Binging with Babish: Ram-Don from Parasite

Avaldati 18 veebr 2020
Rarely does a dish serve as such a central metaphor for a film's primary conflict: in Parasite, boujee beef sits oppressively atop bargain noodles in the Park family's version of Ram-Don, the way they sit so literally atop others. It was tricky doing this one without spoilers, but I think I managed!
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  • RESPECT Bong Joon-Ho for winning all them oscars!

    • @The Meme King ææææä

    • @Enohadoland You said Parasite was an agenda push

    • @Wish For Majin Vegeta Lol I don't even remember what I commented on here, and it's buried under 243 other comments. haha

    • @Enojado Land Really?

    • @한국어로변역하는인간 it wasn’t groundbreaking. It was just really good.

  • I searched Rule 34 for him, he is clean 4 29

  • i will never be the same knowing he doesn't wear pants in all his videos

  • FYI the first Jajangmyeon tasted significantly more bitter because you fried the packet of powder. It's not supposed to be fried and it would lose its effect if you put it under high heat directly to the hot pan, instead of mixing and tempering it with hot water first.

  • That’s probably the best Big Mac I’ve ever seen

  • There's a mistake! 3:30 milligrams of water??? That's not much water

  • 오 빅맥 비유 좋았다

  • Babish, please tell me you have deeper bowls for soup noodles, and that these bowls are just so you can show the food on camera.

  • Cool

  • The way he timed the ad lol this man is a genius

  • Peach bread from bee and puppy cat, In fact any of the food from bee and puppycat, all the food from bee and puppycat! Interested in what you imagine it is like

  • It would be so cool to see a series on which you make food from Halloween/Horror movies!

  • I think I just fell in love.

  • Neoguri is the best

  • what happened to ram up?

  • *Viewers:* Why is he standing on the table doing this? *Babish:* 'Cause I thought it was funny. *Viewers:* Why isn't he wearing pants? *Babish:* 'Cause I thought it was funny. *Viewers:* Why is he using his feet? *Babish:* 'Cause it's a traditional Japanese technique- *Japan:* _Cause we thought it was funny._

  • Pls make yakisuki from blue exorcist!

  • I just watched a grown man make noodles with no pants and from scratch. I have now seen it all!

  • Will you please make mooncakes? 💜🥮

  • What's the other way!

  • >babish going like "unnecessarily fancy" lol the utter *irony*

  • Frick wrong Parasyte!

  • The first dish: Very easy, level 3 difficulty. The second dish: *_Why do I hear boss music?_*

  • man eating those noodles while they are still able to suffocate you with steam and heat. Thats a man right there.

  • Starting this video eating a Big Mac topped with truffles is the ultimate flex

  • great socks

  • What the hell is ram-don? This is called chapaguri.

  • out of all the instant ramen i've had, there will be NOTHING that comes close to chapghetti for me. get all that other stuff out my face

  • Babish's fridge >>>>>>

  • If babish ever makes me a meal. It better be without pants

  • didnt know what to watch on nextflix now im going to watch parasite this is the best movie/show recommendation channel ever/

  • Always make this for quick meal

  • ive watched this video so many times and i always wonder if he wiped the table after putting his feet on it

  • Yes like anyone can read those subtitles

  • I really want to cook that korean chilli thing just to see wtf did he mean by god smell

  • Unnecessary upgrade should have been the name for Binging with Babish

  • does tossing make a difference? I mean it looks like youre just dirtying the stove

  • Jerry rig everything.... And you have the same manner of speaking.

  • how can salt be non kosher?

  • Immensely impressed that you made these dishes from scratch. I mean.. I guess it’s no surprise because you’re you, but I appreciate how authentically they were made.

  • The first half of this video is a big ass flex. I love it

  • I made thanksgiving at a friends house and not once did I wear pants. They are restrictive and annoying

  • Cook five irrational dishes a day.

  • 3:31"adding that to 250 MILLIGRAMS of water" So people don't switch milligrams for grams unless they've been dealing extensively in milligrams for some reason which may also explain the on camera pants off dance off not to mention the ghastly argyle socks. Oh and maybe the staccato narration is not completely "organic" either.


  • God smells like a Korean chef. I can believe it

  • WHY...... did you drain the first sauce 😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱

  • What cut of meat would you use to upgrade the instant noodle version? Something cheap but presumably fairly tender?

  • My mans said "já-jáng mignon"

  • wow... your feet are FLAT...

