Astronaut Thanksgiving | Stump Sohla

Avaldati 14 nov 2020
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This week, like pilgrims of old (sort of), we are (sort of) headed into the new frontier for that most auspicious of American holidays: Thanksgiving. In the spirit of the season, Sohla prepares a sumptuous feast, places it under a vacuum, freezes it to -50F, and gently heats it to remove 99.9% of its moisture. Why, you ask? Watch and find out, as we embark on our most ambitious, silly, and ambitiously silly journey to date.
Special thanks to Zero Gravity Company for a once in a lifetime experience!
Starring: Sohla El-Waylly
Director: Jessica Opon
Camera: Jessica Opon / Ray Cronise
Editor: Brad Cash / Jessica Opon
Producers: Andrew Rea, Sawyer Jacobs, Kevin Grosch, Jessica Opon, and Emilija Saxe
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  • Safe journey to the CREW-1 and their historic launch tomorrow!!

    • Is that campari I spot in the background?

    • Whatabout The'Whytes Ok, but who asked?

    • next starship

    • @Brice Murrie You don't know that. You just believe hand fed BS

    • @tiernan doherty I wish she stayed there...

  • Congratulations on the book deal!

  • I’ve never seen Andrew being so chaotic and I love it

  • Ironicly, astronaut food is all wet cuz surface tension and crumbs get everywhere

  • And now we're going to go into brown town... Uh... Wut?

  • they banged. cheaters are condemned souls.

  • I love Sohla!!!!!!!!! So thankful for you girl!!

  • ....Huh, just fyi, on the space station astronauts have a lowered sense of taste and smell because there's no gravity pulling their fluids down. They can't really taste all that much, so they go for lots of flavors and hot sauce. Maybe some spices would be warranted.

  • Every time she said "my neck, back"....

  • The abundant crown inferiorly hammer because confirmation interspecifically avoid unto a typical burglar. omniscient, screeching pisces

  • I don’t like this format. The shows, a lot, that I have watched with only babish are unique and entertaining. This was not either.

    • Just don't watch it then buddy

  • all kinds of emosh. such lovely people. loved every second of this x

  • Spacegiving

  • 13:25 the smart device experience

  • What is a blanch

  • was I the only one how freaked out when sohla was saying Siri and my Siri answered her and set a 60 minute timer? 😅

  • 5:00 I have no idea what happened, but my google home mini started listing nearby locations that sell flowers O_o

  • Sohla, i don't know what zero gravity did to your hair but in the thumb nail it looks super cute!

  • The only thing I am opposed to is carrots in the stuffing... NO CARROTS, cooked carrots are gross. Lol

  • "Bay leaf attack" -it was supper effective

  • sohla: *dissecting a turkey* also sohla: "so easy"

  • This episode has the most chaotic energy

  • Watched this several times and I JUST realized Sohla stopped the wheel.

  • My dog HATES the fire alarm (obviously) and she was sleeping so nicely up under my arm, but when the fire alarm in the video went off she JUMPED up and ran to the door😭 poor baby

  • Watching Sohla do ANYTHING, especially everything she’s so great at, brings such a SMILE to my face.

  • I can't get enough of this!

  • I think everyone needs a Sohla, a Babish, a Jess, and a Kendall in their lives. They all just seem so supportive and kind to one another. This show exudes happiness in a time where that is in short supply. Thanks to all of you.

  • @28:30 I heard boutaire, and I was like, "What fancy cooking term is that?" Ten seconds later I realized Sohla was just saying butter with a "fancy" accent 😆😆😆

  • While everyone else was bouncing around all over the place, this one barely made it off the floor...

  • Siri wouldn’t start her timer cause she was too busy starting mine 😂😂

  • What’s the difference between European butter and American butter?

  • this is the most wholesome section of sohla's journey based on what she's been through in the past

  • The shipping is almost as free as sohlas help on bon appétit was :(

  • I was gonna say pie-nonychus.

