Potstickers | Basics with Babish

Avaldati 7 jaan 2021
At once saucy, crunchy, juicy and chewy, potstickers are a cross-cultural appetizer that are worth the effort to make from scratch. Well, maybe not the wrappers. But even if you can't find those in your local grocer, we've got you covered with a non-traditional but low-impact method for making the dough from scratch as well!
I don't show how to crimp dumplings very well, so check out this much more informative tutorial on dumpling-folding:
Recipe: basicswithbabish.co/basicsepisodes/potstickers
My playlist of preferred cooking tunes, Bangers with Babish!
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  • When are you gonna collab with ordinary sausage???? Needs to happen

  • Is the time you fry and steam different for frozen and non frozen ones?

  • Dang, that dumpling filling clip should be shown to The Pasta Grannies for all of the stuffed pastas they make.

  • You need to talk louder in your videos it’s hard to understand what your saying

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  • Gyoza, but with more veggies because it's healthier

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  • i knew it was getting real when he busted out that cornstarch

  • Would you be able to do some recipes from Fresh Prince of Bel Air or more Pokemon ones?

  • This was significantly easier than I thought (I got premade dough)

  • If you fold the excess and create more wrappers, how many more can you get?

  • once again 4am, im eating cereal watching this...... cereal and vibes

  • I wanna make a sausage with the filling lol

  • Why is it necessary to brown the dumplings before steaming? Why not add water/slurry right away, steam, and fry until crispy and brown?

  • Could you please do Soup Dumplings? They usually do pork but I love duck served with a sticky sweet & sour plum sauce. chicken or scallop would also be amazing- especially if the soup is a light vegetable consume flavoured with lemongrass and served with finger limes

  • *Kosher Salt*

  • Let this be the building blocks for ohba gyoza from dorohedoro

  • Although similar have you done an episode on making Go meat filled Tibetan momos steamed then deep fried? How aboutmaking empanadas from South America? Oooor Dulce de leche....

  • Make sure you’re wearing oven proof gloves. If you can’t find these in store, i’ll Show you how to make them right now.

  • I notice he ended up with 27 on his tray....🌺

  • my only complain as an Asian is that it is too small anything else is perfect, it actually made me want to make my own this year for Chinese new year is coming

  • I watched you make gyoza bcoz i watched the entire season of dorohedoro

  • Can anyone help me ID the nonstick pan he's using at 3:51 please? I've seen it in several videos, and seems like exactly what I'm looking for to replace my old ratty pan.

  • That looks gorgeous 👍❤️

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  • Ahhhh... so you are making Mandu a korean dumpling recipe (For unknowing audience, thats a jab at chinese people who recently been trying to say everything korean is chinese including kimchi of all things)

    • To be fair, they can be really easily confused

  • 🦎🦎🦎

  • Halve of the people here watch this because it’s satisfying


  • "this is **your** dumpling sauce, dont let anybody tell you otherwise" this is gonna be my senior yearbook quote i-

  • Hey Babish, tried these and are next level with the crunch, it’s juicy, and everything you need in a potsticker! Definitely recommend to everyone else 🥟👌

  • I remember when I first learned about skirts from Sola, changed my cooking life!

  • Hey can you do all the food from my hero academia?

  • Black pepper? Not white?

  • Usually the storebought wrappers are not as elastic as homemade, but definitely save a ton of time lol. When my family makes them we don't actually need to use water because the dough naturally sticks together, but definitely use water with storebought wrappers!

  • Or you should call it as Jiaozi

  • Two People are talking in this video voiceover

  • Can you do bulgogi next 🤤

  • Its called gyoza bro

  • I’ve been lucky enough to be invited to a couple dumpling making parties hosted by a real pro. She’d go around the room showing us how to do things, and “speed things up” when one part of the assembly line slowed down. Pretty sure she was 2.5x faster than us at literally every step of the process, and no machines used (and almost no English either!). A fun trick I learned: if you run out of filling but have some wrappers left, fill them with brown sugar, and mix them in with the rest. Whoever winds up biting into one is “lucky,” and they are a nice treat to boot!

  • Just use squares in stead of rounds to save the dough.

  • You could legit make an entire streaming service out of just Babish vids

  • Hey Babish, you should do a camp food video for ya trail bound fans!! Simple ingredients and simple pleasures.

  • Hey Babish, you should do a camp food video for ya trail bound fans!! Simple ingredients and simple pleasures.

  • Hey, Babish, what is YOUR favorite pasta out of the two? Noodles or dumplings?

  • a friend of mine gave me a bag of homemade frozen potstickers, and your dipping sauce sounds like an incredible complement to them! i will make this tomorrow! :D

  • Indians be like : u mean momo’s?

