying "using 500ml of vegan water"

    • Why should I answer you, google it

  • I was waiting for him to eat a raw fish like Gollum

  • Who does he give this to after he makes em??

  • What would a muk bang look like for a hobbit?

  • Babish: two cups of red wine *precedes to pour in entire bottle Two shots of vodka

  • You had me until you said _aluminium_ . WHY, BABISH

  • He hasn't done the 8 mil subscriber special yet. The chain of videos for each mil is just very satisfying.

  • Where did you get your pipe from, dude? I desire one. (and a pint tankard like yours but)

  • That salmon latice might have been visually better constructed and the having the custard poured over it.. that way you only see parts of it peeking over the egg instead of having it as raw flesh entertwined like some sort of unholy communion. Your words not mine.

  • Feck man, invite me for dinner after the c word

  • when he said commercail break a ad for mixing with babish played

  • Brooo 8 millll niceeeee in 3 months after 7 mill

  • 6:55 - And now is time for... the *bay leaf* ... OR TWO! 🤣

  • I like your style- wit that roast and trimmings WOW

  • Honest question here: Why do you put chicken stock in the pan under the beef roast? I would think beef stock would be better for flavor.

  • Am I the only one who wants him to make and cook (and try to eat) all of DeAndre's $57 lunch order from MPGIS?

  • make food from the cartoon "chowder"!

  • poor neighbours having to smell that not able to eat it :O

  • I’m not sure whether you have there a US Pint (0.4732 liters) or a UK Pint (0.5683 liters), but it looks a little small for a UK pint. Though, human brains _do_ suck at estimating volume of things.

  • I'm named after sean Astin

  • Just curious how the salted pork was prepared. Roasted? Meat Pie? Chopped and seared? Idk if I’ll get an answer but would love to know!

  • and about 3 months later he's nearly at 8 million. well done babish

  • Hahaha Make some Bunnycorn Sausage!!!

  • Weed rat stew from Shrek

  • Nerdddd. I love it haha

  • You're funny. 🤣 I just commented this on your other video. But I really like your narration.

  • My question is, where does he find the time to eat all of this?

  • I’m so jealous! Look at all that yummy food !!!

  • The kneading joke, he really dislikes it (I agree and only sortof understand).

  • bro that looks too good holy fuck


  • What I've always wondered: How do Hobbits have time to do anything other than cook?! I feel like as soon as they've finished eating one meal they have to move on to prepping and cooking the next!

  • Binging with babish walks on the bridge Gandalf : You shall pass

  • "yay! :D" top 10 babish moments

  • Its the 'I'm getting one' for me

  • That pronunciation of stock pot was so unexpected and had me in stitches

  • Bruh when he said after this commercial break I got a binging with banish add 😂

  • *sees the final spread* ...Oh, my god.

  • Your little ”yay!” At the end is just adorable

  • @8:13: I’m Counting this as the Beastars Episode. (And I’m Not Sorry 🤣)

  • When you get the babish commercial while watching babish.

  • If you watch that potato scene with the sound off it totally looks like he's saying "Mo naked hos!"

  • No one: Andy: Saucep'n stockp't

  • I just wanted to see "PO-TA-TOES". I was NOT disappointed

  • Don't we love that it's almost the 8 million subscriber special already!!!!

  • Now I know how to do Thanksgiving this year with my family😂😂😂😂😂

  • 7:53 wryyyyyyy

  • I can’t wait for a new book

  • Stockpt

  • “Make a lattice out of flesh” 😂

  • *F L E S H L A T T I C E*

  • Al-you-min-ee-uhm ♡♡♡♡♡

  • This is the best! I love you!

  • "this, is a pint. " "THEY COME IN PINTS??" I love that scene

  • @Hodinkee should do a talking watches ep with babish

  • Do you have a purpose for the airtight seal for the proofing step?

  • 0:12

  • I liked the end it was glorious

  • I like how the voice over aren’t too serious but also not to casual that he leaves out important steps

  • Wait did they straight up smoke Marijuana in LoTR?

  • Babish: Stay after the commercial break. Me, who has EEclone Premium: You have no power here.

  • what ever happened to the salted pork????

  • The Church Warden and old Toby at the end a true Hobbit indeed

  • Where's part 3 where you taste the food?

  • The only disappointing part of this is that there's no tasting. This food could taste awful for all I know. :p

  • Hey banish can you make cannibal friendly dishes?

  • When I got the commercial I really got confused

  • "I'm out if surfaces. This guy's going in my bedroom" 🤣 classic

  • Po-Ta-Toes!

  • "And i'm really excited to show you what we have coming in 2020" We sure aren't

  • This guy is awesome!

  • Can you do a harry potter version ?! Please

  • “I can’t wait to see what we have coming in 2020”

  • That ratio...

  • “What we have coming in 2020” *welcome to binging with babish and today we’re making a pandemic stew from what’s left after the riots*

  • I wish you’d say your measurements in American units

  • I got a babish commercial on a babish video

  • Who eats all of this

  • i did not think a cooking video would ever make me smile this huge. i am incredibly happy right now, thank you sir

  • Please make a big meal from the Skyrim cookbook!!!

  • I know this is a old video but just got babish ranch add😭

  • 10:17 Did he stay stockpit? Was it on purpose?

  • he predicted an ad he is too powerful to be left alive!

    • JabZ ok boomer

    • @Freedy Boi I see you're one of those toxic self liking people.

    • @JabZ I KNOW NORMIE!

    • "Placed advertisement"

  • 3:40 aluinium foil

  • And 2 months later, almost to 8 mil subscribers. Congrats my guy!

  • THAT LEEK IS SO TINY. Hobbit day is september 22 so guess what I'm doing on that day. Yes. Torturing myself making 7 meals AND eating them

  • I’m so cooking this for Thanksgiving this year

  • Big smokes order for 8 million

  • theres a leak in my washing machine

  • The commercial break was the botanist