Binging with Babish: Chicken Kiev from Mad Men

Avaldati 2 märts 2021
Chicken Kiev, despite its geographically-specific name, is a dish of dubious origins. It’s no surprise, however, that it became an American darling in the mid-20th century: after all, it is deep-fried and stuffed with butter. Will this exercise in excess be worth the effort, not to mention the calories? Probably, yeah!
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  • What’s the least-healthy thing you’ve ever eaten, and why isn’t it this yet?

    • I have the culinary skills of a snake

    • A entire stick of BUTTER

    • i eat 3 double meat cheeseburgers from whataburger then i eat a large thing of fries

    • lava cake covered in more chocolate

    • kfc one made a chicken sandwich which had fries and bbq sauce inside i think, the whole gimmick with this sandwich is that it had deep fried chicken fillets as the "bread". and i want amother one now

  • Honestly, it's Russian food.

  • most of the comments are sent by Slavs...nice

  • 100% of the comments BORIS.

  • I already knew what the comments were gonna look like before i even looked

  • With how many people are clearly cross-referencing this recipe between Babish & Boris, I feel the world is about to experience a bizarre trend wherein TV Lovers and.... Gopniks all get together to make the best Chicken Kiev feast of all time. I'm willing to organize the event, most likely virtually.

  • Mmmmmmm

  • i am soooo happy everyone else in the comments loves mayonez and semichki

  • I was expecting more pootis birds

  • I feel like this is the first time I’ve seen his apron get dirty 😂

  • Did you used panco B/C .

  • They are mad men for making this delicious recipe


  • So much hassle! First one of these where I'm sticking to store-bought! 😉

  • This is simular to popular Serbian dish Karađorđeviće'š stake. (Karađorđevića šnicla)


  • Oh, what? I didn't know people think Kotleta-po-Kievski (chiken Kiev in russian) is that popular. I am impressed!

  • Banish Babish Babish I think you mean The Pootis Bird

  • I'm so glad everyone else here watched Boris do it first. Yo, Babish! Collaboration with Slav Superstar, when!? EDIT: Also, your show is now called "They Said It On TV And I Wanted To Eat It So I'm Gonna Make It" from now on.

  • we need to get Life of Boris to react to this

  • This looks like something Sterling Archer would call "dinner" just deep-fried ontop of butter on top of decadence

  • Ohhhh someone has been watching Boris videos

  • Opachki

  • Now that might be more Unhealthy than McDonald's

  • Its pretty dry compared to real one

    • @Emil Bowtie unless you have fancy Baba Yaga grab food from a screen powers

    • @Emil Bowtie I dunno how you'd know all this based on a video

    • @Emil Bowtie Eating Kiev everyday doesn't seem very healthy

    • @KinnikuBoneman well iam russian , and in russia we eat chicken kiev every holiday . So I know what iam talking about . The chicken should be more juicy so you wont rely on butter inside , wich makes getting it even better . Also the crust should be more u know rocky or something , it should be a lot crunchier and not just slightly crispy like babish did .

    • In what way?

  • Pootis bird

  • So. Holodets from life of boris when?

  • Ужас! Это абсолютно неправильный рецепт !!!

  • Blyat

  • Pfft, western spy make kotlet all wrong Papa Boris will educate

  • Poor heavy from tf2

  • Mmmmmmm....whipsy flipsy method......

  • ey comrade boris, the shashlik king and neighbor of VADIM BLYAT, do you agree?

  • Boris did it better

  • this isn't the Kiev chicken

  • You spelled "life of boris" wrong

  • That easily looks like more butter than I eat in a week but I’d definitely would try it.

  • Oh no, he forgot to add the pickle juice

  • Chłop Chłop w końcu zrobił dewolaja

  • What bout making it shape as tube with cheese inside ?

  • That actually looks very delicious.

  • iiSSsss Boris!!

  • I’m sorry, but I’ve gotta follow boris’s recipe here..

  • I love your humour. thank you

  • Сначала не поняла, что это, оказывается chicken Kiev - это котлета по-киевски 😄

  • love that the rich white 1960s idea of fun was "ooo butter go squirt"

  • That is so much butter.


  • Stop saying logs.

  • I can feel my blood thicken just watching this

  • hi, im a huge fan of chicken kiev but usually i just deep fry it...would that be okay? Or is it really necessary to use an oven?

  • Chicken Kiev from Life of Boris, you mean?

  • Why does it have to be kosher salt?

  • Dude, that dish is magical.

  • Video idea: Boris and Babish cooking together

  • Now we have the luxury version of chicken Kiew

  • boris would approve

  • Hi which other herbs can we add if I don't get dill and taragon. Thanks

  • Boris does not approve of this kiev

  • Even Babish knows not to use minced chicken Be like Babish or else be wrong

  • Mate, I did this, it worked. 10/10 Saturday night with some Scottish ale. Thank you!!!

  • It's Kyiv, not Kiev

    • The dish is called chicken Kiev. Just like Peking duck did not change its name when the city was renamed to Beijing.

  • huh, the one i had once didnt have the garlic on the inside like that

  • Do the Meal that Major payne ate super fast! always wanted to try it myself but don’t know how to make it lol

  • No one in the civilised world knows what "6 ounces" is. Bring back metric units, please.

  • "You know it is time to stop when Chicken has hole in it." -Life of Boris


  • Найс!)

  • Udri borko

  • this is probably the closest i'll ever get to babish trying out boris's imaginary cake

  • I’ll just stick to the premade ones we have everywhere here in Australia, the quality is top notch these days and they’re amazing.

  • I cooked this for my girl and it got me laid!!!!!!!

  • Half the butter and add sweet heart cabbage and carrots instead of asparagus. Comfort food at its finest


  • Yah!!!! I've been WAITING for some time to see if he would do this one, cause it DOES look and sound delicious! =9

  • I'd just like to stop by and say hi to my fellow Gopniks. Stay cheeki breeki.

  • Boris cooked it better

  • It seems Babish often says to use unsalted butter and then immediately adds salt. Can't you just use salted butter?

  • There is no chicken in Kiev

  • Vadim: *its free Real estate*

  • Boris fans who adds pickel juice in the butter: hah pathetic Western spy

    • Pickle juice to this?! Blergh...not for me, but to each their own =P

  • Tf2 Reference

  • wow! That look so nice ,The recipe must try , I would surprise my kids with this one.

    • By spraying them with buttah! The butter squirts everywhere, as they kept on mentioning =D I would've loved this as a kid =3

  • marco piere . check how he did it

  • p-pootis birb?

  • "... because it's scary..." If I didn't love this man before! ;-)

  • I want your pepper mill. Most give an anemic amount per twist but the one you used in the video had a generous shower. Very nice

  • The comments section here 80% Boris jokes and references 18% "Who's boris?" followed by **Hardbass intensifies** replies 2% actual comments You did it babbish. the coveted milk comments section.

  • Dewolaje są zajebiste Change my mind

  • My favvvv

  • I don't like chicken Kievs

  • That looks delicious, but that's just to much butter

  • please turn the saturation down it’s hurting my eyes🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺

  • Boris did this better

  • The green stuff are the rivers of chernobyl, according to Boris

  • "And inside as green as reactor 4" - Boris The Slav King

  • Babish: * *uses fists to compress chicken* * Boris the Slav King: *Svetlana*

  • I saw a gopnik do this in the streets of moscow, I wonder why.

  • The captions blocked that epic cut for me. Still looks delicious.

  • In America chicken go in butter, In soviet Russia butter go in chicken!