Binging with Babish: Garlic Bread from Scott Pilgrim vs The World

Avaldati 6 okt 2020
This week, once again, I'm using a mention of something in a movie or TV show to make a thing I want to eat. My bad. At least it's hot, fresh, buttery garlic bread! We're also whipping up a batch of a surprise garlic bread heavy-hitter, pan cubano, the crusty and soft Cuban loaf that loves to be squished. It's a good thing bread doesn't make you fat.
Music: "Juparo" by Broke for Free
America's Test Kitchen Garlic Bread:
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  • Bread doesn’t make you fat - people make you fat. People who make bread.

  • Do big smokes order from GTA San Andreas

  • 0:36 Michael Penn collab...

  • In my opinion I like to use the broiler. I toast the bottom first, take it out put butter garlic and parsley and drizzle a little olive oil and put some dollops of fresh mozzarella than broil till bubbly. I need to start my own cooking channel.

  • Margarine is better than the average butter.

  • Top with cheese to make it better imo

  • “... alongside your leftover Taco Bell sauce packets” I feel very seen right now.

  • I relate to Scott Pilgrim on a personal and emotional level

  • 🤨

  • Garlic Bread, garlic and bread. Its the future, I've tasted it.

  • @1:29 why aren't the instructions to "mini spatula"? Missed opportunity!

  • You should use olive oil instead of curdled cow's milk. Much nicer

    • And don't use aluminium foil, unless you want to end up with dementia.

  • I would add oreganos instead

  • This is very wrong.

  • You should do Two Face’s food from Batman forever.

  • Watching your videos help me forgot about all troubles in the real world and just make me happy thank you babish for these amazing videos!

  • The compound butter is the first recipe of yours I've made, and I almost cried cuz I didn't make enough garlic bread in the end. It was so delicious, im gonna get fat eating garlic bread now

  • Should've put cheese on it

  • make the scachwean sauce from rick and morty

  • I want him as an uncle for Thanksgiving

  • Please please please !!! DO IZOMBI ANY EPISODE WOULD DO! I love your work on these videos. I would be so grateful!

  • Oliver Babish X Dan Levy


  • Butter, garlic oil, paprika, melt in microwave then brush over bread. grate fresh parm over bread. cook. add more paprika at end. works for me.

  • It's your nostalgia. I grew up eating that too and I absolutely love it for that reason lol

  • I love Scott


  • We do not have Taco Bell in Sweden. Would you be so kind to make similar sauce so I can have it beside my garlic butter and ketchup?

  • Got some garlic bread. My dalek's dead. That don't matter.

  • *... *I thought you meant the video game version...

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  • I got tested positive with coronavirus and I ran out of food on Friday and the online shopping only delivers on weekdays so idk why I’m torturing myself with food vids while starving :c

  • Peter Kay was right, Garlic Bread is the thing of the future (I should know, I've tasted it)

  • You should do your own version of chicken Adobo

  • You should make THE BROODWICH

  • Dan Leavy of Garlic Bread is the PERFECT description EVER! XD

  • Scott Polgrim vs ZA WARUDO

  • Favourite movie

  • I love that babish eats all his food like its so good. It always makes me want some.

  • "maybe cause I just can't get enough of him" me neither, Babish, me neither

  • Is there a reason to use unsalted butter for the compound butter when you're just adding in salt? Is pre-salted butter too salty or does it change it somehow? I always buy salted butter.

  • "too garlicy" I'm sorry, I don't... I don't understand?

  • kind of unhappy he didn't explore garlic bread with olive oil :'(

  • I'm tired of watching this guy make bread

  • in Brazil we use mayo and garlic and cook with barbecue grill

  • Living in Miami it's so wild to realize that literally anywhere else in the US cuban bread isn't just available at any bakery or grocery store. I've been to publixes in Central Florida and there was nary a pan Cubano, croqueta, or guayaba pastelito in sight. Miami is based lol

  • I love scott pilgrim vs the world 😊😊 *mostly because my bf loves it even more then me and i love my bf* and Gravity falls too ❤❤

  • This looks amazing, I’m currently trying this out now! Thanks for the recipe, keep doing what ya doing!

  • Bedoubled

  • Ah yes 7 evil Ex girlfriend league

  • He said he preferred it with sesame seeds and then didn't put sesame seeds on the one he made from scratch. Kinda sus.

  • Is it just me or is anyone else sick of watching bread being made from scratch EEclone. I mean it was fun the first 2-3 thousand times but noe sigh. Garlic bread is ❤️ though.

  • aight boys, what scott pilgrim vs te world did?

  • Damn dude your head shinier than my future, I don't know if it's just me but I could SMELL the freshly baked bread for some reason

  • you lost me on the unsalted butter.

  • looks so yummy... you inspired me to your style of cooking that's why I created my own channel so while cooking I can share it to the world how to prepare it. but my channel focus on Chinese and Filipino cuisine... i hope the people like it also like your channel. thank you for inspiring me..:)

  • Your bread looks like toast with butter, next time before rolling the bread into a "torpedo" brush lightly with butter garlic mix then roll and bake, cut open and spread leftover garlic mix place in oven under the grill for 4 minutes.

  • the thing this is really missing now is some cheese sprinkled over the top

  • BREAD MAKES YOU FAT?!?!?!?!?!?!

  • like

  • tt

  • hi

  • my mouth is watery

  • There is no such thing as too much garlic on garlic bread.

  • Can you do the iconic Strawberry Shortcake from Paper Mario???

  • In Iran restaurants add cheese to it mozzarella cheese it’s a bomb

  • Just make it with garlic powder and butter lol

  • How are you related with Diana Babish in Bethlehem Animal Shelter...

  • Is koscher salting just a religious thing, or does it taste different?

  • Do moms spaghetti from 8 mile

  • Garlic bread is basically just one sided croutons

  • What happened to your name?

  • I got scared when he said leftover Taco Bell sauce packs. I thought he was watching me.

  • Onion and banana juice.

  • I like this show. Everytime he says Kosher Salt or Urrrrrrbs I take a shot. Now I am shitfaced! I would try some of his recipes but I just have normal salt and Herbs.

  • Mmmm I really want Garlic Bread now lol

  • Make Herring Pumpkin Pie from Kiki's Delivery Service!

  • I tried a Babish for the first time -- garlic bread open faced at 400 degrees. It came out pretty good except my knife was dull so it tore the bread instead of sliced it. Pro tip: Keep your knives sharp. Can you share some of that in your future videos please, and thank you!

  • dude just made a 7 min video on how to improve garlic bread

  • Heaven

  • great

  • I am convinced that this mans final form is a human sized copy of the movie chef

  • Do the "Sandvich" from Team Fortress 2.

  • whats the recipe

  • 4:48 and that’s how you roll a blunt

  • Bread makes you fat?

  • You should try making Chibita's oden from Osomatsu

  • The channel icon... Vsauce??

  • Glad to know you are as obsessed with Dan Levy as everyone else

  • Babiši odstup!

  • That's a nice set of oven mitts you have there. :)

  • No cheese?

  • Babish! Make Hubie’s Soup from Hubie Halloween!!

  • I have that dvd (as all gamers do) but I recently saw it like last week and then there's this. Weird.

  • don’t watch while hungry

  • Wait, what happened? Is Binging with Babish gone?

  • Is it really what you grew up on

  • Yay....dan levy 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

  • Enak kayaknya

  • I would purposely step on a lego for the chance to taste a crumb that fell on the floor from that garlic bread