  • It's the "whoa" at 14:16 for me

  • He should have made a turducken this year cause last year he made a turturkeykey

  • Babish before eating every dish (other than the turkey): "This might be the dish I'm most excited for"

  • Me, as a Canadian: "Thanksgiving" *Notices released on Nov 14* "Yer late, mate."

  • Love this! Love her!

  • 22:22 that’s me running away when someone try’s to love me.

  • Babish, you now have the freeze dryer. You still owe us the shelf stable instant Mac and cheese recipe.

  • My mom also always took the excess pie crust and made little cinnamon and sugar "cookies." Thanksgiving is great

  • Babby loves hookin in to the crunchy bois.

  • This episode filled my heart with overwhelming yummy joy 😊😋


  • I love Claire, but Sohla would absolutely crush gourmet makes (in two days max too)

  • Sohla you are wonderfully weird all the time. But it's fantastic!

  • Congrats Sohla!!

  • Sohla is so pretty and wholesome ;u;

  • I want to just have Sohla energy... Such sweetness but a badass.

  • I haven’t really been keeping up on a lot because 2020. I love Sohla being in the BCU

  • I loved this video

  • The idea that T-day is low stakes cooking in the home she grew up in explains why Sohla is who she is: SUPER HERO LEVEL CHEF

  • Sohla is a national treasure.

  • Diplo-dough-cus

  • It feels like she's talking to a person now, compared to BA when it felt like she was just talking to a camera. Love to see her like this

  • 25:40 - Wild *WINE GLASS* appeared!

  • Yay! Congratulations Sohla, I can't wait!

  • wow this was so great loved when you were floating lol

  • She’s friggen adorable

  • That pie cutting was NOT OCD compliant!

  • Dipli-DOUGH-cus

  • Sohla is increasingly becoming one of my favorite people on the internet.

  • I love Stump Sohla

  • I freaking LOVE Sohla. That is all

  • Seeing Sohla is such a fun environment makes me so happy

  • Sohla is a beast in the kitchen. She’s a modern day Alton Brown. Sweet, witty, smart... I love these videos!

  • That turkey is ~fresh~

  • the start of this kinda reminds me of my 6th grade speech.


  • Teamwork 😂😂😂

  • also thank you sohla i will try this pie recipe 👀👀👀

  • the “what is a blanch” (distant uhhhhh) edit omfg 😂😂😂

  • these foods are great, but they all have one thing in common, they're crunchy and probably have lots of crumbs, so you'd never get them in space.

  • Sohla hand muscle look so lit

  • My family called pie dough with butter cinnamon and sugar "shoo-fly pie"

  • 1:19 the you've been meatballed sign in the background!!

  • i love how andrew just lurks in the background and eats the food

  • Love the editing

  • Solah definitely has an energy this episode lol

  • Why did I cry at the end??? We love you, Sohla!!!!!

  • 22:13 wholesome!

  • what is a Blanch?

  • Just wanna say to whoever edited this, you should be proud of 16:49.

  • I love the shenanigans

  • 💜

  • Shoutout to the editor for making this episode absolutely hilarious

  • 26:34 a nice touch is that Sohla will often point out the work of the crew that are off camera unlike sooome companies that would never acknowledge the hard work of other members of the crew

  • We always use extra pie dough to make mini jam tarts

  • Sohla, right at the very end. Why am I crying? 💚

  • I've missed sohla so freaking much

  • Sohla clap compilation anyone? pls

  • My thanks giving turkey was amazing 😋😋😋

  • Sohla the Space Explorer

  • *I nod as I watch this video and eat cream of wheat at 4 a.m.*

  • Sohla and Andrew’s dynamic is my favorite thing of 2020

  • What is blanch?

  • This is the only cooking show that I like

  • Sohla is really something, I need more content from her.

  • "Bay leaf attack!" *"COCKROACHES"*