Thanksgiving Leftovers | Basics with Babish

Avaldati 28 nov 2019
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I'm not one for Instagram food hacks, but turning your Thanksgiving leftovers into waffles, sandwiches, and pot pies is pretty awesome.
+ Leftovers, like turkey, sweet potatoes, mashed potatoes, mixed veggies, cranberry sauce, and gravy
+ Egg and puff pastry (if making pot pies)
+ Egg and cheese (if making waffles)
+ White bread (if making sandwiches)
For full recipes, visit:
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  • A safe, warm, and delicious Thanksgiving to you and yours! Same goes for non-Americans, hope you have an unusually nice day and a gluttonous meal for no apparent reason!

    • Don't worry. We can use some of these at christmas instead.

    • I attempted the mash potato waffle, let’s just say, I messed up

    • All POT And No Pie.

    • Sure BinGINg WiTH BarBIeS

    • @4:12 that caught my eye...haha

  • 2:55 Nice subtle Frasier reference.

  • This looks amazing

  • Duuno bout those waffles & not a fan of pot pie, but that sandwich is so good I would eat if off the seat of a construction site Port-A-Potty...almost 😀

  • "There's nothing sadder in the world than a pot pie that's all pot and not pie" He then proceeds to not put any dough on the bottom of the ramekin...

  • "sweet potatoes" _HGRGUEUGH_

  • You know it's never too early to practice for Thanksgiving.

  • Leftover ham goes great on a home made pizza dough

  • That gravy is way to thin

  • When in doubt make waffles right?

  • I’m 14 and I cook a lot and you make me want to cook even more

  • Can someone help me, plz. I dunno what stuffing is. Plz, can someone explain?

  • I love how he says saucepn

  • Love the channel, can you please do a video on college cooking as I am out of ideas.

  • I’m not American, so this is something I can never truly enjoy lmao

  • me, a fellow European who doesn't celebrate thanksgiving, watching a video about thanksgiving leftovers :D

  • This ain’t basics anymore

  • I think in Britain we call the leftover pot pie ‘bubble and squeak’

  • Me watching this knowing im lactose, gluten and egg intolerant: 👁👅👁

  • I keep getting babish ads before babish vids, and its so confusing

  • me: see sweet potato waffle... "never in all my life have I wanted something until I have seen it."

  • Wanna know how to summon banish? Me: Kosher Salt Banish: KOSHER SALT!

  • The fact that the sandwich is inside out is very disturbing for me no matter how good it might taste. Period.

  • Gnocchi is pretty good though

  • Why am i here, i cant cook and we dont participate thankagiving here, i start school tomorow

  • Why am i here, i cant cook and we dont participate thankagiving here, i start school tomorow

  • Everything looked delicious! I don’t even like Thanksgiving food and now I’m craving some (?!?) But Andrew looked like he was either jaundiced or have the remnants of a shiner on his right temple.

  • 4:12 I'm barely a doctor, but I think Andy just came right there.

  • If you’re going to place two layers of puff pastry on top of the pie… How about putting something interesting between the two layers? You could use some cheese... but make sure that it is low moisture content cheese and don’t use too much. Otherwise it will create a soggy filling and get rid of the puff of both layers. A fine layer of fresh herbs and A pinch of freshly shave hard Italian style cheese might be a good choice.

  • Dark meat is better than white meat, change my mind.

  • It’s August, and now I need thanksgiving. 😒

  • I hate bullshit "pies" like this. A disk of dough over thick chicken soup is not a pie!

  • i need to stop watching your videos at 2am

  • The sandwich Monica makes from Thanksgiving leftovers fort Ross?

  • Yeah that sandwich looks bomb

  • You're gonna have to thank Monica 😄🤣🤣 Also. I saw that. Chip in that cup. You ain't fooling anyone 😆😆

  • 2:32

  • Why am I watching this? I don't even celebrate Thanksgiving...

  • Gads, I hate cranberry slop!

  • There is a recipe by a famous chef in England called Mrs Beaton. It’s called toast sandwich. It goes like this take one slice of white bread and lightly toast, butter both sides, Get two slices of white bread and lightly butter one side, place slice of toast between two buttered pieces of bread. Slice as per normal, enjoy. The recipe was apparently for people who were feeling poorly.

  • I need this in my life

  • im not american what am i doing here?

  • jeffery has been through a lot since the last video

  • “Fucking delicious”-Gordon Ramsay

  • Hey where’s the turkey torpedo in last episode witch is the turturkeykey

  • I’ve watched this 4 times now

  • Thanksgiving leftover waffles: may look and sound a bit nasty at first but honestly seem decent Thanksgiving leftover sandwiches: look great but cranberries kinda ruin it Thanksgiving leftover pot pie: Yes

  • 4:17 I get that this is a joke but yesterday my mouth was bleeding from some extra crispy bread

  • 💙💙💙

  • The waffles had me crying

  • This November I totally have to pit the Babish Leftover Sandwich against the YSAC Turkey Sandwich of Justice. Coming soon to a Yummy Turkey Dinner Sharesies Day meal near you...

