Binging with Babish: Imaginary Pie from Hook

Avaldati 31 märts 2020
The Neverland feast from Hook holds a special place in all our hearts, memories, and "You're a 90s Kid If..." lists on Buzzfeed. I've been resisting making the neon-colored pies, despite their being hotly requested, for some time - namely because I think they're just pie shells filled with whipped cream. But this week, more than most weeks, we're using our imaginations!
Music: "XXV" by Broke for Free
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  • 6:23 if you're over it

    • I noticed it halfway through

    • No. we love you

    • I've come too far. I'm not gonna give up now

    • Lol

    • Watched Hook multiple times this week while working from home. Enjoyed every second of this.

  • I May have watched half of the imaginary half not even realizing that nothing was there- Any time I looked he happen to be demonstrating something so I didn't think about there not being any food in the dishes

  • This was the number one movie food that I wanted to eat so bad after seeing this movie! I don't know why, but that colorful food looked incredible when I was little!!! My mom said it was mashed potato to make it look fluffy like that in the movie idk looks GREAT!

  • I know this was six months ago, but imagine if Sohla came from behind and whispered “you’re doing it, Jess.” at 6:04

  • Why did I just watch you make the same pie twice in a row?

  • Aww man this is sweet

  • Better recipe: get a pie tin, place it on the table, use your imagination, and there you go, imaginary pie

  • Hook spoilers if you’re uncultured and didn’t watch it (fucking normie) Bro when Rufio died in hook I cried for a solid like 20 minutes I wasn’t ready

  • The real ingredients were stuck in traffic that day

  • I loved everything about this ❤️💚💙 one of my favorites growing up.

  • Kayla: takes bite Pie: I’m gonna pretend i didn’t see that

  • Finally a recipe for vegans who are scared that vegetables have fellings

  • Fish legs and custard next.

  • Looks like Soviet Russia

  • I love how serious he is making an imaginary pie.

  • Not gonna lie, a part of me worried I was too grown up to see him make it

  • How to make food in Africa

  • Dis man's got jokes

  • Oh... my... God...

  • I got an ad with babish in it while trying to watch babish

  • You know you’re good at cooking when you can mime making a pie convincingly.

  • this should have been an april fools episode

  • Me wanting to know how to make the cheese cake: Me three mins in 👁👄👁 ah I see the butter goes with the flour

  • So which came first, the imaginary tutorial, or the real one?

  • I loved this one

  • I'm a little upset at my self that It took me until the butter to realize he wasn't putting anything in the bowl

  • hehehe so good thanks

  • You can tiny whisk You can combine to a homogeneous group and you can ... "Welcome TO Binging with Babish" You sir get a BANGARANG!!!

  • I had this playing on autoplay without watching it for background noise. I was super confused when I looked up. I thought he went insane lmao.

  • This man's humor is amazing, I cant believe I just watched him make an invisible pie and was still entertained.

  • This is so well done xD

  • Lol it isn't vegan if there is cheese and gelitan. Haha

  • I always wanted to eat this....

  • He reminded me of Rick saying “omg the pie is real your doing it peter your using your imagination”

  • You, my imaginary good sir, have made my imaginary day with this imaginary pie of yours! Here! Take my imaginary like! 😁😊😁

  • Best video I’ve seen thus far 😂 😍

  • Not sure why everyone in the comment section thinks there is no pie in the first 6 mins... I swear he made 2 pies in this video...

  • Didn't even notice there was nothing till he got to the butter

  • the art of theater pantomime: an performance by babish

  • 5:20 Babish, did you just flip me the bird?!

  • I love every minute of this

  • This makes me so happy

  • Lol


  • They're soooo cute aaaaa

  • Aww gross he made it a cheesecake filling I can't stand cheesecake

  • you see, i wasn’t exactly paying attention, and in no way realised what was happening

  • Dude, become a mime on the side. You’d make bank.

  • Why did i just watch 12 minutes of a grown man pretending to make a pie

  • What have you done Babish, air here tastes like rainbow pie

  • This was honestly the best Babish episode ever

  • Help my imagination is loading a cake with a bloody tongue coming out of its mouth as it opens with a smile, and then consuming Babish! I SHOULDN'T BE USING MY IMAGINATION

  • Awwww

  • 😂

  • The fact that you completely went through the bit gets you a like from me!👍👍👍👍👍

  • Vegetarian wouldn't work with gelatin, but this sounds so good (i'm not vegetarian or vegan)

  • The most effort Babish put into a video...

  • Bangerang Babish!!!!

  • When you didn’t get a commercial break 👁👄👁

  • Got an ad from babish before this video


  • This guy should be an actor tho

  • This is the best thing I've seen in forever.

  • Robin Williams throwing whipped cream at Prince Zuko

  • ....omg why am i just now realizing that he was in the commercial break, either i am really weird for watching it and not skipping, or i am high

  • Imagine if he imagined a sword and through it at him

  • i aways watch banish while doing other things and it took my a solid 5 minutes to realise he wasn’t actually cooking anything 🤦🏻‍♀️

  • “Corners of the pie plate.” So apparently a circle has corners

  • Why did he make it twice?

  • What I love that the start is actual instructions on a beautiful pie

  • I've always wanted to try this.

  • I'm DIEING 🤣

  • The scene from Hook brought back great childhood memories.

  • this was wholesome thank you xx

  • I LOVE this.

  • I... LOVE this. LOVE.

  • Not often do I cry watching cooking vids, bravo sir!

  • Actually love you did this one!

  • My wallet and hips prefer the first version. Mmm, delicious 😋

  • this must have taken so long to edit, thank you

  • I'm mad at myself cause I loved it

  • For the first invisible pie making he could have just taken the for real making and edited to remove ingredients.

  • This stuff always looked SO good to me, I gasped when this came on my recommended videos list. I’ve also found that Superhero flavored ice cream looks a lot like the stuff in the movie!

  • I didn't get a commercial at the commercial break now I'm sad

  • “It’s vegetarian!” “Add gelatin” 😂😂😂

  • Watching this high was a mistake

  • Wtf is he doing at the right side corner

  • Odd request but you’d you put the audio for your videos on Spotify so I can fall asleep to the sound of your voice calmly explaining recipes🥺

  • Took me 1:26 to get it

  • This man actually just rolled out imaginary dough for enough time to time lapse it. What a legend.

  • I literally watched the whole video

  • I was looking in the description to see if the cold cure worked, then comments and i was like what do they mean cooking nothin- *looks up after 4 min* i-

  • So I can focus when I watch you make imaginary pie but I can’t when I have to study... ok

  • Me after watching the imaginary bits: Ive seen enough.. Im satisfied.

  • Wow that was incredible! I could really 'see' the pie being made in the first half of the video. So much attention to detail. Genuis!

  • It’s hilarious that I just watched the same recipe twice but the first time there wasn’t even anything.

  • Almost April fools-

  • Haha. I just watched this episode today...and I had a couple drinks, got distracted and then watching Andy(andrew), putting "imagination" in the mixer killed me. Fun episode

  • Am I the only one that had an ad with babish in it and thought it was intentional?

  • man you went all the way with the imaginary joke lol