  • jajangmyun + jjamppong are the Korean ultimate celebratory dishes!! glad you liked them, they’re often eaten together side by side along with some sweet and sour fried pork (tangsuyuk)🤤 my family goes out to eat this for family reunions, celebrating final exams, etc. fun fact:: although these dishes are hallmark korean dishes, they come from a Chinese influence. they’re kind of like Chinese-Korean fusion!

  • That bigmac with black truffles pissed me off so bad. I know it shouldn't but IT'S SUCH A STUPID WAIST! AAAHHHHH!

  • Ram-Don ?? omg...

  • Love you channel. I learn so much as a chef and I enjoy your humour unconventional good looks 😉

  • All these videos just prove how trash American food is by comparison to Asian countries' foods and their offerings in grocery stores.

  • I am eating this right now (the regular version, with a much cheaper cut of beef) and I gotta say, this is pretty good. Imma keep making this from time to time

  • Why is nobody talking about how he just walked all over his counter top with his dirty socks and then continued to make udon on the same surface...?

  • I still thought that it was paraystye the maximum

  • 3:59 is where the howtobasic video begins ;)

  • I wish you brought an actual korean chef to show you how to make this dish. The way you made it isn't really authentic. Or how about go to k-town in new york city and try the real deal. Also please learn how to say the dish name right. Your pronunciation hurts my ears.

    • anything else? lol

  • i don't understand why this dish is ram-don

  • i want change this name to chapaguri from ram-dom

  • Hi I'm from korea hope you read it First of all Sorry about my bad English, Hope you stop using "Ram-don" I know you use it for no reson But hope you understand Ram-don is Japanese thing Most of Korean feel bad about Korean thing change in to Japanese or Chinese thing in other country Like Kimchi, this noodle thing , kim bap I saw many people remembered kimchi is from china or Japan , many people remembered Kim bap is kind of sushi I hope many people know that Korea, China, and Japan are different and that it is quite unpleasant to think together.

  • 4:06 was a perfect cut to an ad

  • “You can expect our cross over episode very soon.” *7 months later* “oh shit I should get on that.”

  • Me who watched Parasite without reading the subs

  • The name of that dish is 'CHAPAGURI'

  • This is korean food!!! "Rom-don" ←Japanese😭😭 This isn't Rom-don!!!

  • parasite is overhyped there i said it

  • He actually did an ad break 😂

  • All those noodles can't beat Indomie goreng.

  • "Fingees" that's how I say it too 🤣🤣🤣🤣 3:37


  • it took me literally the whole episode to realize that rom-dom was roman-udan

  • CHRIST ALMIGHTY this made me even hungrier than i already was. i need to eat this NOWWWWWWW

  • I went to Croatia last year and got to visit the town of Motovun, Black truffles are soooooo damn common there that hotdog stands had "truffle dogs" and pretty much every where had truffle on the menu for extremely cheap it was pretty awesome.

  • shashumga

  • this is a crime against that poor cow... I love steak but this is a food crime...

  • the general concept of adding some beef to those noodle types to make a non-soup noddle dish is neat. if using the cheap noodles though i'd just get some canned beef chunks. with some extra seasoning they'd still taste ok, and wouldn't be so ridiculously mismatched.

    • I think the beef is actually a nice addition, ofc I’d use a cheaper cut


  • What kind of less expensive beef that could be a substitute for kobe beef


  • This was a fantastic movie

  • i wanna make my own udon now i really wanna step on some dough

  • the korean to english auto translated captions are absolutely nuts and make zero sense

  • Did you really just slice up a black truffle and put it on a big mac

  • the next how to basic

  • So was watching this and an ad with babish popped in. thought I would comment it since I haven't caught any youtubers in an ad on their own video before.

  • Im still gonna add steak to my noodles tho.

  • It made me so happy when you went out of your way to say all the real names of the ingredients/foods here🥺😭

  • Where's your msg? *disappointed asian noises*

  • Ok

  • Food wars anime pork roast

  • "Kobe should be a decent aproximation"... What a sentence...

  • I like how I made ramen in the microwave over the course of this video

  • Kinda annoying that there is no auto generated captions for English and only for Korean

    • And also korean "auto" caption is really bad🤣 (I'm korean)

  • Nice ranch commercial Babish keep up the good work!

  • Hmm i eat those noodle packs everyday lol

  • 2:22 that’s my shit after i eat 4 scoops of ice cream when I know I’m lactose intolerant.