  • now I get why a lot of Americans are obese, damn

  • I am mildly offended that your pot pies only have half the prerequisite pie crust. because, not only are you missing out on having it on a plate. cutting into it like a normal pie. but the second under layer of crust on the bottom becomes this moist kind of chewy flavor magnet that serves to hold the flavors in your mouth and never let go.

  • My mouth is watering and its only july......i may have to have a thanksgiving in July

  • 50 Shades of Gravy

  • Cool Bro thanks for the aftermath food Thanksgiving like a sandwich and a pot pie to

  • This is Something I can do with leftover turkey

  • This is not realistic. Who’s going to want to do all this after cooking a thanksgiving dinner??

  • Me watching this while on a diet and in a country that doesn’t celebrate thanksgiving: 👁👄👁

  • Loved this episode but a couple of things. Leftovers turned into waffles for Sunday morning? After 4 days the leftovers likely aren't good anymore and everyone is probably sick of the same thing from the last 4 days. As for the pot pie, need a crust on bottom and sides. Otherwise it's turkey stew with a puffy hat. And definitely a flaky pie crust rather than a puff pastry. Still love the show. Keep it going!

  • I mean you could also make the turkey sandwich of Justice

  • I'll take pot pie with all pot that sounds fun

  • This appears to be “Thanksgiving leftovers” if your family are all anorexic. Like who has two whole turkey breasts the next day?

  • 4:12

  • Sorry but those are not pies

  • Do Americans not eat bubble and squeak

  • *_Bold of you to assume I even have leftovers from Thanksgiving_*

  • is it just me or do i love the skin of really good turkey

  • How's jess

  • Anyone else hate poultry seasoning I try to convince my bad to use butter and other stuff

  • no one: babish: *saucepn*

  • I’m watching this in the middle of summer and I can’t wait for Thanksgiving already

  • When ur British and thanksgiving leftovers are non-existence

  • 3 days of leftovers? How much food do you fucking make?! How little do you eat?

  • Man, I got a tiny mouth. I'm gonna just replace the sweet potato casserole (which my family doesn't make) with gravy and make it a single-layer sandwich because double-deckers are too damn much.

  • Brilliant!

  • Thanks Giving isn't a thing in the UK but holy shit do I want to recreate those waffles right this second in the middle of June.


    • Someone who’s hiding them from everyone else

  • why you didn't make the turkey sandwich of justice???

  • :( you used the changes the flavor, but I assume one can just use some oil as well.

  • There couldn't be a better way to give poor Jeffrey a right and proper send-off. Though I usually hate Thanksgiving because of all the leftovers we're left afterwards (that and I'm not a fan of cranberry sauce and sweet potatoes, and they're not a fan of me, either), these Thanksgiving leftovers recipes have made me very hungry and I don't know why

  • Dude who the hell is going to have a leftover turkey breast

  • I used your method as a basis for a hot dog pot pie And I used the homemade puff pastry from your bobs burgers video

    • I might make another one using the leftover pulled pork from last week I just need to take a trip to the store and get me some fucking pastry

  • Would it be sensible for one to instead utilize some leftover mashed potatoes instead of a crust in the pot pies? Would it adversely affect cooking?

  • Anyone else just watch babish because the cooking is satisfying

  • I love the babby excited hands

  • The music makes this a really fun episode

  • This physically hurt to watch. As a fiscally inhibited actor whose main nutrition comes from one meal of pasta every day, watching this made my tastebuds scream. Mostly "I WANT THAT", but one was like "Riiicollaaaa!"... That one is weird....

  • Turkey Gumbo is an after Thanksgiving TREAT that I love 😎 a little more sweet than chicken, and make sure to use dark meat. All still damn good

  • * cries in vegetarian *

  • Question from someone who doesn't cook often - for the sandwich, why not just toast both sides of the bread?

    • So you can enjoy the toast flavour without destroying your gums when you bite the sandwich.

  • i feel my arteries clogging already...

  • Next time we have a dinner similar to thanksgiving I’ll make sure to give these a try!

  • Can you make a sooubway sandwich

  • Or yknow.... u can just.. eat the leftovers as is?

    • Yeah but then there wouldn’t be a video Plus where the hell’s the fun in that?

  • Moistmaker

  • *moist-maker*

  • *t o a s t s w e a t*

  • How you didn't use the waffle version of the foods you waffle in other foods is a clear failure... seriously dude. Up your game!

  • Return of the moistmaker