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  • Did you hold the lid for the whole 7-10 minutes?

  • Deliciouser

  • Hey Babish, can you make a Basics Episode about Curry?

  • Babish, please teach us how to make punch, lemonade, and limeade, including non-alcoholic. A "healthy" fruit drink would be nice too! I am partial to cherry limeade, blueberry lemonade, and tropical fruit such as mango in my punch. You might also want to recommend plastic ice cubes so the drinks don't get diluted!

  • Those potstickers look so delicious! Potstickers are one of my favorite recipes to make! 10/10 video

  • 2:32 you can use the trimmings for making soups.

  • Me as Chinese: No that’s not how filling works. No that’s not how you make dumplings skin. But no complaints. It looks tasty and that’s all what matters

  • Can you basics Stuffed Peppers? Either the meat or cheese version??

  • Can we get a Biryani basics????

  • When your mom forces you to cut the meat instead of putting it into meat grinder

  • We need Ramsay to collab with Andrew or react to one of his videos.

  • I replaced the fresh napa cabbage with kimchi, and it worked great!

  • I know it's just an American spin, but I really wish they would call them gyoza like the rest of the planet.

    • I’m pretty sure “most of the world” calls them jiaozi, considering they are a Chinese dish with a Chinese name and China is the biggest country.

  • This was my favorite activity when I visited my grandma as a young child

  • What is the knife he is using and where can you purchase one?

  • If you mix the filling in one direction (with chopsticks) it turns out better

  • Ein Kommentar

  • I love dumplings!

  • Shaggy dough: Zoinks scoob I’m dough!

  • Seriously, practice on your folds. Once you get it, you’ve got it. Use gnd pork and shrimp. Always freeze. Dipping sauce: shoyu, rice vinegar and la yu. So easy. If you have a (late) Japanese stepmother and had a Japanese boyfriend and have been making them for...about 40 years.

  • I had potstickers the other night for dinner!!! Yes, they were steamed in a bamboo steamer... But They were frozen ;-;

  • Can you suggest a recipe that isnt pork as im allergic

  • That song/vibes in this video 🙏🏼😌

  • Tried this recipe twice and both times it was bad, too much sesame oil and too much ginger.

  • d e l i c i o u s e r

  • it's awesome fried dumplings :)

  • This could have been an episode about the "Obah Gyoza" from the anime Dorohedoro

  • Cheese...?

  • Tip about the cleats : You can just seal them and use a fork to make patterns at the edge, less pretty but more easy

  • "something traditional but can be a little difficult to find napa cabbage" Me : *laughs in asian*

  • Crossover with ordinary sausage

  • Haachama-chama cooking Gyoza

  • Heres one yoshikages breakfast jjba

  • 4:05 Andrew just wanted to show off his watch lol!

  • Okay I'm on board with this except the dipping sauce. I'm not sure about the Chinese version, but in Japan there are three things in gyoza dipping sauce: soy sauce, rice vinegar, and (optionally) rayu, which is a chili sauce. Most people like more soy sauce than vinegar.

  • I've never seen someone bind dumpling filling with an egg before. I'm not down with that.

  • regret trying to make this

  • Could you do an episode on kitchen knives? Ive been using a pretty bad knife for almost a year and i need a proper one. There's so many available, im not sure what to get. The one you use looks cool tho

  • U can also boil it or steam it

  • Sesame chicken? Broccoli beef? I get me some egg rolls and potstickers. China lady then asks what I want for my entree, and I tell her this IS my entree.

  • My family's recipe would roll the dough into a roll, cut it into small circles, and then roll each small circle into a large and thin wrapper. Less waste, but more work, for sure.

  • ахуеть пельмени

  • What happen to ground old pepper he used to have? RIP🥺

    • He was gifted his new one from a friend. It's a super efficient grinder called the "pepper cannon" I've got on ordered actually lol.

  • I feel like this was kinda a missed opportunity to do a tie-in...like Gyoza...from Dorohedoro...not because a certain fairy or lizard-headed man told me to suggest it... Either that or you can do a mushroom themed episode...

  • I add powdered mustard seeds to the sauce

  • " - Sigh - The only thing that could make this better is a jar of Kenji's finest sake . . but then he wouldn't stop talking. "

  • Does anybody know what knife he is using in this?

  • Banish should do the Oba Gyoza from Dorohedoro. It even has a canon recipe.

  • From China: This is so painful. Basically, Babish is showing how to make an American dish insinuating it's Chinese. Nothing, absolutely nothing, could be further from the truth. I won't even let my Chinese wife see this video. Authenticity, please.